Exclusive: Jacqueline Laurita NOT Feuding with Dolores Catania


It has been reported that while the upcoming season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey was filming Jacqueline Laurita was feuding with new Housewife Dolores Catania. Some reports even claimed that the feud between the two women would “fuel the finale,” but our insiders are telling us that these reports are absolutely false.

“Jacqueline and Dolores are friends and have been for a long time,” our RHONJ insider exclusively tells us. “The reports about a major blowout between the two ladies are completely false.”

Our source explained, “Jacqueline and Dolores did get annoyed with one another because of Jacqueline being sick and not being able to attend the gym event. If Jacqueline’s daughter Ashlee hadn’t gotten involved, no one would have even known about the disagreement.”

“At Melissa Gorga’s fashion show Kathy Wakile kept poking for information, but the friendship between Jacqueline and Dolores was too solid. As soon as Jacqueline and Dolores saw each other, the matter was resolved.”

Jacqueline confirmed by way of tweet that her March 31, 2016 tweet was about Dolores:

Who do you think Jacqueline referred to as inauthentic, unsupportive, insensitive and self serving?

Photo Credit: Instagram

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Not that I care, I don’t, but I have read two opposing reports in the last 12hrs. I wonder what the truth is?

Same here! I wonder what they will come up with next. I just wanna hurry up and watch.

You have till June I think that was the date! Strange as its finished filming already! I don’t know if they have filmed the reunion?

Good morning Suze ❤️❤️❤️ How are things in the land of free ballers? 🙂

Oooh! How rude! Nothing is free in Scotland! They are too tight! But then maybe you were right and things are free swinging! Omg! My comment is nonsense! I’m so tired! Sorry! Xoxoxo

Sorry you’re tired sweetie . I didn’t sleep well either ! It was hot as f**k and I was sweating from pores i didn’t know I had. Hope today is a better day xoxo

Oh dear! Night sweats not very nice! What is the temperature there? It’s about 12c here but windy so washing drying!

We get very few really hot days and nights in SF, maybe 5 or 6 a year. Yesterday was one of them. At night it was about 22 or 23C I’d say. I live in an older building with no AC and opening the windows just brings in street noise . It’s ok! I could use a nice breeze. Let’s put on some skirts Suze and let the wind blow up our cooch 🙂 LOLOLOL

You always make me laugh! I don’t need the breeze up mine but I will bottle some and send it via magic carpet! I can’t believe that’s all you get I thought it would be much warmer. When I was there in September 198? It was lovely. You have some beautiful old buildings! Also very steep streets! Xo

We are very spoilt here weather wise! I think once it got to 30C and everybody had a meltdown 🙂 . Yes send me some Scottish breeze and I’ll send you a macaron ❤️❤️❤️ The fog should come in today and it’s going to be a lot cooler, so no excuse to not wearing a bra ! Sigh !

A macaron would be nice! It’s rarely above mid 20’s here in summer and there is almost always a breeze on the east. To get to 30 I would need to be in greenhouse!

mmmm yes, I love coconut and macaroons. Will send you a batch ❤️❤️❤️

Nice. We have very hot summer days and very cold winter days, windy days…some hurricanes…just very seasonal. Yesterday felt like winter…very cold..20s F and today 50s F…need to convert. You are lucky there. Xoxo


My husband loves macaroons and now I have developed more of a love for them than before, I do love the ones with dark chocolate drizzled on top too. Do you shred by hand for that or use a food processor…has to be fu if yiu use a fresh coconut and have to crack it too. 😉

I guess you can buy coconut in a can too? No fun cracking coconuts. I am cuckoo for coconuts today.. 🙂

I love macarons but have never tried making them, maybe it’s because my hub doesn’t like them! Hmmm! I might get my daughter to make some when she comes up in three weeks!

Sandy you’re so sweet ! There’s no way I’m buying a coconut and shredding it lol! I’m not that dedicated ❤️❤️❤️ I prefer mine with an almond or walnut on top 🙂 yes NY has weather for sure! But what a city !! There’s nothing like New York !!! Maybe I’ll see Surrey someday Suze ❤️❤️❤️Xoxo ..

Rain, Surrey has more trees than any other county in UK! So beautiful but far too busy for me these days. A 12 minute car ride home from work took me 90 minutes on a Friday when there had been an accident on the M25. All traffic diverted through villages, never again but Mitch will go back I think!

It is coold in SF. Their warmest days are said to be in September I think. It never gets too cold or too warm compared to where I am. The Pacific Ocean never warms like the Atlantic Ocean and the San Francisco Bay is always so very cold, so the air there never warms too much there. I am surprised she needs air conditioning at all. The nights are usually quite chilly too.

Very true Sandy / we get very few warm days so AC Isn’t necessary except for maybe 4 days a year. I love the cold weather because I’m used to to now ❤️❤️❤️

I think that os why the homeless like it too…They don’t freeze like here or get way too hot…just saying. I loved SF when I was there years ago.

Oh yes, the homeless are out of control and it gets worse and worse . States like Nevada and Arizona have been caught byujng their homeless a one way greyhound ticket to SF !!

I used to work in Atlantic City as a nurse in the Emergency Dept. back then they built a new homeless shelter, a big one, other towns and states put their homeless on one way trips to AC, so I know it happens. It is terrible.

Yes me too Sandy far far nicer than LA or Las Vegas! I fell in love with it!

We have very few here, homeless, but they are many in Edinburgh! We do have a food bank that is being used more than ever before.

Yes Sandy, I read about other states putting their homeless , and hospitals discharging elderly patients etc and packing them elsewhere . Smh

You are a bit like we were in Surrey you get the extremes in weather! We moved because we couldn’t stand the heat at night, if not it would have been an AC! Not needed here!

That is great. I had to replace one of my central AC units and had to replace a furnace too to adapt the AC…so it was more than a little and that was for the upstairs only.

That must have been painful cost wise!
My house is so noisy they are cleaning the bedroom carpet so tucked up in front of the fire in the sitting room! Cosy!

Yes, that sounds like a very nice spot to be in. Do you have a wood burning fireplace? I imagine so. Here we have a gas one…and it worked during a hurricane when all power was gone and snow came soonafter…so we did not freeze. Also my gas cooktop helped heat too.
But wood smells nice and crackles and is more beautiful…

You’re lucky to have no homeless Suze! I wouldn’t know what that’s like lol

Rain we are only a small town so not surprising.

Bother posted too soon, it makes up for working in London where they are in every door way the bus shelters tubes! Everywhere!

Yes, Suze, they stay where heat is..like near grates above subways/tubes, in them…especially when it is cold. NY has to gather them up when it gets too cold and try to bring them to shelters. None where I am, but in summer, many try to sleep under the boardwalks in some beach towns.

I wrote too soon. Actually in a county south of here, about half an hour drive or so, there is a Tent City where many homeless live, and they have been protected by clergy and such, and though the town wanted them gone, they still remain..in tents all year long.m

I wish we did Sandy, but my husband doesn’t like them, I know weird, he has got it into his head they smell as a neighbours does. I explained it depends on the wood you burn but am stuck with a gas fire, great for quick heat but not comforting!

No sugar in macaroons…healthier option with applesauce…just would seem different…but they look pretty! 😀

These would be what K would make! All her cakes etc are the healthy versions!

Those look tremendous Suze ❤️❤️❤️ Yum

I think that is the best pic I have ever seen of Jacqueline. Her face actually looks natural and symmetrical. I hope that is due to laying off the surgeries and fillers, botox, etc.

Rain, you probably know them by name. They tend to pick a favorite spot and stay from what I have seen in SF.

I know a few LOL . I even sometimes worry when I don’t see them for a week or 2 . I know, I know!! 🙂

I believe you! 😉

For Suze, yes gas fireplaces are cleaner and far more convenient. Wood is messy, it has to be stored somewhere dry, it may carry bugs in with it, and then there is all the cleanup and more soot in the chimney which can bring chimney fires…oh and not good if you have allergies. So, it is fine to have gas fireplaces! 😉