Exclusive: Kelly Dodd Reveals What Really Happened in Iceland with Vicki Gunvalson

In an upcoming episode of Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podtcast, Kelly Dodd is revealing what really happened with Vicki Gunvalson’s heart problems in Iceland. Kelly is really going to open up about the subject on the podcast and an insider exclusively tells us that it was discussed at the reunion taping as well.

An eye-witness exclusively tells us, “I attended the Juicy Scoop pod last night where Kelly Dodd was the guest. She [Kelly] was drunk and spilling a lot of tea about her BFF Vicki Gunvalson.”

“Apparently, during the filming in Iceland Kelly gave Vicki Adderall and Vicki flipped out thinking she was having a heart-attack,” our source explains. “So the hotel called Vicki’s bluff and called the paramedics which is why she had to go to the hospital. She never wanted to, and that’s why Kelly was blasé about Vicki’s condition.”

“The cast also kept charging all of their food and booze to Vicki’s room just to mess with her and by the time they left, the bill was $15,000 and Vicki had a meltdown to production who ended up taking care of it.”

“Also, Kelly HATES Lydia, but says that her mom was cool and hand rolls joints for anybody who wants one at a party,” the insider dished.

More than one source has exclusively revealed to us that Vicki took Adderall on the trip to Iceland. Sounds like the reunion might be more interesting than we though, huh?

Photo Credit: Bravo