Exclusive: Joe Gorga HAS Reached Out To Teresa Following Indictment


Things between Teresa Giudice and her brother Joe Gorga have not been good recently, as we previously reported. The tension rose when episodes aired, things were said and blogs were written. Since Teresa and her husband Joe Giudice were indicted by the feds on 39 counts of fraud, one major question everyone has is, “Has Joe Gorga reached out to Teresa?” There have been reports that Joe had not contacted Teresa since the news broke, but an insider is telling us EXCLUSIVELY that Teresa HAS talked to her brother.

“Yes, Joe [Gorga] has reached out to Teresa,” the insider says. “Their relationship has been strained due to what’s going on with the show, but Joe put that drama aside and contacted his sister to let her know that he is there for her and that he loves her no matter what happens.”

Teresa and Joe Giudice are set to appear in federal court on August 14th. According to their separate attorneys they will both plead not guilty to the charges. Since Teresa does not have a criminal record, she is likely going to try to get probation and a fine, but the U.S. Attorney believes both Joe and Teresa will serve jail time.

Another source tells us, “New Jersey has a very high conviction rate for tax evasion. It’s not looking  good for Teresa or Joe. For both of them to be indicted means the feds believe they can convict them and they will both serve jail time in federal prison.”

Photo Credit: WENN