Exclusive: Jacqueline Laurita Gets Tummy Tuck In The Midst Of Financial Crisis

Jacqueline Laurita

Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Jacqueline Laurita has been very open about her struggles with her weight and body. Her husband Chris even admitted on RHONJ that he thinks she has body image issues. February 24th, Laurita tweeted how nice it would be to get a tummy tuck. “When workouts & diets fail 2 put your body back in order after 3 kids, is there anything wrong w/having a Dr.Brent put u back together again?” Jacqueline continued, “I honestly think its beautiful when people grow old gracefully. I have no idea y I choose not2. I’ll fight gravity w/Laser like Luke Skywalker.”

“A tummy tuck would be lovely. Anyone ever do that & love it? Sounds tempting,” Jacqueline concluded, including a link to Dr. Brent’s “hybrid tummy tuck” procedure, which is performed through a C-Section type incision and is less invasive.

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Dr. Brent replied to Jacqueline’s tweet, telling her he’d be honored to perform the surgery on her. “I would be honored, Just say when!” he wrote, and Jac replied, “When! LOL! I’ll be calling you! Tell Dayna hello for me! I’ll start packing. XOXO!”


In the midst of a reported $340,000 tax debt, a $7 million lawsuit for bankruptcy, and an alleged pre-foreclosure on the Laurita home, an inside source tells us EXCLUSIVELY, “Jacqueline had a tummy tuck. She has been in California, and she was recouping from the procedure.” Dr. Brent has offices located in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara, California, as you can see from the website.

March 5th, Jacqueline tweeted. “I have had no internet service! Going back to hotel now. I’ve been in CA. Talk to you all when I’m back in Jersey! Miss you all! XOXO!”


Thoughts on Jacqueline’s surgery?

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6 Replies to “Exclusive: Jacqueline Laurita Gets Tummy Tuck In The Midst Of Financial Crisis”

  1. I think shes starting to look like shes made of plastic! She don’t look good at all. So whoever is telling her its ok to keep getting botox, is wrong. The ones that are telling her are the ones shes PAYING.

  2. So, why get a tummy tuck when you are headed to prison – or – let me guess, she got a lapband and her tummy tuck so she could feel good about herself cause all the $$$ she spends on her plastic beauty every month, $$ scammed from charities and creditors and vendors…isn’t enough to make her feel good about herself. Hmmmm, maybe if she quit lying, commiting fraud every two seconds, quit exploiting her kids on a reality show – maybe she could feel good about herself. Just saying.

  3. Let’s not forget that TERESA was spending money left and right immediately after filing bankruptcy,when she didn’t even know if her furniture was going to have to be auctioned off so that seems to be pretty normal for the Jersey housewives.

    1. Not true. Besides Teresa is the only successful NJ housewife with 3 best-selling cookbooks and other products. The other heifers are just jealous because everything they touch turns to …well, nothing. Melissa is a joke of a singer and performer, no one cares what Kathy Wakile is selling (who?), Caroline is off the radio, the Brownstone sauce was found too bitter, just like her, BLK water is embroiled in lawsuits and non-existent sales, the Lauritas are back and forth to court with their legal issues and over-spending and Al Manzo, per Caroline “may have cheated.” Her “fat, asshole” (Don Caro’s words) daughter closed her business after one day (yes, one day!) and as far as I know the “boys” don’t have much of anything going on and the Gorga/Lauritas are now having to engage lawyers due to criminal assault charges stemming from a brawl they started. I find it hilarious that karma is getting them all and Teresa just keeps having successes. Karmas a bi-atch!

  4. He probably performed it gratis in return for all her tweets. I doubt she paid. Only us little people pay for things (and pay our bills).

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