Exclusive: Joe & Melissa Gorga Attend Teresa’s Launch Party, Who Was Supposed To Get Set-Up?

Teresa & Joe Giudice & Melissa & Joe Gorga

The Real Housewives of New Jersey helped Teresa Giudice celebrate her launch party Monday night for Milania Hair Care, and much to our surprise Teresa’s brother Joe and his wife Melissa attended the event! Also in attendance, new RHONJ, Jennifer Dalton, Kim D, Penny Drossos, and Teresa’s BFF, Priscilla DiStasio. It sounds like the night went over well, as Jennifer, Teresa, Priscilla, and Melissa tweeted what a great time they had at the launch.

Our insider tells us, exclusively, that Bravo DID film the event! The plan for the evening was that Joe Gorga was going to confront Penny Drossos about the cheating scandal surrounding Bryan “Bulldog” Bowen and his wife, Melissa. Joe and Melissa were also going to attempt to make peace with Teresa at the launch. “When Joe was going to confront Penny, Teresa was going to confirm that Penny was the one that told her about Bulldog and Penny was going to be portrayed as the desperate trouble maker who is trying to do anything to get on TV,” our insider reveals. Our source reveals that when Joe went to approach Penny, he chickened out! “When Joe went up to Penny she was waiting to blast him, because she had her body-builder friend, Mario there with her to protect her. Instead he asked where her husband Johnny The Greek was,” our source explains, and Penny told Joe that Johnny was working. “So even though Penny was basically ordered by Bravo to be at the event, their plans for the set up failed!” Who was going to set who up this time? “It was a double cross,” our insider explains.

Most of you are probably thinking where Kim D comes into this storyline, right? Well, we have answers. “Kim D was spitting nails last season hating The Gorgas,” our insider explains. “She told Bravo she had a lot of dirt on them, and if they hired her she’d spill it, they hired her, and she didn’t come through. Kim thought she would use people that Penny knows because Penny and Melissa have many mutual friends to get herself on the show. Once Kim got on the show, she couldn’t prove she had dirt on Melissa without involving Penny, so now Kim is taking the position that she likes The Gorgas.”

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9 Replies to “Exclusive: Joe & Melissa Gorga Attend Teresa’s Launch Party, Who Was Supposed To Get Set-Up?”

  1. Bravo sunk to a new level of TRASH when they hired MeGo,Joe, Wakilies and now, KimD. She is an ugly hag who has no loyalties to anyone except herself. I like Penny and her husband and that is based on real life behavior. They both appear to be good people-too good for this bunch. While I advocate peace for the Guidice family and Mom/Pop Gorga – I am going to puke if Teresa lets these 2 loser, broke, fake marriage, catty, ugly asswipes have her bail them out since they are falling fast. Their only means of survival with the viewers is to come clean and own their crap for a change! But Bravo thinks we are stupid and they will have Teresa carry these two to survival. Bravo, Andy, and the worst producers in this world are idiots to think Teresa’s forgiveness will save these sloppy whores. Their Karma is kicking and the audience isn’t buying what Bravo is trying to sell. Andy you have completely ruined a proserpous franchise. You know I am right when even SatNiteLive is making fun of Bravo trash.

  2. I want Mego and Slow Joe to just go away. What is their purpose on the show. Everything they touch turns to shit thanks to Mego. She is PURE EVIL. They need to go now just like Katfish and Creepy Rich.

  3. @ Pinky-you’re calling Melissa and Joe Gorgas’ marriage fake?!TERESA’s the one with a fake,messed up marriage.HER husband is the one calling T a B##and a c##!Teresa will bite off her nose to spite her own face MEANING she’ll stay with Joe rather than admit what a lying,cheating pig he is.Oh,I forgot,and a criminal.

  4. Judys@london….keep talking, Teresa and joe are laughing all the way to the bank. There marriage is real unlike the sham the gorgas are portraying. I wonder how much of a man Joe Gorga feels like knowing his dirty wife had sex with another man because Joe wasn’t good enough for her. Melissa is a whore. Now the world knows and she hates it. Lol enjoy the truth!

  5. Just because he called her a bitch and the c##,(even though that was last year before we seen it)how does that make their marriage fake? @Judy You want to talk criminal look up the Wakiles,Lauritas,Manzos,and the Gorgas!Apparently your behind in this!

    1. Lmao !!! I see that people are see what Melissa is and that the FAKE BITCH that she really is along with the others that took so much money from hard real working people that are just trying to make a living for their Family’s …. So Sad !!!!

  6. O well maybe “NEXT TIME” Melissa really needs to step back as with her little BOY husband of hers ” JOE” ! Poor Joe really can’t get up any CLASS or find some . Melissa is a nothing from day one, She’s used so so many people to get on a show that’s not about her that’s the bottom line!

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