Exclusive: Kyle Richards Talks Season 6 of RHOBH


I had the pleasure of interviewing Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards about season six of the show. Kyle talked about what it has been like for her having her family problems air on the show this year, her friendships with her cast mates and more! Check out our interview below.

Your brother-in-law Rick Hilton told TMZ that you were leaving the show. What can you tell us about this?
KR: “There have been no decisions made. Until the show is officially picked up, no decision is made. After the show is picked up, they [Bravo] would make a decision and then I would make a decision [about returning for another season]. I think that was a misunderstanding. Listen, if I had a dime for every time someone said that I quit and can’t do this anymore. [laughs]”

What has it been like to have your family problems aired on the show for the world to judge?
KR: “It’s really hard. I think going into a reality show I was very naive, and didn’t really know what I was signing up for, but obviously there are very difficult times having your life played out in front of the cameras. But we also have a lot of fun doing the show and ultimately that is what has kept me coming back, but yes, it’s very challenging at times, but we don’t get to pick and choose what they show.”

Prior to filming the show did you know any of your family drama would be aired?
KR: “No, I had no idea prior to the show that was going to be included. I don’t want it to be part of the show, but like I said, we don’t get to pick and choose and this is my real life. Unfortunately, there are fun things that are shown and things you don’t want shown and things you wish you could take back, but that’s all part of reality television. It really is real, that’s what’s going on in our lives.”

So far this season has been all about the cast questioning Yolanda Foster’s health. Do you think you’ve been fairly portrayed when it comes to the comments you’ve made about this?
KR: “It’s always interesting. It’s not about how you’re portrayed… I say what I say… it’s how different people perceive what I say. Some people, when we were talking about Yolanda not wearing makeup, I said, ‘A woman going out in Beverly Hills without makeup is shocking.’ I was not putting down Yolanda. I was actually saying the opposite. In general, women don’t do that. I wasn’t putting down Yolanda, I think she looked absolutely beautiful without makeup and I told her that on-camera. I was confused because half the people said, ‘You’re putting her down,’ and the other half said, ‘Oh it was so nice of you to support Yolanda and say she looked so beautiful without makeup.’ So it’s not about how you’re portrayed, it’s about how you’re perceived and everyone has a different opinion. I think it’s great she goes around without makeup and she doesn’t feel well, so it takes a lot of effort for her to get ready in the first place. She looked beautiful.”

How is your relationship with Yolanda now?
KR: “It’s great! I don’t see her a ton, because she hasn’t been feeling well, but we text and check in with each other.”

There have been reports that your friendship with Lisa Rinna has fallen, can you comment?
KR: “I’ve been so busy. I’ve been away, moving my daughter to college. I haven’t seen anything. We’ve been texting and we’re fine. I didn’t even know people thought we weren’t talking. [laughs]”

What are your thoughts on newcomers Erika Girardi and Kathryn Edwards?
KR: “I think you’re going to be seeing Kathryn soon. I think they are a great addition. You’ve already seen Erika, so I’ll talk more about her. I think she’s a great addition. She adds a little spark to the show and she has a different flavor than the rest of the women, and I personally like her a lot and I hope the audience does too! She really brings it with the way she dresses, [laughs] I love that about her!”

Were you supportive of your sister Kim appearing this season?
KR: “Of course! It felt strange to go into the season without my sister. I was very happy to have her come back and shoot with us. I don’t know [how much you’ll see of her], I only know what I have shot with my sister and what some others have too, but I don’t know exactly how much.”

What else can we expect this season?
KR: “I actually really like this season a lot. It’s very interesting to me to see what’s going on in all the women’s lives. There’s obviously a lot of complexities in the relationships and there’s not going to be a shortage of drama, that’s for sure, but it’s also a very different season, which I like. This season I feel like has a lot more depth. A lot of people come up to me on the street and say, ‘I’m really loving this season,’ and I have to say I agree.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Thanks, allthingsrh, for interviewing Kyle. I like her so much and this just shows a sensible, open, lovely woman. I have always identified with her in the sense that she has 4 Daughters, but we have no other visible similarities. I have always seen her as authentic with any new housewife, she even tried with that horror Carlton. I still think she and Lisa V. should make this their last season for different reasons each, but one that is the same for both is that it has been 6 good seasons and time to go on to something else. I… Read more »

Lucky her. Mauricio Umansky’s The Agency just listed (agents Fenton and Gold) the Playboy Mansion for 200 million dollars. Just a news tidbit.

I wonder what percentage he would get for that?

Probably a ten million commission. I do not know if the Agency gets half and the rest to the agents or what exactly. The article mentions The Agency: http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052702304066404579127781248924804

I couldn’t read it without subscribing and I get too many emails now!

Oddly on my one browser, I can read it, and on another it is blocked. I am not a subscriber. I read that in CA the commissions vary. Some say 6 percent is average, others say 7 to 8. Many will work with a client and may reduce the commision to around 5 percent. Land can sell with a 10 percent commission. If the listing agency also sells it, they make out better doing both. I mentioned 5 percent if they sell it. I do not know what they make in the listing exactly. The article mentions how the Agency… Read more »

Thanks Sandy, that’s better, do you think they would take on the listing for my house??? Lol

Maybe when they open the UK branch office? Yoi should ask them!

Maybe in London with prices there or even Edinburgh which aren’t far behind but not where we are! Maybe I should ask him to sell it as a golf retreat???

Yes, with the right agent, it will appeal to a special buyer who wants perhaps, a golf retreat with a garden sanctuary. Wake up to the scents of your own flower garden. Take a short walk to the world’s best golfing where golf originated. Have breakfast at a castle nearby. This is living, This spectacular home is waiting for you!
Maybe it was me…but how?

With a bit more time and excellent photos, that would have sounded a lot better. Mauricio would look in his database for the perfect buyer of your Scottish retreat not far from England. Maybe if Kyle reads this, she will get in touch with him. You need the perfect international buyer who loves golfing in this most picturesque locale, surrounded by rivers with wild salmon leaping, and incredible homes of magnificent historic significance with beauty stemming from a time when quality was of utmost importance with attention to detail that never be reproduced today.

I am the only one of three sisters who never had a real estate license…. I almost did get one.

I have mastered the art of e run-on sentnce maybe? 😀

If this print was larger, I might have caught those errors, Sally!

Sandy, you are good will you be our agent?

I am not surprised that the Playboy Mansion is up for sale now that the scandal with Bill Cosby is out. Not quite the house where women are loved and respected anymore. Janice and others are telling the whole story now, and apparently Bill was a frequent guest there. Also, his brand of charm and drugging unwilling young women was looked at as the norm! When I take the music geniuses like David Bowie give us into my heart, I feel a connection and a particular sadness when they die. I believe that is something he would have been proud… Read more »

Hi Sally, just watched House Hunters Intl and they were in Aberdeen, Scotland and I thought of you! Had to share. Downtown area was beautiful, they ended up on the country tho.

The granite City! Lovely on a sunny day gloomy on a dull day! Aberdeen is one of the most expensive areas to live in Scotland due to the oil!
Edinburgh next. We are an hour south of Edinburgh so you couldn’t get much more south than we are! If you have a link or any more info I would love to see it. Xoxoxoxoxo

Sandy after all our talk about musicians did you hear about David Bowie? I was really sad this morning then they played his new single while I was driving back from town, I sobbed all the way home!

Sandy, I have just seen your comment so replied there!

Yes I woke up to the news. Very sad. He was one of a kind. There will never be another like him. Did you see he did a video before he died saying he was in heaven? What a mind this man possessed.

Have you heard the single? Lazarus, wow, I cried all the way home from town! I used to see him sitting out side a coffee shop in Richmond, drinking coffee and smoking something! He was Mr Cool!

God knows what he was smoking! Ha ha. NO I didnt hear Lazarus but it was mentioned in that article I read. Only Bowie would do a video for his own death. Unbelievable. HUGS Miss Sally

Listen to it, unbelievable! Lovely lovely Lisa xoxox

I will do that darling Sally. (pink heart) 🙂 LOVE YOU

Just saw the Lazarus video Sally. UNBELIEVABLE. Stunned.

I’ve been like that all day! Weird! No one has ever done anything like this before, maybe that’s why! Xoxoxox

OH MY GOSH, I just googled this after I read your comment. Very sad. Another one from our “era”….

It’s silly how some of these people can affect you but obviously there has been so much on the TV today I keep grizzling! It’s crazy! I didn’t know him I saw him around but that’s it!.

Oh my Did Mauricio land that listing? He is really on top. WOW!

It has also been reported that the listing is being split between BOTH the Agency and Hilton & Hyland. Oh boy…

The weirdest part that they just mentioned on the TV news is that Hefner is not moving out.. Someone will have to buy the place and live with him in the house…unreal.


Sandy that was on UK news this morning as well. They also reported it worth no more than $60million! So not only, if this is true, do they get a sitting tenant they also get to pay an extra €140million! Lucky purchaser!!

Maybe a wealthy foreign buyer will buy it as some weird investment and let it sit….just to own the property, but they won’t pay that much for it….Or maybe one of Hef’s frends will buy it? They did not mention any girls coming with it…but maybe? 😮

I can’t imagine either the Agency or Hilton and Hyland taking it on unless they thought they could sell it unless it’s god old fashioned bad feeling between them urging them on!

Sorry Sandy, it didn’t what did it say?

I haven’t read one single word of what has been written about the sale of the mansion, just to get that out of the way. But I am thinking he will retain one of the private wings of the house, or one of the out buildings. There certainly are enough places with private entrances where no one would be the wiser to have him in residence. He is getting old so maybe it is just a lot of upkeep too. He probably doesn’t need the money, but you never know. Next we might see an article stating he is in… Read more »

I was wondering if he just wanted the money too, or else why would he sell now…or maybe he will give (to relatives, etc.,) most of his estate now while he is alive so the recipients do not have to pay so much inheritance tax, etc. That may be part of it…Who knows for sure.

I just wat to say I am actually glad Lisa V. asked Eileen what happened in her divorce. She left her husband before she had an affair with Vinnie. Even though Lisa did what she always does and deflected the topic right back to even the slightest reference to something she might have done to hurt or irritate someone, I am glad I finally heard it again from Eileen’s mouth that she separated from her husband before she started with Vinnie. So, if anyone deserved a glass of wine in the face ( no one does ) it would be… Read more »
Great interview! Allthings. One thing I will agree with Kyle on is perception. We all at some time perceive things in a different way to others, I know I do. If you like someone and they say something a bit off, for me Lisa V, I might see it different to someone else. Although this season it’s been tough to see the good, but I still try!! I do think Kyle, Lisa, Kim and Yolanda have come to the end of the road for BH. I would always want to go out on a high if that is still possible… Read more »

It’s time to take a break from the 3 sisters and their family drama, it’s now just recycled and repetitive, so yes I agree this should be her last season . Again, my favorite scene of Kyle this season was that little nugget of her and Erika talking about their kids in a cafe .

Mornin’ Rain, that also shows how we all don’t wait for the “drama” scenes and we do enjoy watching real joy.

True 3D, I love seeing happy wealthy women in gowns running around 🙂 let’s not have it all be cat fights and ‘shade’

Yes, the fun things, please. I understand they have to mine situations for conflict in order to have story arcs for these shows, but by god not at the expense of imploding families and destroying livelihoods. I find it absolutely bizarre most viewers prefer the toxicity over just good old over the top glamour. I want glamorous gals on Bravo with great wardrobe, luxurious travel, fabulous food and big time charity events.I love friends bonding, the dating disasters of the single girls, and watching the moms love their kids. If it’s encouraged to explore the “complication” and “crises” part of… Read more »

Totally agree, these shows are losing me with the way they are going! Bring back the glamour!!!

I was reading old stories on here and someone said, I can’t remember who “I will tak a little drama with my glamour” or something like that. I very much paraphrased as I don’t remember where it was, I think it was on a NY story, and I agree. I want fun, fashion, and cat fights here and there. Not physical ones just a little back biting so we have something to talk about. I also think sidewinder was correct the double standard the housewives were held to last season is not available this season so we are judging the… Read more »

I agree Rain, things are so much better with them all this season. Love that Erika & Kyle are getting along so well too. Enjoyable for a change.

Thank you starr! I get that ‘drama’ is important but I enjoy seeing the happy good times :). A ‘HW’ dinner party is code for bitch fight lol

Go away Kyle.. She’s boring and no story line except her sisters. Boring … Move on

Kyle did say she very much liked this season, so I am pleased about that. I have liked it too, though I see here I am in a certain minority. I am looking forward to the Hampton’s trip and Dubai also. One thing I will never see as good for herself or her children is how Kyle allows Kim to stay front and center in her life. When Kyle said “What HAPPENED to Kimmy” about the Target arrest it just grated on me that she is still, after an entire lifetime of lies and deception, believing that these things “happen”… Read more »

Is anyone else’s page, just this page, all spread out to the very edges of the screen? I thought it was me because my laptop has a function like an i-phone to enlarge the page, but it isn’t me.

No mine is as well and on a mini iPad it’s not easy!!

This page has extremely small print. It happened after I posted that second link that came out longer than it should have…on my end, anyway, it is only this page for me.

So it was your fault it’s all messed up!!!!! Lol xoxo

😮 😮 😮

😀 😀

It was like this the moment I opened it this morning. Not last night when I first saw the new article.

…or shamsters, sheisters, & illicit behaviors with with tragic endings. That’s what Dominick Dunne ‘s “Power Privilege & Justice” series was for (may he rest in peace).

Waiting for the season to end…. Waiting for a raise…. Supporting Kim… Hell no! Actually it says a lot when you have such issues with your sisters that you have nothing to do w them… Believe me… I have 3 sisters and we have drama but we get over it and move on. I can’t stand her because she’s best friends w these women and then attack them ( Lisa V ) because of shady talk (Brandy attacking Lisa V). Next season Brandy is her worst enemy! And she plays the victim. Wish Lisa V would’ve shut her down… I… Read more »

Janice, some people have family members with very serious problems that they continue to hurt others with extremely and they need to be cut out. Just because yours aren’t that bad doesn’t mean it’s their fault if theirs are.

I like Kyle but I didn’t like how all of them ganged up on Lisa V. that time. I still don’t understand why they were all saying Lisa V. deserved it.

I agree with more glamour and less fighting. A lot of the time, I really don’t believe grown women would act the way that’s shown anyway.

Erika saying Kyle seems a lot of fun and maybe they could have fun together was sooo cuuute 🙂 I hope they’ll bond and become good friends I love Capricorns! Such princesses ❤️