Exclusive: Joe Giudice Headed To Trial, Prosecution Has New Evidence


Real Housewives of New Jersey husband, Joe Giudice is heading to trial over identity theft charges. In April of 2011 Joe was caught driving after his own license was suspended following a DUI arrest the year before. Giudice reportedly obtained the license from the DMV with his brother’s identity in June of 2010.

An insider close to the situation tells us EXCLUSIVELY, “Joe was in court today with his mother. The trial is scheduled for July 15th, 2013, and the jury will be picked at that time. Joe’s lawyer said jury selection will take approximately one week, and thinks the trial will take two weeks.”

In an interesting turn of events, our source reveals, “The Prosecutor said he received a whole binder full of additional discovery on Friday and has turned it over to Giudice’s lawyer.”

Our insider speculates the binder could be full of evidence from the Department of Motor Vehicles explaining how Joe obtained the license under his brother’s name.

We will keep you updated with any new information involving Joe’s trial.

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  • Buck Henry

    Essentially saying to the Defense, “Joe we know you have a connection in the DMV and it’s family based, if you don’t cop a plea before we go to court and quickly we will take them out also”.

  • bubba-boy

    What I want to know is WHEN Jacaloon and her husband goes to trial for their fraud in the signature apparel bankruptcy case that has been on-going since 2009 and pay back the cancer money they stole? WHEN Jacaloon will pay her $340,000 in back taxes she owes the state? WHEN Jacaloon, her husband, and Gorga the ape will go to court over assault charges where they beat that man up and cra-cra Jac hit him in the head with her stiletto? Maybe, when you LOOK at everything the Lauritas have done, Joe Guidice problems looks mild in compared to theirs.

    • JL

      you should be called mama’s boy, stop the whining.

    • Kiyoshigirl

      Puhleeezee! So sick of fans trying to negate one person’s wrong doings just because someone else has done something wrong. Whatever the Lauritas did is on them. Whatever Giudice did is on him. They’re both crooks. Stop trying to deflect the blame from Giudice to the Lauritas. People seriously need to grow up and smell the coffee. I hope you’re not a parent. I can just see you telling your child he/she didn’t do anything wrong when they broke the neighbors window because those neighbors also broke someone else’s window. Get it?

  • Not juicy at all

    Good riddance to Joe Juicy Giudice

    hasta la vista baby

  • Deborah Brenner

    Doesn’t the strategy of selecting a jury over a judge rely on the accused being likeable?

  • Frick

    Oh shit! Time to take the deal.

  • Trixie

    BURN BABY BURN!!! SEE ya Joe!!

  • Another RHO_ Fan

    You just can’t help but feel bad about those four little girls and how this will effect all of them during and after the trial… so sad.

  • mktb

    I wish I could feel some sort of sympathy

  • Debraleesparks

    This guy is such a pig. When he goes to prison, I bet his wife will find some way to profit from it.