Exclusive: Joe Giudice Taking Strong Measures To Prevent Deportation


Now that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is home from FCI Danbury and will serve out the remainder of her sentence surrounded by family, an insider is exclusively revealing to us that the family is focused on making sure Joe is not deported.

“Joe’s team is working every angle to assure the Department of Homeland Security – immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that Joe does not pose a risk, did not commit a violent crime and should not be stripped of the only life he has ever known after he serves his penalty,” our insider exclusively shares. “They have reached out to various people of influence to intervene on Joe’s behalf.”

Joe Giudice previously told People that he and Teresa talked about what would happen if he were to be deported, and there’s no question she would move with him. “Of course she would,” he said.
But it looks like Joe is going to do whatever he can to secure that he and his family remain intact in the United States. What are your thoughts? Comment below.

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177 Replies to “Exclusive: Joe Giudice Taking Strong Measures To Prevent Deportation”

  1. Good for Joe. I believe they deserve to stay here. They are doing their time and are not part of violent crimes. They do not deserve deportation.

    1. @maria: little children who come to America illegally and haven’t committed any crimes get deported all the time. These Giudice thugs have gotten away with so much–reduced sentence, fat paycheck from Bravo, prolong restitution repayment, still buying fancy car and living in da mansion.

      1. Oh you failed to mention all the adults who come here illegally to murder, rape, rob and get on the dole and commit lots of crimes because of liberal sanctuary cities. You sound like Obama lecturing Americans who have expressed fear about taking in hundreds of thousands of unvetted Middle Easterners. On the very day he taunted Americans that “we were afraid of widows and orphans” San Bernardino happened. European officials admitted that most of the so-called migrants flooding Europe are young, fighting age men NOT families. Women all over Europe are being raped, crime is way, way up and several of the Paris attackers came through Greece as “migrants.”

        Recently, six Syrians who entered the US through AZ were apprended in AZ with metal cylinders. What do you think was in those cylinders? Milk for the children coming over the border?

        1. You failed to mention this is a blog about REAL HOUSEWIVES, not a political debate. Wanting someone to be held accountable and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, including deportation, even though you find it small compared to terriosim is the most backwards logic I have ever read. By your logic stealing a pack of gum and a Coke does not mean you are a thief because there are people stealing cars and holding up convince stores with guns which is a bigger deal. Just a quick question, who do you think is paying the price of the tax fraud, bank fraud and other fininacial crimes committed by these two? It is the American people. A criminal is a criminal even if they have kids and a big house and appear on trash TV we all love, you shouldn’t excuse criminal behavior because someone somewhere has done something worse.

          1. I responded in context to other posters comments and we will not be silenced by you because you don’t like our realistic, fact-based commentary. It is chilling how intolerant liberals are while masquerading as “inclusive.” If you don’t like our comments, don’t read them as you are free to do that. You are not free however to suppress free thought.

            1. My comment was not a liberal comment. My comment was stating that criminals are criminals no matter how big or small you view their crime. I don’t care if you steal a pack of gum I think you should pay the price. So stealing money is a crime. I feel we should close out boarders as other countries have. my comment was saying if this were a political blog then the comment about there are much bigger things to worry about would be spot on. This one happens to be about CRIMNALS who deserve to pay for their crimes. We have laws pertaining to all levels of crime. Just because they didn’t bomb or shoot people in the name of a religion doesn’t mean they should be afforded a pass. So sorry the comment about Tressa and Joe’s crime not being a big deal is ignorant. It is a HUGE deal and effects many people. Just like any other crime.

              1. See though I didn’t. I’m not like you. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it would just be nice if they were informed opinions…

                1. I’m very confused however that me thinking all crimes should be persecuted, not just the ones you feel are big makes me a liberal? I actually feel we should close our boarders and not allow any refugees in. But your right my opinion that Joe should be deported and they should be held accountable for their crimes is an not based on fact. Oh wait it is because in FACT it is my opinion.

                  1. That would be borders not boarders. You can’t even spell it, so my guess is that you really aren’t up to speed about the border issues. And it is laughable that you claim to not be a liberal. You so clearly are. I won’t be responding to you again, it’s just a waste of time dealing with the “America is Bad” crowd. America, the greatest force for good in the world, a constitution that is the envy of the world and until recently, an economy envied by the world. If we are so awful, why are so many trying to get into the US? Far as i know , no one ever died trying to escape America! Of course with the Obama administration, the terrorists are having no problem getting in at at all! Talk about a war on women! Women all over Europe are being raped and assaulted in other ways, yet a German official says that those that criticize the rapists are as bad as the rapists! This is the madness that leftists embrace! Suppress those that speak out against evil and equate them with that evil for daring not to be politically correct.

                    1. You’re a wacko. I NEVER said America was bad, I never said any of the things you eluded to. All I have said is we cannot ignore smaller crimes (in your eyes) and let them pass because you feel there are bigger crimes being committed. I said ALL crimes, whatever the nature should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. Not once did I say anything about America being a terrible place, or anything about war on women, or anything of the nature to which you have put words in my posts. Just that Joe is also a criminal and should be prosecuted for it. Just like ALL criminals. You’re rebuttals don’t even make any sense as I’m not defending terrorists, or even stating we should forgive and ignore things. My original post to you was only saying that the topic was about Joe and Teressa’s crimes and which is what people were talking about. Not a political blog. Not saying you shouldn’t post your opinion or anything like that just people have feelings about the subject of this blog and because you feel it isn’t as big as other things happening doesn’t mean we should ignore his crimes. People were hurt by these crimes just like any other crime.

            2. Ironically, Krista, with this comment you just made, you are the one trying to suppress free thoughts! Don’t try to bully people who are only doing what you’re doing — freely sharing their thoughts. Consider taking your own advice: if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

              1. I’m not a bully. If you bothered to go back and look at my posts (I wouldn’t 🙂 )you would see I am not a bully, but rather there were some laughable attempts to bully me and several other posters. That’s all I will about your “bully” accusation. We can add bully along with racist to the list of tired old accusations usually used by those looking to suppress others.

                1. Krista, there are a few things that really annoy me and one of them is when people use the word bully when it’s far from the correct use of the word. Because you have a difference of opinion to someone else is the joy of this blog. You have always respected other commenters. We don’t all think the same how boring would this be if we did! The first person could comment then one by one we could just put ITA underneath! As long as it is respectful and I have never seen you be any else!

                  1. Thank you Sally. It’s people like you, 3D, nay nay, gigicat & others who make the blog fun. We have our laughs and then we spend the rest of our time overanalyzing people we don’t even know, dissecting them like frogs and leaping to conclusions. Good clean fun. And you are often delightfully entertaining with your commentary. 3D also had some really good commentary regarding how real life sometimes intrudes on our “reality site” such as the deportation issue. When people are going to scream with outrage on the various sites that Juicy must be deported sooner or later someone like me is going to want to bring a little perspective to the issue at the same time wondering why more people aren’t at least equally outraged by the sanctuary city policies that have led to murders, rapes, molestations and violent assaults committed by illegals who are automatically released to the streets to victimize again. I guess we could say Juicy”s violent because I think he had to get Stumpy in a headlock one time when Stumpy charged him after spraying his head with fake hair.lol

            3. Because this is a Housewives show and blog, usually the discussion is surrounding some social event with some snark. But sometimes, like now, something happens when following their lives that is serious. Now the topic becomes about something important like deportation leading then to immigration. It remains a Housewife topic, just a little more challenging than whether someone is going to stay for dinner. I have read things on here that I have honestly never even considered in my life, and that is one of the things I very much like here. Obviously we can say anything we like on any topic we like. Happy New year, Krista.

    2. Maria, I agree there are many many people who deserve deportation more than white collar criminals. I am not excusing their crime, they are doing their time and rightfully so. Jo has lived in America virtually all of his life, he should have American Citizenship but I guess was too lazy to be bothered! Perhaps it will bite him in his bum now but I hope not for the girls sake!

      1. Joe never thought he wasn’t a U.S citizen. He was a child, maybe even a baby when his family moved here. The blame goes to his parents, not Joe. Anyway, have a wonderful, merry Christmas Sally!! 🙂

            1. As a non-citizen he couldn’t vote, he had to renew his green card regularly (though do we know if he even did that?) and each time he went out of the country to Italy it was on an Italian passport. His family would come back and be processed differently. But Joe isn’t too aware of his surroundings and probably didn’t notice.

        1. Barbara, Thanks I never knew that so apologies to Jo!! I just assumed he was too lazy! Smacked fingers!! Merry Christmas Barbara!! Xo❤️❤️

        2. I’m sure the lifelong lack of a social security number might have been a clue for him. Of course he knew. Funny how his parents and siblings all took the time to become citizens and somehow he missed that entire process? He just ‘thought he was’. You really think that? Really? Wow. Mmkay then.

  2. Ya know, living here in the heart of Chiraq (Chicago) for part of the year (and having grown up here) and seeing the level of crimes ALL the politicians commit, and seeing how the thugs get released from jail after SHOOTING at innocent people, only to go out the next night and do it again? And knowing that we have more than 72 people that work at HOMELAND SECURITY that are on the terror watch list… for some crazy reason, I just don’t think he needs to be deported. I don’t think he’s a threat to society.

    1. Agree Gigicat, a very merry Christmas to you and your husband and furry family!!! May 2016 be much healthier year for your husband! Xoxo

    2. Your comment is spot on. Joe Guidice’s deportation is very far down on my list of concerns. People need to wake up to what is really going on & stop obsessing over deporting a father of 4 young girls. Obama is flooding our country with terrorists. Part of his evil plan to “fundamentally transform America.” What is happening now should frighten all Americans.

      1. Krista, The President has not brought terrorism to the door steps of America, American terrorist are already here.
        Some Americans have a very distorted view as it pertains to perceived terrorism. Apparently if the perpetrator is non white, somehow the bullets used to kill hurt more and I guess people’s feelings are hurt too because the perpetuators don’t like you. Boo the hell hoo! Conveniently, you have amnesia when it comes to home grown terrorism (i.e., church and home bombing and the killing of children). America’s domestic terrorist including the Sandy Hook killer; Columbine killers; Planned Parenthood killer; AME Church in South Carolina killer; two Movie Theater separate killers; Community College Killers; High school killers; University Student Killers; Oak Creek Temple Killer, Holocaust Museum Killer and Biker Gang Killers were all Americans. Are their victims any less dead?

  3. I have a question, I keep hearing the guidices being compared to murderers and rapists and that non violent crimes don’t deserve prison time. If everyone went out and did what the Guidices did we would all be living in huts, bathing in sewerage and end up a third world country, because there wouldn’t be a penny left in The USA. I know that’s over the top, just trying to get my point across. Not all crimes are violent but that doesn’t mean its not a crime and you shouldn’t spend time behind bars.

    1. Naynay as a vocal Teresa supporter I don’t think I have ever said they shouldn’t go to prison, of course they should, I’m not convinced as yet Teresa should have gone, Anyway she has done her time and let’s see now how it has changed her but Jo definitely without a doubt. I remember discussing a peodophile in UK who has served less time. They should never be let out in my opinion. I just wanted to be clear that I think he should go to prison that’s all. Merry Christmas to you and yours!! Come back in the new year with your wit and I will come back without the hearts!! ❤️❤️❤️ couldn’t resist those few!!!

    2. Who said they shouldn’t do their time. Just sayin’ now that Theresa’s done hers, maybe we could give it a rest with the resentment that she didn’t lose the house, that she now has a car, that she still owns Gucci plates. It will be just as lonely in that big house with Jo gone.

  4. I believe in second chances. I believe in forgiveness and letting go of the past and moving forward. Everybody makes mistakes and none of us are perfect. But experience has taught me that not everyone deserves a second chance, or forgiveness….and it isn’t a “mistake” if they continue to make the same “mistakes” over and over. It is a choice.
    The new expensive car with the big red bow in the driveway is a pretty good clue for me as to how this is all going to go, but I am waiting to see what Teresa does with it.

    1. Apple—ITA…I would love to see Teresa own everything she has done, I don’t think she will. A Lexus doesn’t help her case with public opinion, which I think is everything right now, I think there the ones with the 25% brain function not Yolanda.

      1. Lol…some days I would be thrilled with 25% brain function….usually when I get to the bottom of the stairs and can’t remember why I came downstairs to begin with.

        1. Oh believe me your not alone on that, I have posted before that I function at 16.7% and my husband at 2.3%. He made coffee the other morning (which I always do) I come down stairs to what I thought was water running, I walk into the kitchen, my husband forgot to insert COFFEE pot, what a mess. LOL

  5. He should be deported, he never bothered to get US citizenship which means he couldn´t care less about the country that welcomed him


  6. I’m confused why there would be a question if Tre would go if he were deported…..that’s her husband yes she would go. I would go where my husband goes.

    1. Hi Cassy, yes of course she would go, no question at all!
      A very happy Christmas to you Cassy xo❤️❤️❤️

    2. If Joe is deported, I’m not quite sure if Teresa will be able to go. She is a felon and felons cannot vote or have a passport. If I’m correct she won’t be able to leave the country, at least legally.

      1. Yeah you’re just flat out wrong about this. They can vote in many states now and get a passport just fine do long as they are no longer on any type of probation. Google it hun.

        1. Well Hun, some States will not let you get either one and others will. But other countries have the right to deny you entry if you have been convicted of a a crime. So unless the Guidice family has some pull in Italy she still may not get in at least legally.

  7. Seasons Greetings everyone. I think that many people are suffering from the bias “Similar to Me.” They see themselves in T & J’s likeness, and are willing to give them a break due in part to the absence of the socialization process which results in harboring conscious or unconscious distain for persons unlike themselves. Example: America is wrought will mass shootings, but if the perpetrator is foreign, for many it hurts more, but if the perpetrator is a WASP, he is automatically deemed mentally ill (unless he looks like Charles Manson) and is not hated.

    T & J belong on the program “American Greed,” and all T & J have to do is smile, flaunt their children in front of the camera, and many audience members will go ga-ga. The US Government was not amused and I assume their business partners and the people from whom they stole from are not amused either.

  8. I’m going to put a question out there, can anyone tell me why there are so many negative and sometimes quite nasty comments on Teresa but absolutely nothing on Apollo?? Just interested, everyone is titled to their opinions but it’s just something that puzzles me!

    1. Maybe because she refused to bow her head in shame. She always “lived large’ and showed it to the world. She didn’t fall to her knees either. I am proud of her for staying strong for her family. Also, maybe we never expected anything better from Apollo. OK, that’s my answer!!

      1. Or because Phedra like her or not did not try and justify what her husband did. She also stated what he did was wrong and she didn’t support him. She owned up to what he did didn’t try and hide it or lie about it. Also he isn’t a housewife, he is a husband it was proven in the courts phadra had no knowledge or any association with his crimes. Why would we hold someone accountable for the wrong choices of someone else even her husband. that’s like saying I am responsible for the speeding ticket my husband got when I wasn’t even in the car. Unlike Tre who was found guilty of not only knowing but taking part in the crimes and lying about it.

          1. No but they did the Teresa checks in special where he was the lead. Phadra hasn’t tried to capitalize on apalo going to the pen. Ya know? There wasn’t a special she made money off of about it. I think that is where the outrage over Tre and Joe comes from, they are trying to capitalize off of their criminal activity. Phadra is not.

        1. Maybe I’m missing something but there were several people here saying Phaedra was involved and that’s quite a popular opinion on blogs so why aren’t they commenting on Apollo? I’m not saying I think that way, if it is true those poor beautiful boys! I don’t want it to be true.
          As for Teresa this is the only way she will ever repay the debts. She will never repay everyone doing a nine to five job. I would sooner everyone had their money back and it’s people’s choice to watch or not. I was just interested to see other opinions and yours and 3D’s so far are the only one with any thought behind it! So thank you Cassy xo

          1. What you are missing is that being a popular opinion of blogs and being found innocent by a court of law are two different things. Phadra was found to have no dealings with or knowledge of her husbands crimes and Tre was found guilty by the courts with evidence, the evidence for phadra proved her innocents. I can have an opinion all day long it doesn’t make it fact. And sorry there are many things they could do besides capitalize off of the guilt of criminals. I’m sorry painting a picture of how hard it is on Joe because she is in prision. Well good it should not be easy when you are caught living a life of crime.

          1. Apollo is hot and Teresa is not is a fair statement because it’s true. I think you are too intelligent for this group, Princess of Strogonoff. Apollo is also a white collar criminal but these people adore Teresa. If these franchises would suddenly disappear there would be nothing for these people to talk about. Frankly I would like them to go away, maybe these women would get a life and do something constructive instead of a serious addiction to the actions and lifestyles of reality shows. Some seem envious and some in awe, either way it’s not healthy, physically or mentally. I don’t watch grown women act like fools. I’m studying the psyche of these women and sadly, It doesn’t look good.

            1. God that makes me sick. You must think a lot of yourself if you think you can read a blog page and presume to have some kind of insight into a bunch of people whom you have never met and the only opinion you hear of ours are those about a tv show. Wow, you must be some shrink to diagnose us all after one day with the horrible disease of liking a tv show and enjoying banter on a blog. More like a psychic I guess. A wrong one like most though. You are the one who is transparent with who you are, showing up as some superior minded snot who thinks you are so above others because, ummm, why? One couldn’t figure it out from your completely condescending remarks that you have any qualities as a person at all. You are the one who is sad if you honestly think anyone here wouldn’t have anything to talk about without this blog. Wow. I have met a few people like you in my life, usually the ones who, like you, think you know things you don’t. If I had enough room and time I would tell you all about my garden and my children and my travels and all the other things I have to do. You are beneath notice usually, but I read this because someone pointed it out to me. Wherever you went, please stay there. We don’t need anyone assuming they are equal to anyone here when it is so obvious that is such a joke.

        1. Sorry Sally, Apollo has a great body and he is hot. I get why Phaedra is attracted to the guy. But his awful choices would render him unacceptable. Joe and Teresa are no better because they all lack the discipline to stay out of trouble and demonstrate remorse for their crimes.

          1. Kim2020, where I am hot is different for all I don’t happen to think Apollo is hot, a great body isn’t attractive to me unless the person inside is great. I don’t like anything about Apollo. Then that’s great because we all see different things in different people! I think Ken Todd is hot because of the way he treats Lisa and loves animals but then I am in my early 60’s.

      1. Freedom girl, thanks, it was niggling a little so that’s why I wanted to throw it out there. I can’t stand him but just wondering how others feel. I hope you had a lovely Christmas Day yesterday.

        1. Sally, I just don’t think Apollo has the popularity to care one way or another, he’s where he should be and most people agree on that, there’s certainly nobody out there sticking up for him saying it’s a non violent crime he shouldn’t do 8 years or anytime at all. He was a thug and will remain a thug. So much for second chances.

              1. When the two Joe’s were fist fighting they were thugs. She Tre flipped a table, shoved Andy back into his seat and went balistic on Danielle, that’s a thug. Conclusion they are liars, thieves and thugs. Not just my opinion, fact.

        2. Why thank you, I did. I hope you are enjoying this blessed holiday as well:) Teresa, like Brandi is ten times more controversial then Apollo. So people love her and hate her with more of a passion, whereas people aren’t as passionate about Apollo. I think there were only about 4 comments on his post last week so that says it all:) Cheers!

            1. Me too, Teresa certainly brings out strong feelings from commenters. Love her or hate her people are keeping her in the public eye! The poll totally surprised me! I thought it would be the other way round. Please let her show she is repaying everyone! I don’t care about Jo, he will be locked up in three months! I wish he could go early get him away from her!! But that’s just my opinion.

  9. I don’t know what it would do to Tre if they had to move….. I think her big issue is that her parents are very elderly and her dad is really sick. Who cares where they live a house is just a house four walls a home is where the family is.

  10. Why do we need this fat guinea whop greaseball in the US? Send his ass to Italy. Time to start making immigrants remember that living in the U.S. is a PRIVILEGE.

  11. I have nevervread such non-sense on a blog, ALWAYS on this site. 1st let me say I DONT GIVE A DAMN IF YALL COME AFTER ME, SO BRING IT,but i hope these criminals get deported. Let italy deal with them. Now that they have been caught, PLED GUILTY, BECAUSE THEY ARE, BOTH OF THEM. Tobad the low down dirty pig hasnt changed 1 bit. She got off EASY!! Got to spend christmas with her family, came home to a monstrosity that she calls a home, that was built with stolen money, & then came home to a vehicle worth at least $80,000.00 with a big red bow, that joe purchased, maybe she needed a vehicle, although she could drive joes, since he cant drive & will report to the federal prison in march, so yea with the amount of $$ they owe, she has no need for a luxury vehicle when she has debts of up to $15,000,000.00. So yall think about this if any of yall had commited to any 1 of the crimes that THEY PLED GUILTY TO, what do you think would happen to you?? & are you even capable of commiting crimes, or do you have morals & scruples, since your parents raised you to be hard working, law abiding, tax paying citizens, or are you not any of those things. I know most of yall dont think she hurt anybody, but if you do think that way, i ask you to go to dailymail where there is an architect who did work for THEM & finished said work, & after sending bills every 2 weeks never recieved a dime, yet he feels the luxury vehicle was a slap in the face. So yea, come for me all you want, because if yall cant accept the fact that these people are felons and will always be felons, & are yall as big of a stupid idiot as shemis??

    1. Completely agree. Their crimes are just as big and bad as any other crime. Some stating that it’s not of a deal as terriosim or what ever BS she stayed is completely wrong. ALL crimes should be prosecuted.

    2. Firstly, THIS IS THE BEST BLOG THERE IS!! We are respectful of each other’s different opinions. ! If you don’t like it don’t post here! I don’t care what you think of Teresa and Jo we are all entitled to our own opinions! Who said here they weren’t felons??????? Absolutely no one!!! Mostly people here don’t like them but a few are saying give her a chance before condemning her! She has only been out for a few days! She didn’t purchase the car! Maybe it’s true about the architect but it runs right through NJ, They all owe money everywhere!!! Teresa will have to repay the debts and will take her many years.
      Lastly I’m from the UK try not to believe what you read in the DM! It’s trash fish and chip paper! not quite as bad as Radar as Lies but not too far off at times! Stick to the broadsheets and educate yourself!

      1. This is not the best blog. It’s mediocre at best. No on can share their opinions against the Giudice’s. You gang up on commentors. I would tell Bellaboo where the best blog is but seriously am not willing to share it with the rest of you. Sally and 3Ds, sometimes Starr, you are the worst offenders! You have chased many nice people off this site. Guess what? Not everyone bows to Teresa and follows her every move. You “ladies” are mean. You spend too much time on this site. Don’t you have real friends or some kind of life? This is not mentally healthy. I’ve been doing a psychological study of gossip sites and this one is the most hateful sites EVER. Sally you have said over and over that you are nice. If that were true you would not have to say it because people would already know. The second I press post I’m going to unsubscribe so don’t bother to reply. I have concluded my study and the results are in. Not looking good for THIS GOSSIP SITE because of the very few offenders who believe they own it.

        1. This is the best blog! I have not chased any person off of this blog. The only person who has ‘left’ this blog that I know of was foul mouthed! Came on here to cause trouble between two seperate blogs. She still causes trouble on the other but I don’t post there so it’s down to them! It was nothing to do with me! I would like an example of where I have been rude to anyone here about their opinions of Jo and Teresa. I like Teresa but understand when people don’t. The majority of comments here are against Teresa and Jo so where you are getting your gang up mentality from must be your head or you have posted your comments on the wrong blog!!

          1. First I didn’t think you were posting again you said not to reply? Second Show me where I have said those things to people who haven’t been rude to me first.

                    1. Nope. I was on vacation and am until January 2. Sorry. Around Christmas I was doing charity work with my family feeding the homeless and gathering gifts for the children who are less fortunate.

                  1. Theresa’s attorney did a press release or conference and explained the exact dollar amount of the judgment and how much was paid. He then did the same with the tax lien or judgment information and showed how it will be paid by Summer. So, you are incorrect, no big surprise, in that she will be in debt for a long time. She will, however, be paying for this mistake for a long time if not the rest of her life. It is so, so funny when you come on like you are above it all here, say you have unsubscribed, which I knew you wouldn’t, saying cruel things about people because they have compassion for Theresa Guidice. You are accusing a group here of doing what you then did. I have never once told someone how often to post, what they should think, feel or say, never. Find one post where any of us did.
                    This is the best blog. If you think the “other best blog” is some kind of secret for little snots, it is pretty easy even for us with mental issues to google “Housewives.”

                    1. You are argumentive. I’d rather be a little snot than a big snot like you! You argue with everyone except Sally. You’re on here daily. From morning till late night. Where did the people you’ve G-damned? You have a large temper with a short fuse. The worst part is that you never let it go. You continue even when the other people ask you to stop. If they don’t reply, you keep commenting. So ignoring you doesn’t matter. Let it go. You will be happier and healthier. Do you remember “Beth”? She took the high road and stopped replying but you hounded her sending 5 or 6 coments in one hour. Remember Real Sandra? You have insulted many people. Please, back off. I am even in contact with the owner of this website, Nicki I. She’s been very cooperative in helping me with my book and is giving her perspective as owner. I will ask again for you to back off. You are very emotional and short tempered.

                  2. Lillbit/Beth I email Sandy Aka real sandy, she still posts today agreed with something I said. Aunt Bee is the best person on this blog and still posts. and yes we are in touch! Beth, different, the first time she accused me of libel, the second of making a comment when it was Starr to a troll who had been rude to many people. Kat I don’t remember perhaps you can give me a link. I also have been in touch with Nicki who runs a great blog, last night you said it was mediocre. Why would you say that about someone who is helping you? This is the last comment I will ever make to you, I think you are very rude and started last night making comments about me! If you are a psychiatrist or DA or whatever you have a problem with facts which is surprising! If you aren’t happy with me report me to Nicki then she will have both sides of it, but that doesn’t matter because she reads these comments anyway, Shebis very proud of her blog and rightfully so! After this I am done with you!

                    1. I believe I told you yesterday I had no more use for you anymore. You’re a little late. I am not “Beth” nor anyone else you’ve insulted. I’ve put in a year in research and I’m not stopping now. What you do is your business, I don’t care. This isn’t the only blog I’ve researched and have learned people get over the top emotional. I do not think you are a troll. Trolls come in start trouble and leave. You are constant and have been on here daily.

              1. I have never said I own this blog, I just happen to think it’s one of the best, I am happy to just comment here. I will not be run off by any one trying to make me look bad! It would also be very difficult time wise from UK to run a blog based on US shows, if you have an issue with me please report me with specific links.

                1. For the most part I read comments from very nice, intelligent people…then there are those others…it’s been interesting to say the least. Good luck to the people who are not Tre huggers.

                  1. Just interested from your comment to ask is it just Trehuggers. You don’t like? A term a think and have said many times is silly. I like Teresa and want her to show she is repaying all of the debt. Jo, not much he is a waste of space.

          2. You are actually thinking of someone else, just like a young little snot who thinks they can bully women who like each other. You are the one who is mean saying this was a “study” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

            1. You’re right calling someone names is ok for you to do, but not ok for someone to point out that this is exactly what was being talking about. So please keep your name calling to yourself. She may be a little snot but you are a big snot just the same.

          3. Prove it. Prove that comment. No one in the psychiatric field would say the things you have said about people’s mental state. No one. Coming on and saying those who comment frequently spend too much time here, have no life or no friends. You are the one who is cruel, not those of us who have compassion for anyone.

        2. Anyone who gets “run off” from a blog (blog- an open forum guided by a popular topic) because of strong opinions should maybe go back to school and join a debate team. I personally refuse to water down my opinion so that I won’t offend some little snot who can’t take a few detractors. And I bet a thousand dollars you will read this.The fact that you completed a “study” well, now that justifies you making belittling, demeaning remarks to strangers because their opinion differs from yours. How do you know that it isn’t true that some posters aren’t actually homebound? So, you go on with your bad self and your study, maybe study yourself you little snot. Nobody here says cruel things to other posters accept you. As someone who obviously can not stand comradery, and backing other posters up, that begs the question who it really is who has no life and no friends. And one more thing, Sally and Starr ARE NICE, it is only me that isn’t, and you of course. I should let loose with a true harsh opinion sometime and the rest would look tame. Bye honey.

          1. That’s except not accept. Keep running your mouth it doesn’t matter one iota to me. You’re one of the meanest in this blog. Your comments almost laughable if they weren’t so pathetic. (blog: web log)

            1. Just like a little snot to point out a typo. Anyone who thinks I am mean is trying to just start a fight. It’s ok, honey. I can only think of 3 people who have left here since I started, rh_dude was a friend and I certainly didn’t run him off, and the other two certainly weren’t nice. They called posters names way worse than calling you out for being a little snot, which you are, and anyone who decides people read too much or post too much while reading it all and posting about it is either young and snotty, or just thinks they are superior. Bye, honey.

          2. 3D, I do not agree!!! You are so so nice, yes you have strong opinions but so do many. if this person had been through a tenth of what has happened in your life they wouldn’t have survived!! This person is a psychiatrist? Wow!!
            Perhaps she should learn some humility, some of us a bed bound a lot of the time I’m surprised she didn’t think of that or if she is writing a book on blogs she obviously hasn’t read a lot of the comments from regulars! People with cancer, auto immune diseases and many more!

            1. The funny thing is others have spoken about this blog on another blog and how you don’t disagree with the “regulars” because of the back lash from you guys. It’s crazy how you cannot see how hypocritical the things you say are. You don’t want to water down your comments fine, but don’t expect others to do so either. This is not high school and no one wants to go back. The problem is you view this as “debate club” from high school, it’s not most do not want to get into a lively debate. They just want to state their opinion with out being told to stfu, or to go away and most of all be monitored by the self appointed blog police no matter how hateful you think it is.

              1. Kelley, I have never told anyone to stfu or po! Time after time I have said that I understood why people didn’t like them! I don’t think much of Jo myself. I do not know where this has all come from its ridiculous, if I had said it I wish someone would show me where???? This blog has more haters than supporters, there is one that I wouldn’t go near if I was a hater and that came up just before Christmas. I just do not get it!!!!

              2. I have never once asked anyone to change or even implied they shouldn’t think, say, or feel what they think say and feel. Point out one post where I have. There are many great posters here, and when people don’t like it when others back each other or have comradery, it says more about you than it does about me or anyone else. I asked you last time to point to where I EVER told someone their opinion was stupid or not well thought, but you didn’t do it then either. Because you can’t. I never do understand anyone who makes an argument, which I am perfectly happy to consider, but never backs it up.

            2. Sally, she is no more a psychiatrist than I am. I won’t be coming back here, just saw your comment. You and I know this is an attempt from Beth or someone who won’t use the same handle all the time to get us back for not laying down and taking things like “oh 3D’s, dirty, delusional, dumb, 3 devils” after she know one of the D’s was gone. So, anyone who is that cruel is certainly not a doctor. See you on the blog.

              1. I am not “Beth”. I am a Doctor. This is legitimate. Don’t believe me? Ask Nicki. You can contact her anytime.

                Just curious, why do you consult Sally constantly? Are you related or just good cyber friends? Either way you are birds of a feather.

                1. Cyber friends, since you asked. Not that it is any of your effing business whoever you are. If you are a doctor I feel so, so sorry for any victim sitting anywhere near where your opinion has any weight. Birds are another thing I study and a lot of birds have mates and a lot of birds fly in tandem and a lot of birds sing. John James Audubon is who I look to when I want to study birds.

              2. She sure sounds exactly like “Beth.” Or one of her/his other monnikers. I love how you speak your mind intelligently. And I agree, what psychiatrist would go on a blog to make snarky putdowns of others…. But then I once dated a psychiatrist and he turned out to be a real wacko.

                1. I told one to eff off too, once. But no self respecting shrink would EVER say what she/he said here. Man any “patient” of his/hers I am frightened for! Thanks Krista. We do stick up for each other around here when trolls come in trying to make trouble. oxoxoxoxo

          3. 3D’s is very nice too. The only time she isn’t is when she is trying to defend us and our blog and we stand behind her 100%

            1. Thanks, Bee. Some people don’t understand comradery and friendship, even when it is cyber friendship. Just psycho-babble and cruel remarks about the regulars and their lives. I would like the names of the “books.” Otherwise, I guess is is “pain therapy” to speak to people that way. I say pfffft, to her and all those who get angry because of friendship here. Happy 2016. It came fast this year.

              1. 3Ds, I didn’t get angry about your cyber friendship I was just curious about it. I think it’s great to have friends. The more friends the better. I thought you might be related. You have healthy friendships with many people on this site. You are not a troll.

                1. lilbit I am 71 and basically homebound due to illness. I enjoy these sites and the friends I have made on them. Some are a little bit irritating but I take it all in and see it as a friendly get together experiencing all opinions whether pro or con. Have a good evening.

    3. Actually according to all reports almost all of the debt has been paid. Even with the new tax debt leveled by the IRS they will be debt free by summer. If I was her I would buy a Bentley, I just wouldn’t put a big bow on it.

      1. Which reports? She is in debt and will be for many years. All she’s done is time. Has she shown remorse? No she needs a $90,000 Lexus. Where is she going to go in that luxury car while under house arrest? Who paid for it and why not pay their debtors first? The feds will be watching her, if she’s not careful she may indeed go back to prison. I read in the Huffington Post that several of her debtors are so upset about the Lexus that they will be filing civil suits against them.I agree with bellaboo. I believe in second chances too but not when they go back to the same lifestyle of living beyond their means. She should show a little humility and pay the debtors! Joe doesn’t work and couldn’t get a loan anyway. If the car is in someone else’s name they are both dumb to think the feds won’t see that.

  12. The US deported hockey player Slava Voynov for a domestic violence charge. They like to make examples of people. Good riddance to this trash and his family.

      1. We can also use this as an example. If anyone called you an out of touch old lady you would throw a fit, however it is ok for you to make derogatory comments about someone’s age.

  13. I’m moving on from this page and ridiculous people who just want an argument. I have said all I am going to on this unless links are provided where I have told someone to STFU. and PO.

    1. Not to worry, Sally, they never prove what they are saying. Because they can’t. Neither one of us has ever told anyone to change their opinion, or even that it wasn’t a good opinion. But leaving here is a good idea, I am going to go where the other 89ers are.

      1. Go to the other 89ers, you will still be who you are. I’m almost sure you will cause trouble, hurt peoples feelings and make people uncomfortable so they will leave. Good luck and have a great 2016 year.

  14. I would like to clarify a few things. The stories on this website are well written and without bias. The owner, Nicki, is not helping me write the book, she has kindly agreed to be interviewed for HER perspective on owning this site. She is a very strong woman I admire her strength and dignity. I’m not a DA, Judge nor do I care to be. The lawyer route isn’t my thing. I became a psychiatrist because my beloved Uncle had bipolardisorder, he committed suicide in his early 30’s. It affected me to the point where I wanted to help people with any mental illness to prevent future suicides. If I have offended you by saying you’re rude it is the truth. Everyone has issues it’s how they’re handled that defines you. Sally and 3Ds continue to be rude. Name calling or age shaming doesn’t help. There are many older women on this site. I thought wisdom came with age and experience when I was younger. It doesn’t. You either have it or you don’t. I know people in their 20s who are wise beyond their years. Fighting about a television show is useless, there is no right or wrong. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and stating it without fear of someone else telling them they’re wrong. We all have feelings and we all hurt at times. One negative word can upset a person for days or cause mood swings.

    We are starting a new year and an opportunity to better ourselves. Thank you to those who have read this and understand.

    Happy New year to all! Just a lilbit, be safe!

    1. As a psychiatrist lilbit, I would love your opinion on Yolanda Foster and her illness. Do you follow RHOBH? I honestly would like your opinion.

    2. That is such a complete load of bull pucky. No real doctor, especially a Psychiatrist, a GOOD one anyway, would ever come to a place where it is likely people are blogging who are home bound, maybe old, maybe found the blog because they were recovering from an injury or an illness, or maybe just like housewives and enjoy blogs, and say we are mentally challenged just right off the bat. Saying Sally is hateful, another load of bull, calling out posters for their interaction months ago while spouting nonsense about doing a study for some book! Wow. Please tell us the names of these books you have “written” and I will be sure not to buy them since you have a proclivity toward being cruel to strangers, so to someone you would consider a patient or someone looking for some kind of help in a book, well……

      1. 3D, You are a really good person who has been through more in your life than any person should have to! Please don’t worry about me, I have proved all bar one point was groundless and if I can ever be bothered I will look back for the last point. I have never intentionally hurt another poster, I have stood up for myself, I wouldn’t be much of a person if I didn’t. I have snarked at housewives yes I have been really rude about Vicki and Brooks for reasons most people who matter to me here know. The rest I either don’t care about or are new to posting, if anyone wants to know why I say the things I do about Vicki and Brooks they can ask me. But don’t worry about me, but thank you. love you xoxoxoxoxo

        1. I won’t. Just your name with the word hateful didn’t sit well with me. That was just so outlandish. You stick up for me and Bee and anyone else being targeted too, so we all have the same flaw that we just can not be still about an untruth. But thanks, I will remember you can stick up for yourself. :0 :0 :0

          1. 3D that’s not what I meant!! We both know each of us can stick up for ourselves!! I just meant don’t worry about me, that’s all!!! Love you xoxoxo

  15. Bee, I don’t follow any of the housewives but I do read about them. Yolanda Foster. She may have Lyme disease, I’m not a medical doctor. I do know that Lyme disease doesn’t come and go. She may be suffering from Munchhausens Syndrome. It’s an imaginary disease but the symptoms are real. The brain is not completely understood. If it believes that something is wrong it materializes into reality. Not talking with her makes it difficult to diagnose. Good question though. Good evening to you too. So happy you stand by your friends.

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