Exclusive: Melissa & Joe Gorga Have Sit-Down With Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis


Melissa and Joe Gorga filmed a scene for The Real Housewives of New Jersey, last night, and it took place at a restaurant we’ve seen before on the show. Chakra in Paramus is where Dina Manzo and Danielle Staub had their infamous sit down in Season 2. Joe and Melissa met with Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis at Chakra last night to have a sit down about the accusations about Melissa Gorga. Penny is allegedly the one that has all of the information about Melissa’s past and was involved in the rumors Melissa had an affair with Bryan “Bulldog” Bowen.


Photos captured by Richard Formicola from Bergen.com show what looks like an intense conversation between Penny and The Gorgas.

A source close to the situation tells us EXCLUSIVELY, “Joe Gorga, along with Melissa’s encouragement, wanted to meet with Penny to find out when and why Teresa was asking Penny about Bryan ‘Bulldog’ Bowen. Joe wanted to know if Penny approached Teresa or if Teresa approached Penny with questions about Melissa’s past.” The insider continues, “Joe thought he would rattle Penny and get her to bad mouth Teresa by telling Penny that Teresa told him and Melissa that she isn’t friends with Penny. Penny did not fall for the Gorga’s antics, she told them if there was an issue, she would take it up with Teresa.”

When the conversation turned to Bulldog, Melissa denied everything. Melissa said she “doesn’t even remember” Love Majewski (VH1 Mob Wives). Turns out, Reality TV can be a small world! “Love and Bryan go way back, and have been friends for a long time. When Melissa lived with Bulldog she used to like to play ‘dress up’ in Love’s designer clothes, sometimes failing to return them when she was done. Now, Melissa says she doesn’t know who Love is. Melissa also said she never lived with Bulldog, and she denied everything and everyone Penny brought up. Penny didn’t argue, because she can prove everything she has said,” the insider reveals. “Melissa even denied having first seen Joe Gorga in Cancun! She has given interviews on RHONJ admitting she first saw Joe in Cancun,” the source explains. “It was bizarre, but Penny didn’t fight with them, she just left it open ended with Melissa denying every single thing.”

“Melissa is now on record denying everything that can be confirmed by third parties. The question now is if Bravo will reveal the truth about Melissa or if they will do what they did in Season 4 and make the storyline whether or not Teresa set Melissa up,” the source added.

I have a feeling this story has just begun… stay tuned for what’s next!

Photo Credit: Richard Formicola, Begen.com



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  • Lexy

    This will be good! Anticipating twitter meltdowns over this.

  • Jersey_Girl

    Now that’s a beautiful pic. Penny got guns! Twitter is going to go nuts. Way to go Penny, don’t let anyone try to throw all the blame on you. People will be surprised of what the truth really is.

  • Lilly

    love penny

  • stacey

    Bring it Penny!!

  • Pinky

    I really, really like Penny based on what I’ve read about her and what she tweets. She is good people for sure AND really has a good heart in helping her charitable ventures – not lip service and for “appearance sake” like so many people. This woman sincerely CARES. I just pray the truth surfaces sbout Melissa and doesn’t end up edited to be completely wrong and thrown out! I have NO faith in Bravo ever showing true reality about the evil acts of Manzo/Lautitas/Gorgas…..ratings gold if just onece all the truth was exposed with these 3 scumbag families – nope – only Teresa and husband has to endure their humiliation while they now have to save everyone’s reputation – FAKE – so the evils can sell some lame, nobody wants, crap. Andy has ruined every single HW franchise because he is so poorly focused on all the wrong things about the wrong people. The bravo audience has shown, that we aren’t stupid and we won’t bite the fakery anymore! All their ratings sre suffering -Andy don’t miss your golden opportunity with NewJersey or that WILL be the end. Do the right thing and film about the Laurita’s fed charges and Manzo’s shady dealings and Gorga’s broke ass sleazy life.

    • Lalayna

      Penny a good person….omg you must be joking. Anyone going around talking trash about people just to hurt them and ruin their name is an evil person. Penny is a nasty vile creature!!! Your rediculous and your comment seems so set up.

  • Emily

    I’ll be interested to see if Joey Marco chickens out this time when he comes face to face with Penny!

  • deonn

    this really bothers me like who is PENNY? like is she a cast member ? NO? like i hate how bravo contracts these outsiders to come on the show and expose people, if it is true or not take ur story to people magazine! dont come on the show and try to out someone so you can gain fame i dont know why but that just bothers me

  • Anita

    I agree with deonn. I used to like Penny, but her husband is a scumbag. They do not own a salon. They may have owned it at one point but they don’t own one now. Her husband is so desperate to get Penny on the HW’s he is worse than a girl. He talks bad to women on twitter who question all his lies, now he deletes all his tweets. That is a coward on not a man.

  • Sydney

    “Joe Gorga, along with Melissa’s encouragement, wanted to meet with Penny to find out when and why Teresa was asking Penny about Bryan ‘Bulldog’ Bowen. Joe wanted to know if Penny approached Teresa or if Teresa approached Penny with questions about Melissa’s past.” He doesn’t care about the rumors just if Teresa is involved. Sounds like once again trying to turn themselves into the victims of villain Teresa. Give me a break!

  • Lee

    Penny is going to blame Teresa and that is wrong, because it will light another fire and destroy the peace between these two families. Like Melissa, Penny is not a victim because she agreed to air out Mel’s dirty laundry for fame. This is why I have respect for Teresa because she became a popular housewife on her own merit.



  • Kevin

    Bring it on Penny expose Melissa Whorga! I hope she doesn’t pin all the drama on Tersa though. Please don’t let Penny be another Kim D though. Who are the new ladies for Season 5?

    • Lalayna

      Penny and Kim D…. these cougars are so desperate. For Gods sake dress your age and all the botox in the world will never erase all the lines they put up their noses. They are discusting, ask any man.

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