Exclusive: Why Isn’t Danielle Gregorio A Full-Time Housewife?


Danielle Gregorio has been introduced as a “Friend of The Housewives” on RHOC. Danielle first appeared on camera at the end of episode 2, and later introduced new Housewife Lizzie Rovsek to the group, as she hosted a charity event at her home.

But many viewers have asked, ‘Why isn’t Danielle a full-time Housewife?’ Well, an insider is telling us EXCLUSIVELY, what happened with Danielle’s contract.

“Danielle began filming around Thanksgiving and was going to be a full-time Housewife,” our source shares. “But honestly, producers found Danielle to be too boring, and they basically wrote her off the show.”

“For example, the dinner at Javier’s,” our insider continues, “Danielle didn’t say one word. She has a really hectic family life, but was too quiet when she was around the other women. The only storyline Danielle had is her fight with Tamra in Bali.”

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10 Replies to “Exclusive: Why Isn’t Danielle Gregorio A Full-Time Housewife?”

  1. I thought it was strange they showed her first. I wanted her to talk more to see what she’s like. Lizzie is annoying.

  2. Lizzie May be annoying to some but I think she will give that hag Vickie a run for the money, at least I hope so. The hag is so rude and mean a bully almost as bad as Kenya.

    1. Hi Aunt Bee,
      Maybe Bravo is testing out new women and this a perfect way to do it. Let’s face it Vicki is almost 52 yrs old if she isn’t already. That means in a couple of yrs Vicki will rightfully be able to get her senior discount at stores and restraunts for 55 and older.
      Let’s face it Vicki has gotten up there in age, now I’m not putting Vicki down because frankly it happens to all of us we get old. That’s fine, it’s a part of life, what’s not a part of life is being on a reality show this one happens to be OC California, where it’s all about the glamour, the houses, the cars, and the looks. Vicki might have the house, the car, but at her age she doesn’t have the glamour. I know I know I’ve heard that beauty comes from the inside not the outside. Well, it’s not front page news that Vicki doesn’t have inner beauty, Vicki is a bully towards anyone who doesn’t do things Vicki’s way we’ve all seen this, and as far as outer beauty, Vicki has really never had that going for her. Maybe it’s the meanness about Vicki that doesn’t help her one bit have outer beauty. Maybe it’s all the work she’s had done to her face, Vicki has had so much work done to her face that she no longer appears normal, as far as when she tries to laugh, ( Vicki’s face is frozen) as we all saw when she and Tamara were having a conversation at Vicki’s house about Heather and her ways. The woman couldn’t even break a smile when she and Tamara were laughing at the end of the scene!

      I’m just saying the truth here Vicki has gotten up in age to be on a reality show about glamour etc.
      Just look at how she treated Lizzy the first time Vicki met her, wow Vicki is so jealous of Lizzy. Lizzy is gorgeous, and Vicki was totally jealous of Lizzy!! And as well she should be, Lizzy is probably the most beautiful woman to join one of these housewives shows.
      Vicki hit it off with Shannon right away because com’mon let’s be honest here Shannon isn’t a competition to Vicki. Shannon doesn’t have a business, Shannon wasn’t Ms America, Miss Teen USA, and we all know from what we’ve seen Shannon isn’t playing with a full deck, Lizzy is a total package and Vicki feels threatened by her. Shannon on the other hand is not any of those things otherwise Shannon would have gotten the same treatment from Vicki that Lizzy got!

      1. You are so right valley girl. I am just so sick of mean and bully type people. I am almost at the point of getting rid of all the Bravo shows on my DVR

  3. It sounds like she has already been fired/demoted by the network. I think she’s better than Lizzie. Not a fan of her.

  4. Here’s what I would like to see, a trip with just some cool housewives from each franchise.

    Lisa Vanderpump, Carole Radziwill, Heather Thomsaon, Heather Dubrow, no one from ATL, Lizzie, and Mamma Elsa! Maybe throw in Danielle Staub just to bring the crazy!

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