Exclusive: Jacqueline Laurita Gets Tummy Tuck In The Midst Of Financial Crisis

Jacqueline Laurita

Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Jacqueline Laurita has been very open about her struggles with her weight and body. Her husband Chris even admitted on RHONJ that he thinks she has body image issues. February 24th, Laurita tweeted how nice it would be to get a tummy tuck. “When workouts & diets fail 2 put your body back in order after 3 kids, is there anything wrong w/having a Dr.Brent put u back together again?” Jacqueline continued, “I honestly think its beautiful when people grow old gracefully. I have no idea y I choose not2. I’ll fight gravity w/Laser like Luke Skywalker.”

“A tummy tuck would be lovely. Anyone ever do that & love it? Sounds tempting,” Jacqueline concluded, including a link to Dr. Brent’s “hybrid tummy tuck” procedure, which is performed through a C-Section type incision and is less invasive.

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Dr. Brent replied to Jacqueline’s tweet, telling her he’d be honored to perform the surgery on her. “I would be honored, Just say when!” he wrote, and Jac replied, “When! LOL! I’ll be calling you! Tell Dayna hello for me! I’ll start packing. XOXO!”


In the midst of a reported $340,000 tax debt, a $7 million lawsuit for bankruptcy, and an alleged pre-foreclosure on the Laurita home, an inside source tells us EXCLUSIVELY, “Jacqueline had a tummy tuck. She has been in California, and she was recouping from the procedure.” Dr. Brent has offices located in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara, California, as you can see from the website.

March 5th, Jacqueline tweeted. “I have had no internet service! Going back to hotel now. I’ve been in CA. Talk to you all when I’m back in Jersey! Miss you all! XOXO!”


Thoughts on Jacqueline’s surgery?

Photo Credit: Bravo