Exclusive: Jacqueline Laurita To Address Dina Manzo Family Feud On RHONJ


As we previously confirmed, Jacqueline Laurita will be returning to the Real Housewives of New Jersey and according to our show insiders  there’s a reason Bravo is offering Laurita a hefty chunk of change to film. A source close to the show tells us EXCLUSIVELY that Jacqueline will be discussing the on-going feud with her sister-in-law Dina Manzo on-camera for the first time.

“Dina refuses to film with Jacqueline, especially regarding any family issues,” our source reveals. “Teresa Giudice is showing her loyalty to Dina by refusing to film with Jacqueline also, but Bravo is worried about this season’s ratings and they are taking drastic measures to get viewers back.”

Our insider continues, “Even though Jacqueline will not be filming with Dina, she will open up about the family feud between Dina and siblings Caroline Manzo and Chris Laurita.”

But that’s not all… our insider also shares that Jacqueline will most likely return to the show full-time next season.

“The network feels like this is a storyline that viewers have been invested in for a long time,” the source states. “They believe viewers want answers and Dina refuses to acknowledge the topic.”

“Chris Laurita is also fed up with the situation with Dina,” the insider teases. “He supports Jacqueline’s return.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Don’t like Jac WAC. So I won’t be watching anyway.

The producers could not possible be that stupid. Not buying it.

BRING IT ON! Can’t wait for Jacqueline and Chris to come back!!!

I agree with you I’m so sick of teresa and I don’t even like dina she’s Laughable this show was headed 4 the end so we need Jacqueline and Chris 4 sure as 4 teresa her and juicy should be headef 4 jail in my opinion

I am so sick of this story bring the old wack bag back just so I can laugh when bravo slips on there ass because the ratings won’t change!!!

People still watch this NJ trash?

I stopped watching this year because Jacqueline left. Maybe I’ll tune in for this. I like her and I can’t stand Dina.

“They believe viewers want answers and Dina refuses to acknowledge the topic.”

Well then they’ve been grossly misinformed. The viewers don’t care and the the so called ‘feud’ is old.
Nobody cares. Of course Dina doesn’t want to talk to these desperate, drama-filled relatives. And Dina doesn’t have to acknowledge the topic and BRAVO has known this for years.

DIna won’t film with them, understandably and all BRAVO accomplishes by bringing nutso back next season is Dina won’t return and still nobody watches. Stupid producers. The ratings are low because the show has run its course.

Jac and Chris must really be desperate for cash. Now $850,000 is a lot of money, but to throw your own family under the bus for it? That is truly messed up. I just hope that if Jac does come back, Dina makes reference to all of her brother and SILs legal issues, how its bad energy and she doesn’t want to be around it. A dig with the truth.

Yes!! A dig with the truth! Love it!

People DO want to know why a sister would turn her back so completely on her family and worse enthusiastically embrace so fully a woman (Tre) who has done some grossly negative things to her family and has repeatedly committed felonies and lies. Especially when said sister professes line is all about Zen and Love and she farts butterflies.

Agreed Karen says

Note to “cra-cra” jax, we already know you are crazy and dina is just plain Boring (does she even have a storyline, other than her closet & shoes?), and really (no-one cares).
If bravo brings this loser back, the show is definitely going down the toilet (fast)…….
missandy, the HW”S show’s just don’t bring in “entertainment like they used too”—there is too much juvenile behaviour, too much fighting and too much ridiculousness………

I love jac. Haven’t been into the show this year my favs are not on there any more. Can’t stand dino. I hope she leaves again. It True
goes to jail who will she have on her side to listen to her whinnnie voice.

I will so watch if Waco Jaco is on, if only to put Dina in her place and knock the fake zen out of her.