Exclusive: Jennifer Dalton Gave Up Custody Of Children


Jennifer Dalton will appear in Season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and an insider tells us EXCLUSIVELY that she has a very shady past! As we previously reported, Jennifer’s role in RHONJ will be limited because during filming, producers and cast members were not impressed with what she brought to the table.

Our source shares Jen’s past came back to haunt her while filming the show and she was confronted about the custody of two of her children.


“Dalton’s first baby daddy has custody of her first two children,” the insider alleges. “Not only does she have a criminal record, she volunteered to give up custody of her first two kids.”

In the photo above Jennifer poses with her second baby daddy and her daughter, Reign, who is actually her 3rd child, despite reports.

As far as Jennifer’s arrest record? Dalton was allegedly arrested in 2010 for failing to pay child support. Our source alleges her record was expunged in 2012, which coincidentally was right before she signed with Bravo…

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  1. Sorry, but I don’t buy this story. If Jennifer had a criminal record she would not be able to get a real estate license.

    1. Actual she could have a RE license with a criminal record. It depends on the charges and many people would be surprised. New Jersey Real Estate Commission under the Department of Banking and Insurance main concern is the fiduciary relationship and honoring it. They are more concerned with crimes of money “mishaps” then shoplifting. (just to name one thing you can do and still have a license)

        1. Going to jail for child support arrears is not considered a criminal. Her record was never expunged. Her arrest records are still online. She’s gone to jail 4 times for chld support arrears. Her last arrest was in 2012. It’s public record. She went by a different name, but her alias on the jail record clearly states Jennifer Dalton with her birth date.

      1. She cannot get a realtor liscense or any other liscensure that has to do with a public service if you are a convicted felon. I’m sure that’s a federal law and not just state by state or adjusted on a case by case basis

        1. That is SO not true. I am a licensed Realtor in Florida. Every state has its own laws, regarding business practices. Real Estate nor any other state issued licence (contractors, engineers, architects, teachers, hair stylists, law bar exams etc) is governed on a federal level. You can have a criminal past and be licensed as long as the appropriate board reviews the request and approves it. That is common knowledge to anyone receiving a license from the state, it clearly states it on every application and website not to mention in continuing education classes. Not paying child support is disgusting, but it would not prevent anyone from getting a state license in anything, not even teaching. For more information on the laws in Florida go to the department of business and professional regulation website, choose any trade and you will see for yourself the application process. Just trying to educate you before you blurt out anything that may embarrass yourself due to lack of common knowledge.

    2. Obviously you don’t know the depths of her conniving ways. Jennifer didn’t elect to give up her children? They were taken by the COURT!!!! Andre Paterson her ex husband and his wife raise them as their own. Jennifer is a useless, desperate, broke ass, poor excuse for a woman. She’s got the shakiest past and no help for the future. Her Realestate license is under her maiden name therefore she still has it, criminal background and all. She’s a crook, that’s all she does all day long is scheme up ways to get over on ppl. Jennifer is devious and vindictive. She lies like a Persian rug, and tells lies about ppl. She’s ridiculous!! And deserves a little taste of the pollution she spreads about others.

  2. How on earth could her clothes be too tight for Housewives standards? Almost all of them (through all the franchises) look like stuffed sausages.

  3. I always knew this bitch was shady. She’s apparently a friend of Tre’s yet she lunches with MeHo & Jac? To me from what I’ve read she seems like another fame whore willing to throw Tre under the bus all in the quest for fame.

    Seriously will Bravo STOP putting ugly women on their shows. Its bad enough we have to see Caroline Jac & Kathy’s fuggo faces let alone this other fuggo Jennifer.

  4. Jennifer actually has 4 kids from 3 different men. She had a girl who is in her teens now by man #1, 2 younger kids from man #2 and a baby (in the above pic) from man #3. She has a pattern of having babies and leaving them when she gets a new man. She has been to jail 4 times for not paying child support. Jail records are public record.

    If you watched her first show “Pregnant in Heels” her husband Curtis Dalton was an “engineer”. If you look up her background online, it says she is married to a rich, real estate developer…..something does not add up does it?!!! If she lives such a lavish lifestyle as portrayed on t.v., why is she going to jail for child support arrears? Is she broke or just a dead beat mom?

  5. This story is true…although they left out the fact that she has another child that she gave up, not just two. She has 4 kids from 3 different men. She’s also gone to jail 4 times for not paying child support. The jail records are public record. She just went by a different name back then.

    Also did anyone notice in her reality show “Pregnant in Heels” her husband Curtis was an “engineer” yet her bio online says she is married to a rich, real estate developer. Doesn’t BRAVO do background and financial background checks on these people? She’s a phony…If she has such a fab lifestyle as portrayed on this show, why did she go to jail for child support arrears? Is she broke or a dead beat? I say..both!

    1. Oh my…are we trying to rename the show “classless”? Geez they can do better than this!! I’m teetering on the edge already to not watch RHNJ as it is!!

  6. Stop talking about my homie she’s mad cool . Why the fuck would Lil Kim hang out with her if she couldn’t dress. Also if she was a bad mother . Shut up.google her husband he’s the one with are the charges !!!!Curtis is the one with the criminal charges for 3rd degree aggravated assault

  7. Wow, is this woman’s face BUSTED! How did she get three guys to date her, let alone have kids with her?? She and the woman who she brought to see the Gorga’s house(whose claim to fame is “she has a baby with P Diddy” pathetic!)…..I don’t know who was uglier. Yikes, I can see that on the street any day. Gotta aim a little higher Bravo!

  8. Yes Kiki! My thoughts exactly, she’s looks in between Jay Leno with that huge chin and the lady that got plastic surgery to look like a cat.

    Aside from that, how can she call Melissa’s house fake when she is a phony herself. She claims to be such a great mother posting pics of her baby all over her twitter when she gave up custody of her first 3 kids. She has also changed her name from Jennifer Patterson to Dalton.

    Lala, do your research on google before u tell people to google. Google bergen county jail inmate page on line and put in Jennifer Patterson, click on released inmates… her jail records will come up…all four records are for child support arrears.

    Also she claims to be a real estate agent to the stars. The best she could come up with as a client is P. Diddy’s baby mama? Can baby mama even afford the house? Her baby with P.Diddy was 19 yrs ago, you know that child support has stopped! Yes Bravo, you need to step your game up and research your people before you put them on tv!

  9. PLEASE, PLEASE…. Someone, anyone, tell that girl Jennifer Dalton to stop the plastic surgery on the face… OMG she’s starting to look like that cat woman from a few years back… ugh ! Gross.

  10. First of all there is a ton more to her story than just 3 kids and 2 baby daddies. Pretty sure she has more than 3 kids btw. Let’s talk about the child who up until recently grew up thinking Jennifer was her sister and the fact that she smokes during her pregnancies, and the baby she was recently carrying until she “miscarried aka got an abortion” when her husband wasn’t around. The point is she is batsh!t crazy and she was stupid for thinking her gritty past wouldn’t come up after some sort of “fame”. She has had so many kids and knew that she couldn’t get behind the idea of another so she got rid of it without telling the father of the child until after it happened claiming it was a miscarriage but she didn’t get any proof of a miscarriage. That baby was healthy and fine until the one time her husband wasn’t around go figure. I guess no one will ever find out about her abusive history either? Yeah right. She has an affinity with stirring the pot and becoming physically abusive, getting cops involved and having her husband get arrested for nothing. She has on numerous occasions neglected Reign too. Her motherly instinct is absent which is why she doesn’t have custody of her other kids. This woman has mental issues but who wouldn’t when your bff is Lil Kim?

    1. Oh for sure, I happen to know one of her tossed aside children. Lady is shady. I hope that Bravo does some digging or one of the cast. She leaves the children with no money, while she has more than enough. Shame on her.

  11. Also, for the record on Curtis (her husband) you know that thing where you bang your head against the door, wait for it to bruise and then call the cops claiming spousal abuse when the spouse actually never put a hand on you? That’s how he gets charged and arrested. I been there. That whole situation is nuts and for the sake of their child Reign, I hope she doesn’t end up stuck with Jennifer as a nut job mother. She makes a terrible one and she needs to think about her child over her need for attention.

  12. Well I happened to know first hand, she also has a 17yr old daughter that she gave up custody to her parents. Left her all alone and she is not well. Shame on her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shady Shady Shady

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