Exclusive: Kyle Richards Talks Season 6 of RHOBH


I had the pleasure of interviewing Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards about season six of the show. Kyle talked about what it has been like for her having her family problems air on the show this year, her friendships with her cast mates and more! Check out our interview below.

Your brother-in-law Rick Hilton told TMZ that you were leaving the show. What can you tell us about this?
KR: “There have been no decisions made. Until the show is officially picked up, no decision is made. After the show is picked up, they [Bravo] would make a decision and then I would make a decision [about returning for another season]. I think that was a misunderstanding. Listen, if I had a dime for every time someone said that I quit and can’t do this anymore. [laughs]”

What has it been like to have your family problems aired on the show for the world to judge?
KR: “It’s really hard. I think going into a reality show I was very naive, and didn’t really know what I was signing up for, but obviously there are very difficult times having your life played out in front of the cameras. But we also have a lot of fun doing the show and ultimately that is what has kept me coming back, but yes, it’s very challenging at times, but we don’t get to pick and choose what they show.”

Prior to filming the show did you know any of your family drama would be aired?
KR: “No, I had no idea prior to the show that was going to be included. I don’t want it to be part of the show, but like I said, we don’t get to pick and choose and this is my real life. Unfortunately, there are fun things that are shown and things you don’t want shown and things you wish you could take back, but that’s all part of reality television. It really is real, that’s what’s going on in our lives.”

So far this season has been all about the cast questioning Yolanda Foster’s health. Do you think you’ve been fairly portrayed when it comes to the comments you’ve made about this?
KR: “It’s always interesting. It’s not about how you’re portrayed… I say what I say… it’s how different people perceive what I say. Some people, when we were talking about Yolanda not wearing makeup, I said, ‘A woman going out in Beverly Hills without makeup is shocking.’ I was not putting down Yolanda. I was actually saying the opposite. In general, women don’t do that. I wasn’t putting down Yolanda, I think she looked absolutely beautiful without makeup and I told her that on-camera. I was confused because half the people said, ‘You’re putting her down,’ and the other half said, ‘Oh it was so nice of you to support Yolanda and say she looked so beautiful without makeup.’ So it’s not about how you’re portrayed, it’s about how you’re perceived and everyone has a different opinion. I think it’s great she goes around without makeup and she doesn’t feel well, so it takes a lot of effort for her to get ready in the first place. She looked beautiful.”

How is your relationship with Yolanda now?
KR: “It’s great! I don’t see her a ton, because she hasn’t been feeling well, but we text and check in with each other.”

There have been reports that your friendship with Lisa Rinna has fallen, can you comment?
KR: “I’ve been so busy. I’ve been away, moving my daughter to college. I haven’t seen anything. We’ve been texting and we’re fine. I didn’t even know people thought we weren’t talking. [laughs]”

What are your thoughts on newcomers Erika Girardi and Kathryn Edwards?
KR: “I think you’re going to be seeing Kathryn soon. I think they are a great addition. You’ve already seen Erika, so I’ll talk more about her. I think she’s a great addition. She adds a little spark to the show and she has a different flavor than the rest of the women, and I personally like her a lot and I hope the audience does too! She really brings it with the way she dresses, [laughs] I love that about her!”

Were you supportive of your sister Kim appearing this season?
KR: “Of course! It felt strange to go into the season without my sister. I was very happy to have her come back and shoot with us. I don’t know [how much you’ll see of her], I only know what I have shot with my sister and what some others have too, but I don’t know exactly how much.”

What else can we expect this season?
KR: “I actually really like this season a lot. It’s very interesting to me to see what’s going on in all the women’s lives. There’s obviously a lot of complexities in the relationships and there’s not going to be a shortage of drama, that’s for sure, but it’s also a very different season, which I like. This season I feel like has a lot more depth. A lot of people come up to me on the street and say, ‘I’m really loving this season,’ and I have to say I agree.”

Photo Credit: Bravo