Exclusive: Lydia McLaughlin Reveals Why Lisa Vanderpump Was On The Cover Of Beverly Hills Lifestyle & Heather Dubrow Wasn’t


Lydia McLaughlin was introduced on The Real Housewives of Orange County when she and her husband, Doug, wanted to feature Heather Dubrow’s home in their magazine, Beverly Hills Lifestyle. As we saw on the show, Heather and Terry Dubrow only wanted to do the feature with the magazine if they got the cover, and in a conference call with press, Monday, Lydia exclusively, explains why Heather did not get chosen for the cover, but Lisa Vanderpump did.

“There’s a team of people that decide what goes into the magazine and who goes on the cover and who gets featured and how many pages they get and things like that. And there’s a lot that goes into it and anyone that has worked with a magazine knows this. Lisa Vanderpump has worked with our magazine from day one. She’s been a contributor of ours and been a huge supporter. And she has basically writes an article in every issue for the last five years,” Lydia explained.

“So for us it was a celebration. She has been involved with our magazine before she was even on the Real Housewives franchise. So it was a no-brainer and a celebration when she got famous and she got on the show. We wanted to support her. She’s a family member for our magazine. So of course it was a no-brainer to put her on the cover. Now about a year and a half later when we had approached Heather I approached her as a home feature. We were looking for about a four-page spread for an architectural feature. We were not looking for someone to be on the cover. And once we approach people and asked them for features we get requested all the time as you guys would know being reporters or publicists. You’re always asking for the next thing. So of course I didn’t think it was odd of Heather to ask for the cover at all. It just didn’t make sense for us. Like you had just mentioned we had already had a Real Housewives on the cover and Heather hadn’t been involved with our magazine before. So we didn’t want to become like a Real Housewives magazine. So that was why we decided to say, “No,” and she decided to pass. But then actually her husband and her approached us and they’re in this issue as an architectural feature. And it’s a beautiful story about their home. And she got some lovely pictures and it was really fun to work with her. So it actually ended up as a happily-ever-after type of story,” Lydia revealed.

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