Exclusive: Lydia McLaughlin Shocked Alexis Bellino Called Her A “Christian On Steroids”


Real Housewife of Orange County, Lydia McLaughlin, revealed she was shocked and confused when she heard her friend and fellow Christian, Alexis Bellino, call her a “Christian on steroids,” on a recent episode of the show. Lydia exclusively explained in a conference call Monday she didn’t understand the comment and she wasn’t happy about it!

Lydia also explains she was shocked when Alexis Bellino referred to her as a ‘Christian on steroids.’ “I was surprised to see Alexis call me a devout Christian on steroids. And yes I didn’t know – I don’t really even know what that means. I believe in Jesus and I – but you’re going to get to see also I have a hippie mom. And I’ve been to an (India) and an (ostrom),” she said.

“So I think when people hear the word Christian they get a little nervous. And I’m very open-minded. And I was a religion minor in school. So I know a lot about all the different kinds of religions. And I’m very like kind of free-spirited, Bohemia type of chick. So being called that was definitely like whoa oh no. Like my palms started like to sweat a little bit,” she admitted.

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2 Replies to “Exclusive: Lydia McLaughlin Shocked Alexis Bellino Called Her A “Christian On Steroids””

  1. Alexis didn’t mean that in a derrogatory way. And, how can Lydia be upset when she doesn’t even understand the phrase? If she understood what it means she would be flattered.

    Perhaps she should address Alexis directly and Alexis will explain it to her if someone hasn’t already. She is really grasping at straws to create drama when there is none here. Christian on Steroids doesn’t mean she thinks Lydia is literally on steroids. It means she thinks Lydia is a super-devout Christian. It looks like Lydia has led a pretty sheltered life to not have heard that phrase. It is making for some annoying, boring episodes.

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