Exclusive: Lydia McLaughlin Shocked Alexis Bellino Called Her A “Christian On Steroids”


Real Housewife of Orange County, Lydia McLaughlin, revealed she was shocked and confused when she heard her friend and fellow Christian, Alexis Bellino, call her a “Christian on steroids,” on a recent episode of the show. Lydia exclusively explained in a conference call Monday she didn’t understand the comment and she wasn’t happy about it!

Lydia also explains she was shocked when Alexis Bellino referred to her as a ‘Christian on steroids.’ “I was surprised to see Alexis call me a devout Christian on steroids. And yes I didn’t know – I don’t really even know what that means. I believe in Jesus and I – but you’re going to get to see also I have a hippie mom. And I’ve been to an (India) and an (ostrom),” she said.

“So I think when people hear the word Christian they get a little nervous. And I’m very open-minded. And I was a religion minor in school. So I know a lot about all the different kinds of religions. And I’m very like kind of free-spirited, Bohemia type of chick. So being called that was definitely like whoa oh no. Like my palms started like to sweat a little bit,” she admitted.

Photo Credit: Bravo