Exclusive: Joe Gorga HAS Reached Out To Teresa Following Indictment


Things between Teresa Giudice and her brother Joe Gorga have not been good recently, as we previously reported. The tension rose when episodes aired, things were said and blogs were written. Since Teresa and her husband Joe Giudice were indicted by the feds on 39 counts of fraud, one major question everyone has is, “Has Joe Gorga reached out to Teresa?” There have been reports that Joe had not contacted Teresa since the news broke, but an insider is telling us EXCLUSIVELY that Teresa HAS talked to her brother.

“Yes, Joe [Gorga] has reached out to Teresa,” the insider says. “Their relationship has been strained due to what’s going on with the show, but Joe put that drama aside and contacted his sister to let her know that he is there for her and that he loves her no matter what happens.”

Teresa and Joe Giudice are set to appear in federal court on August 14th. According to their separate attorneys they will both plead not guilty to the charges. Since Teresa does not have a criminal record, she is likely going to try to get probation and a fine, but the U.S. Attorney believes both Joe and Teresa will serve jail time.

Another source tells us, “New Jersey has a very high conviction rate for tax evasion. It’s not looking  good for Teresa or Joe. For both of them to be indicted means the feds believe they can convict them and they will both serve jail time in federal prison.”

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  1. This is where the Godparents are supposed to step up! Looks like the kids will be living with their respective Godparents until their parents get out of jail… So sad.

    1. I agree with you, these 2 people knew they had children b4 they did all this, and they are not better than me. If I or you would have done this we would be put in jail and not a country club jail either…

  2. Dear Team Dina,

    While I agree with you, rumor has it that both set of grandparents are getting on age and unwell for health reasons and more so now because of latest Fraud news of their son and daughter. For now, the old saying comes to mind, Hope for the best but expect the worse.

    1. Hi Teams,
      Joe Giudice has a brother and sister. I am certain they would step in. Joe appears close to his brother Pete and wife Sheila. His sister as well.

  3. Teresa will NOT be going to JAIL…… She will just be “GOING AWAY.” I read the Indictment last night. Teresa and Joe were busy, busy, busy creating the fake documents to show proof of income, W-2’s,
    Etc. OMG …. After reading what they did, I have no sympathy for either of them. All she ever says is “Family, family, family, all the time….. While she was in the process of destroying her four daughter’s lives, FOREVER. It remind’s me of Paul Simon’s song, Slip Sliding Away. Time to pay Mr. & Mrs. Giuseppe Guidice.

    1. @ Janet V I agree with you, and I doubt Teresa will go to jail. These 2 people knew they had these children and Teresa is saying she wants another ASAP, maybe she thinks this will help her stay out of jail. I wonder of the Feds are going to come in and take that huge house away. I cannot even call it a home b/c it looks cold.

    2. Your children depend on you to not destroy their future and the people they love most, their parents.

      Anyone still supporting this lunatic is as looney as she is. For reasons I could never understand she had a small group supporting her. It didn’t matter that she replays the same tired drama with ever single person in her life from Danielle to Carolyn to Jacqueline to Melissa to…. Whatever, some people still didn’t see through her. Lord knows it happens. But now? If you still support her I’d say you need help with reality. She’s a criminal, a thug..you know, a liar! She cheated and lied so she could have more, look better, etc. It didn’t matter who she was cheating or stealing from, who it hurt, what the consequences were. It’s all about her and what she wants. That is who she is and that’s the same things and same person Melissa has been dealing with. Anyone who doesn’t see the correlation and doesn’t see this is an issue all over the place, not just with Melissa, has their own problems. T is insanely jealous of Melissa. She doesn’t want to share her brother, let alone to someone much prettier, nicer, and more classy. To her it’s about owning her brother, he’s HERS, to any extent. Mine, me, mine. At all costs, no matter who it hurts, even him. She’s played this me me me circus with almost every person on the show, to the nth degree of drama. Now it’s playing out in court. SAME issue. Everywhere, with everyone. Anyone blaming Melissa for the problems T has with everyone, everywhere, in every corner of her life is literally clueless.

      1. They have not been tried yet. Nor found guilty. They are accused, only. These are merely allegations.

        Sure glad your not on the jury! !!

        1. What jury? This is a FEDERAL indictment!

          I just don’t think people, especially some of the people commenting here, understand how serious these charges are. These are federal crimes. No jury, no time off for good behavior, no time served.

          The feds win 90% of their cases. They don’t charge without concrete evidence. Which you can read for yourself in the indictment, but obviously have not if you’re defending them.

          These are not good people. They’ve created a fake life by stealing and scheming in every way possible. Their whole life is one big fake lie using other people’s money.

          From little things like lying about being a buyer for Macy’s when she basically stood behind a counter, to “borrowing” money to create this fake persona. The real Teresa is one big fake, manipulating liar. And Joe is worse. He straight out hurt people in his slum lording schemes. They got away with it and got more bold to the point they began committing federal crimes. These aren’t allegations, as you say. This is an indictment from the federal government.

  4. I feel so sorry for their kids. I would never do anuthing that could seperate my from my boys ever. Theresa can’t always claim ignorance. I don’t buy it. Sad for their family but loving Tre fans crazy conspiracy theories. They did it to themselves when they files fake documents to the court system. Did they think no one would check to see if they were legit.?

  5. I’m glad to know that Joey has contacted her. Thank you for sharing this with us cuz I know lots of people were wondering.

  6. I never doubted that Joey contacted her. This is a time when you put petty stuff aside and put family first. I sure hope Joe’s brother doesn’t get custody of those girls. I see him as being as slimey as Joe. I have no doubt he helped Joe falsify records so Joe could get a license in Pete’s name.
    Give those kids a chance and let Joe and Melissa raise those girls and hope they will already have a chance at as normal a luge add possible.

  7. Joe Gorgo is the Godparent for Tre’s oldest daughter
    Dina is the Godparent for the baby

    The Lauritas are going through the court system now
    The Gorgo’s, are running out of money. They must sell the house. Mel is on the crap list.
    Caroline and Lauren are also on the crap list with the bloggers
    Richie and Kathy can’t hold a show. One can’t just go out and rent two expensive cars with no back up money.

    I feel this show will be finished.

  8. This show should be discontinued immediately.

    Everyone on the show has serious financial and legal problems…

    What messge does this shows and others give to the public?

    They are garbage.

  9. First of all not filing taxes os mot that serious,you pay a fine.or more interest on what you owe,IF you owe. The interest on those mortgages,legally obtained or not must be huge. If they were making payments the interest is deductibe. I find it difficult to believe Teresa made out the false w-2’s. I would need to see them, that said if a bank offical took them and did not varify the information, like they are supposed to, that is the fault of the bank. A lot of these charges are not truly valid. Banks are regulated ,voluntarily, to prevent this sort of problem. These “actions” took place during a time when you could apply for a mprtgage over the phone and loan officers were so hot to make a loan that they mailed the papers for a signiture and never saw the originator!.

    I doubt the wife of controlling man who has admitted forging her signiture often willl do time. They are both listed to prevent the transfer of property subject to confiscation.

    1. Actually, in 2004, banks were giving loans based on your credit score with no documentation needed. As long as your sore was 700 or higher, you wrote on the application your income, they checked your debt to income ratio, and you were approved. It would be very easy to lie on these types of loans.

      1. Exactly, Team Dina. But there’s so much more behind the crimes they’ve committed than that.

        To the person blaming the bank and saying it’s not that big of a deal to not pay taxes, maybe reading the indictment will help you see reality: http://www.justice.gov/usao/nj/Press/files/pdffiles/2013/Guidice,%20Giuseppe%20and%20Teresa%20Indictment.pdf

        This doesn’t even count impersonating and stealing someone’s identity to get a driver’s license after having his revoked from a DUI….another 10 years in jail for that one.

  10. I am glad Joe & Teresa Gorga’s parents are seeing the “real” Joe Giudice. I hope they come crawling to Joe & Melissa Gorga, asking for forgiveness for their blindness.

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