Exclusive: Who Is Lisa Vanderpump’s New RHOBH BFF?


There has definitely been a change in dynamics when it comes to the friendships on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season. The women are reportedly feuding so badly, they will not do public appearances together. With Lisa Vanderpump still at odds with Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards, our show insider is telling us EXCLUSIVELY that Lisa has made fast friends with new girl Joyce Giraud.

A RHOBH insider is EXCLUSIVELY telling us that Joyce and Lisa have become close friends, but that Joyce might need to be careful of Lisa’s motives. “It’s sad that at the end of each year Lisa has to latch on to the new girl because she has upset the rest of the cast,” our insider shares. “That’s what she is doing with Joyce and that’s what she did with Brandi last year.”

“No one in the cast is speaking to Lisa except for Joyce,” our source continues. “Lisa hated Joyce through filming. But since filming has wrapped, Lisa has lured Joyce in and they have become friends.” Adding, “Joyce will have to learn the hard way.”

“Carlton [Gebbia] likes Lisa, but she doesn’t put up with petty drama,” our insider adds. “The rest of the women know just how manipulative Lisa can be.”

Our insider reveals, “This is going to be one crazy reunion.”

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  • DebBrenn

    Lisa is the most forthright and decent of the bunch. I’m really annoyed with Brandi and Yolanda for not seeing through the sisters and sticking with Lisa.

  • Dee

    I wonder who this “insider” is??? Surely it’s not one of the girls who accused Lisa of “selling” stories to Radar Online?

    Unfortunately everyone is so jealous. I miss the good old days when Kyle and Lisa were friends. They were so funny and good together. Kyle and Maurio latch onto friends when they are selling multi-million dollar homes. That comment made by Ken and Lisa was the truth as my friends and I had already noticed that.

  • Debred

    It is always amazing to read of a fan seeing a comment made by someone they like and then repeat it as true and as if they had inside information. Lisa made one of her snarky ungracious comments (very British) about Kyle and Mauricio becoming friends if u have a house to sell. Now Dee there is NO way you noticed this behavior through the season. Do your homework and you’ll see that Mauricio was already helping Lisa and Ken when the show started and that’s how Kyle met them. It was again talked about on the reunion and Lisa said what she said was a joke. The typical Vanderpump response when held responsible for their poor comments. Ken said to Mauricio “it was a joke” when Lisa brought up the nasty tabloid rumors in front of their 5 year old!!!