Exclusive: Kelly Dodd Reveals What Really Happened in Iceland with Vicki Gunvalson

In an upcoming episode of Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podtcast, Kelly Dodd is revealing what really happened with Vicki Gunvalson’s heart problems in Iceland. Kelly is really going to open up about the subject on the podcast and an insider exclusively tells us that it was discussed at the reunion taping as well.

An eye-witness exclusively tells us, “I attended the Juicy Scoop pod last night where Kelly Dodd was the guest. She [Kelly] was drunk and spilling a lot of tea about her BFF Vicki Gunvalson.”

“Apparently, during the filming in Iceland Kelly gave Vicki Adderall and Vicki flipped out thinking she was having a heart-attack,” our source explains. “So the hotel called Vicki’s bluff and called the paramedics which is why she had to go to the hospital. She never wanted to, and that’s why Kelly was blasé about Vicki’s condition.”

“The cast also kept charging all of their food and booze to Vicki’s room just to mess with her and by the time they left, the bill was $15,000 and Vicki had a meltdown to production who ended up taking care of it.”

“Also, Kelly HATES Lydia, but says that her mom was cool and hand rolls joints for anybody who wants one at a party,” the insider dished.

More than one source has exclusively revealed to us that Vicki took Adderall on the trip to Iceland. Sounds like the reunion might be more interesting than we though, huh?

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  • watching in ohio

    Kelly is going to crash and burn like all substance abusers do! No loyalty to anyone or anything! She thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips! What’s she doing handing out prescription drugs to anybody ( legal or otherwise)! It’s against the law and can have serious consequences!

    • missroxmiss

      she was in another country Kelly never admitted to anything LMAO. I do not think Kelly is actually that stupid. National Health Care .

    • bluebell

      I agree.

    • Starr

      Totally agree.

    • wickertable

      And drinking on top of that! Damn!

  • Daisy

    Vicki finally got her casserole , now maybe she’ll go away

  • UnrealHousewife57

    Let’s hope we get some explanation about Vicki and the towel over her head. WTF was that all about? She’s loony-tunes. Some day, she’s going to really have a medical issue and no one will believe her. Cry wolf much?

  • justanothermary

    Kelly wasn’t exactly calm while they were hauling Vicki away though. She was shouting that Vicki could be having a heart attack or a stroke.

    • Maybe she’s talking about the part where she insisted on eating her dinner before she visited her in the hospital.

    • cat62

      Yes, because she knew she took Adderral which is speed. What a nitwit – dimwit.

  • Daisy

    No doubt and she ruined the delicious name of casseroles for me

  • Minx

    Good Morning! Lovely Lady of the Rain ☔!
    How are you, my Friend?
    Are you having your Kidoo’s and a Big Family T’Day..
    Or, are you Going Out for Dinner?

  • Minx

    Isn’t Jill, Brilliant!

  • Frank Van Der Heijden

    I want to meet Lydia´s mom….

    • wickertable

      Me too!

  • missroxmiss

    adderal came from another source. Funny as heck they charged everything to Icky-Pee-Leaks room ROFLMAO !!!!
    do not care if people like Kelly or not last 2 seasons if it weren’t for her this show would suck. kinda like Rinna.

    • luvmyfrenchie

      I am still snickering about cast room charges to Icky!! Dying thinking of her melt down checking out of hotel!! Ha ha ha!!

      • cat62


  • missroxmiss

    ITA ! I really get bothers me when people cut themselves down and they seem like a pretty nice person Minx !

  • Amanda Bates Barnette

    Why would a “so called” best friend give all this info just to be relevant… Gosh Kelly makes me so sick. She would be the last person I told anything to unless you’re wanting the world to know. What a snake!

    • Starr


  • UnrealHousewife57

    Okay? LOL

  • Daisy

    That’s gross and funny all at the same time

  • Daisy

    She ruins everything , she’s a chunky tuna casserole

  • Tuna Char-Char

    WHY wasn’t Vickis meltdown on camera? Would have been iconic.

  • Starr

    This is beyond comprehenshion. What sort of friend would say things like that about another friend? This woman Kelly has lost it. She swung over really fast to the very bad side of the bullying crowd. She has sold her soul.
    Who would just hand a prescription drug over just like that, the consequences could’ve been pure disaster.
    Vicki was not faking!!! Shame on Kelly & the rest of the bullies, they sicken me to the core of my stomach.

    • Mary Williams


  • UnrealHousewife57

    Did Kelly hold Vicki down and shove the pill down her throat? Did she slip it into her drink? If she did, that’s a crime. Or did Vicki take it because her tired old ass can’t keep up with the 30-somethings?

  • UnrealHousewife57

    I don’t believe the bit about charging all the food and booze to Vicki’s room. As if any of them pay on these trips. They would pay for their personal shopping, but production would pick up all the food and drinks as well as the hotel bill. I sometimes wonder if they hit the booze so hard because it’s free.

    • Rain

      Excellent point. All the trips are paid by Bravo

      • cat62

        Yes – if they had to pay for their own alcohol, food, trips, etc…would they still go?

    • cat62

      I believe they may have sent the charges to Her room # but they knew she would not have to pay it as BRAVO pays for all of that.

      • UnrealHousewife57

        So then Vicki wouldn’t have been upset about it. It’s a non-issue. Or they made Vicki the butt of a joke and she doesn’t like to be on the receiving end is the more likely explanation.

  • cat62

    If that was the first time Vicki took Adderral (a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine – a central nervous system stimulants that affect chemicals in the brain and nerves that contribute to hyperactivity) that she was feeling that way. Especially since she is such a mess in the first place.

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  • bella

    Lydia’s mom, Judy, would be a more entertaining housewife imo. (But then we’d still have to see Lydiot on occasion.)

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  • Real Sandy

    Gotcha! Not everyone wants to be a parent, and it is understandable. You have your reasons, and you are not alone. I have met others who made the decision to remain childless, though all of them are extreme pet parents, and sweet people. Others, like me, say what great parents they would make, yet they have their reasons, like you.

    Being a parent is a lifetime commitment. It is never easy, and though we try our best, no parent is perfection.

    You are fulfilled by your work and your passions in many ways. You don’t need a significant other for that either. You are a wealth of sweetness, with love and caring for others. You give and give and then give some more. It shows in all the great deeds you do. You give back. That is so admirable.

    Do you work now or are you on a sabbatical from teaching? I just wondered. Maybe I missed something, since I don’t read all of your posts.

    I do hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving holiday. Thanks for your sweet words and holiday wishes. I will be with just my nuclear family here, and I do make turkey and all the trimmings every Thanksgiving.
    On that note, my little dog, Corey, was born on Thanksgiving 3 years ago, though his birthday is 11-27 since T Day falls on different days. A lot of things made me want him. He was born on Thanksgiving…my favorite holiday. His birthday is 11-27. My mom’s was 1-27…felt like a sign too. I am not allergic to him! He is the first dog I was not allergic to..and I took allergy pills for a year before I realized that. There were a couple other signs too…but he is the best. He will get some turkey too…just none of the other stuff. (I read that nutmeg is also bad for dogs, so no pumpkin pie..but he can have some plain sweet potato.)

    Take care Minx.

    Love u too.

  • Real Sandy

    Yes! I love the name you chose, Sage Spirit. It is quite fitting. I am sure he is gorgeous too.
    I do feed my dog the best kibble I can find, from Canada, from a small company in Saskatchewan…lower cooking temps, human grade, no outsourcing and human grade, no recalls, etc. I only add some toppers of chicken that I cook and maybe a little turkey, but his diet is kibble. He does like a piece of sweet potato. I made some last evening. It is good for dogs. Also pumpkin (plain cooked) is very good for dogs. Things like nutmeg, onions, and others like chocolate, and most especially grapes and raisins as well, are very bad. My dog lives on Horizon Amicus with just some tiny bit of chicken on average. I won’t just feed him from the table. It is not healthy.
    Thanks for the explanation, though you did not have to, since you have every right to choose whether or not you have children of your own or not. That is not for the general public to decide. I am not one to ever put down anyone for their choices not to have children. I wish the ones who should never have been parents (not anyone as sweet as you) would have just not had them, rather than put lives into the world that they never wanted and treat them as though they were not wanted…the worst.
    You are updating a text book and more. Wow. That is awesome. It is great that you have time off to do these things. Enjoy your sabbatical. You do so much good for so many, Minx!
    I would love to hear about your sweet potato recipe.
    I will make sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and other veggies in addition to the turkey and stuffing (a sausage stuffing with nuts, apples and raisins). I have to prep for that tomorrow. Oddly, I bought a fresh turkey last week…and it is to be fine for T Day…but it froze in my fridge? I think my fridge is not right…I even set the temp lower now. So, I am half thawing it in a big pot with water and ice….today. I hope it will be okay in time. It never happened before.

    Do take care and enjoy the holiday, Minx. Give a pet to those animals for me, including Sage Spirit. (Oh, and you can always paste a pic for us?)

  • wickertable

    Is that what Andy at the reunion meant about Vicki being stoned? I missed what the reference to that statement meant. True, like someone else said, that was totally irresponsible of Kelly to do and why she kept saying it was a panic attack. Kelly knew Vicki had a reaction to Adderall. On top of that, Vicki was drinking! You don’t mix those. Stupid Vicki, absolutely stupid. I guess this is how Kelly stays thin (like a lot of other people) by taking it.

  • wickertable


  • wickertable

    I just finished decorating our tree – yesterday!! Family coming on Thurs., but all going to my daughter’s Christmas day. I just wanted the house decorated so the grandkids could see. Otherwise, if no one is coming on Christmas day, hubby and I sometimes don’t bother to decorate for just us. I think this is my best tree like ever!

  • Minx

    David Cassidy, 67 years old died 5 hours ago, according to NPR..
    He had a long History of Alcohol Addiction and was Diagnoised with Dementia.
    ( From, ” Partridge Family” TV Show? Never saw it. But a Local Seattle Band, used to Play ” I Think, I Love You”..)
    Wow! Malcolm Young died in his 60’s this week from Dementia, now David Cassidy?
    Too, Serendipitous.

  • wickertable

    Hi Minx! Yes, I can’t wait for next weeks reunion. Hopefully, it will be more interesting than the last one…..finally, doggie’s leg is on the mend. We had to wind up using the cone. It was the only way she couldn’t mess with it. Soooo, she had to endure being called cone head for a while, lol. T/y for asking. I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving day and the rest of your week!!!

  • Michelle

    Oh Okay it makes a lot more sense that Vicki was tripping tather than having a heart attack. Good ole Kelly for spilling the beans. Hee hee hee

  • Minx

    Good, Morning ,
    M’y Lady of the. Rain?
    I hope you Had an Extraordinary
    How are you doing, my Friend?

  • I require very little sleep also, Minx. It’s 5:30 here, up since 4:30. But I was in bed early.
    I can’t imagine many more things needing multi-taskig than teaching. I always hated that saying “those who can’t-teach” If you “couldn’t” then how could you possibly teach it. I agree with Rain, you’d be a wonderful Mum.

  • DaysofWineandRoses

    I had a friend at the same show and what they left out is that Kelly gave her a Xanax to calm her down., hence the real reason why she wasn’t concerned about going to see her in the hospital I’m really surprised that she thought this was such a hoot of a story to laugh about. Actually, Kelly came off a little worse than usual at that show; she’s just as vulgar as Tamra.