Exclusive: Why Isn’t Danielle Gregorio A Full-Time Housewife?


Danielle Gregorio has been introduced as a “Friend of The Housewives” on RHOC. Danielle first appeared on camera at the end of episode 2, and later introduced new Housewife Lizzie Rovsek to the group, as she hosted a charity event at her home.

But many viewers have asked, ‘Why isn’t Danielle a full-time Housewife?’ Well, an insider is telling us EXCLUSIVELY, what happened with Danielle’s contract.

“Danielle began filming around Thanksgiving and was going to be a full-time Housewife,” our source shares. “But honestly, producers found Danielle to be too boring, and they basically wrote her off the show.”

“For example, the dinner at Javier’s,” our insider continues, “Danielle didn’t say one word. She has a really hectic family life, but was too quiet when she was around the other women. The only storyline Danielle had is her fight with Tamra in Bali.”

Photo Credit: Bravo