Exclusive Interview With RHOC Star Shannon Beador


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador about season 10 of the show. We discussed Shannon’s decision to share her martial troubles on-camera, her cast mates, misconceptions viewers may have about her and more. Check out our interview below!

You’re back for your second season of RHOC! How has this experience different from the first?
Shannon Beador:
“[laughs] Well it’s been incredibly different as far as what’s going on in my life. There’s a lot of personal things that have been going on in the last year for me. By being on the show for a second season, I’m a truthful and honest person and I want to stay true and talk about everything that’s going on in my life. So by doing the show one of the things that we had to address is the fact that my husband had had an affair for an extended period. It was difficult to come into the show doing that. We had counseling with our relationship counselor, with our church and with our kids and their counselor and came up with the group decision of going on the show because our marriage is in a great place today and so many people toss their marriages aside and we have a chance to show people that you can actually work through it.”

Do you believe the show has helped your marriage?
“I do. One of the reasons I wanted to do the show is I wanted to connect with my husband and I thought that if he watched it he would notice that he wasn’t spending any time with me. One of the things that I took away from it was; complaining and whining about it all the time… the lack of attention my husband was paying to me, that’s not going to get me what I want… it’s actually just going to push him further away. Not to say that I blame myself for what happened, because I don’t at all, but there were definite changes that I needed to make within myself. You get a very fortunate opportunity to get little clips of your life played back for you and the amazing opportunity to see what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong.”

What did it feel like to find out that your cast mates knew about David’s affair and you didn’t?
“I need to clarify that. Vicki [Gunvalson] found out by me. Lizzie, Heather and Tamra had heard rumors very shortly before I found out about the affair and they didn’t come up to me. You have to understand, I wasn’t in a good place with Heather and Tamra number one, and number two they heard rumors… they had no concrete information that it was true. It wasn’t something that I was upset they didn’t come to me with because I would have just thought it was them being mean to me again and they weren’t going to put themselves out there and say this is happening when they didn’t know for sure.”

How have your children handled watching the show play back?
“They’re okay with it. They actually were encouraging for us to film and where some people could criticize me and say, ‘How could you put your children on television and involve them in such a topic?’ What we’re doing is we are teaching our kids that there are certain things that we are fighting for. They see the commitment that David and I have for each other and for the family, and they see the love and the happiness that our whole family is now experiencing, so for them they now know that there is an amazing pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, so to speak. We all just focus on the positive and that’s where we are today.”

What do you think is the biggest misconception about your personality?
“That I’m wacky. I’m a down to earth person with a little bit of a zingy side and that’s what makes life fun. If I hear the frickin’ word crazy one more time… it’s just not nice!”

We saw conflict last season between you Heather and Tamra. How have your relationships with the ladies changed since last season?
“I think you’re seeing a little bit of it so far. Tamra and I are good. She said a very heartfelt apology to me at the reunion last year and I talked to her on-camera [but you didn’t see it] that I just wanted to take baby steps for a friendship. We had a good talk and we have a good friendship right now. As far as Heather goes, we kind of feel like we got through everything at the reunion and in Bali I started to realize we do have quite a bit in common and this season she’s loosened up a lot and we have a lot of fun. It’s been nice. If I’m forgiving my husband for an eight-month affair I can certainly forgive those women for nonsense! [laughs]”

There has been a lot tension between you and newcomer Meghan Edmonds so far on the show. What is your relationship like today?
“Jim’s first wife passed away and I reached out to her after that but as far as since the show has started to air I’ve kept my distance from her, because I believe she’s made a lot of below-the-belt jabs about me in her commentary that are unwarranted and they’re not true. She doesn’t know me at all. Part of me believes she’s just saying these things to be hurtful and to stir it up. She wants to bring the drama.”

We know that you have a holistic approach and that Vicki’s boyfriend Brooks was not reacting to his chemotherapy treatments. Did you jump in and try to help him?
“I found out about Brooks’ cancer the day that Vicki did. I think it was back in September. She asked me for my help and I immediately started to do some digging and I did refer her to two doctors. I don’t refer people to doctors or businesses unless I have a very good feeling it’s going to be helpful, but Brooks chose to go other ways. One of the people I referred him to was an M.D. and has a cancer center in her facility. So they administer the chemotherapy, but in addition they offer all the latest Eastern medicine approaches to help boost your immune system as your undergoing chemotherapy. To me it’s the best of both worlds and I have met people from all over the world who would come and see this woman and he didn’t go.”

Walking away from this season of the show, are you ending it on a good note?
“Yes. I hope so! [laughs] I did. I hope that it’s shown that way. That’s like rolling the bunco dice! I’m in a good place in my life right now. I’m grateful for it and I’m hoping that you get to see that on the show. I’m a bit frustrated that you’re seeing a lot of the negative, but it is what it is, it’s a TV show. It’s nice to be getting along with everyone!”

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I still stick to my point the girls should never have been shown with all this nonsense when he made them stand up and he apologized. It just looked fake! Between the two of them fine, I wouldn’t have put it on reality TV. But it’s their choice as it was mine to fast forward over their scenes. I don’t line Shannon, I do think she is a bit crazy! IMO
I still like Meghan and feel so sorry for her and the girls right now. A tough time losing your mother!

Hey Zed I like what you wrote and I feel the same way. I like Meghan, she is trying to find her way just like the rest of us. πŸ™‚

πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Shannon, Miss Zingy, you are such a hypocrite! In the latest episode, we see you attending Meghan’s game party and being nicey nicey and then rolling your eyes and making snarky comments in your confessional. You are not truthful or honest. You’re wacky and shady.

Shannon is constantly saying she tells the truth,(Red Flag) there is no way those girls should have been on TV in the middle of their problems, no way any counselor would suggest that, not buying it. I do like her Crazy side, it can b entertaining, however she is just as snarky in her confessionals, she has a major problem with the number 30.

I don’t think Shannon starts the snarkiness. She tries to be nice, then Meghan says something completely uncalled for, and Shannon responds to that.

I agree. Meghead is so RUDE and LOW-CLASS. Who invites someone to their home for a party and then insults them? (Just like my RUDE, LOW-CLASS neighbors πŸ˜› ).

To be fair, Shannon gave Meghan the crazy eyes.

Snarky is snarky no matter who starts it. It’s saying that you are above it all when you are not is what makes one a hypocrite. Not making excuses for Meghan but she doesn’t profess to be a saint. Shannon is chanting, taking herbs, feng shuing, and acting like she is being picked on. She’s phony. Nice in person and confessionals are telling it like she really is.

I agree DebBrenn, your comment is so true. Give me Shannon any day to Meghan.

Baloney!! Meghan is an entitled spoilt brat

No one has a problem with Teresa’s kids being on tv so why why double standard? Or should Hayley be on tv being a total brat?

It has nothing to do with them being on TV it was exposing them to the fake apology, making them stand for it, they were obviously uncomfortable. I like seeing the kids, all of them, it usually lightens the programme, just not on this point!

Vs having the kids exposed to their convicted felon patents being dragged away??

Being dragged away???? You must have watched a different programme to me! I wasn’t the one to compare them to Teresa’s kids you were!!!

It was a figure of speech, dear . What Teresa and Joes kids are being put through , including a spin off show, is way worse than what Shannon’s kids are being put through . We can agree to disagree and let’s just move on

If your husband is screwing another woman the young children don’t need to b involved, and b a part of Shannon’s scripted apology which was so awkward to watch. As for the criminals, they shouldn’t even b on TV. I won’t be watching, their kids r being taught that crime pays

I can see where you’re coming from. I , personally shield my kids from such things but most of my friends believe in being open. It’s a matter of opinion and how we choose to approach things. As parents, we do what we think is best and sometimes , others don’t think so. But as for the criminals, yes , enough already Bravo

I liked the interview’s questions, and the order in which they were asked.

I agree. Those were excellent questions

I would have MAYBE liked dummy Barbie better if she didn’t seem so entitled . She could’ve found her way without stirring crap just for the sake of being relevant: but for a gold digger, she’s quite dumb! So go on and be #coolstepmom or whatever. There’s time for her to come around. And she keeps bringing up her age as much age everyone else , so why is it bad when Shannon brings it up. I’m not against criticism but at least try and make sense

I love Shannon. I think she is a quality human being and does her best to be honest. I believe she thought (and possibly rightfully so) that her experience with her husband might help others. I hope it does. So many are in unfaithful marriages. This is a common part of life today, sad to say. With all my heart I pray her family will stay together, continue in church as faith helps so much, and have a healthy happy life. God bless them all. β™₯

I agree Lisa

Me too. As far as exposing her kids to David’s infidelity. They found out on their own. (I personally wouldn’t/didn’t stay with a cheater, but that’s just me). Considering Tamrat and haughty Heather already knew, Shannon probably felt she should just hold her head up high and continue with the show. Otherwise, they’d run around saying stuff like she went into hiding, etc. because she was ashamed. He put her in a no-win situation.

That’s true Queenie

ITA! Love that Shannon & David are working together for their family!

I agree as well Lisa. Shannon has had a lot to cope with & is trying to do the very best with what she has to work with. She is admirable. I wish both David & herself always God’s blessings.

Well put. Shannon is also showing her girls that people make mistakes (David) and how to forgive. She’s also proving to them how much she loves their family and what she’s willing to do keep it intact. It’s a good example for the girls and they’ll see that even if they don’t fully grasp it until they’re older.

I agree, I really like Shannon. She is about as real as it gets for Orange County. I pray for her too. I hope she can move forward.

I think Shannon is doing her best to keep it real. Maybe being on this show was the catalyst for some action to save their marriage. I would not want to see myself interact with my family on TV and then have critique myself and my spouse while the world also so sees things maybe I didn’t see at the time. It is certainly eye-opening and a scary thought too. It may have helped their marriage in a way even so, however, keeping it all so public has to take a toll on all of them especially their daughters. I… Read more »

That’s excellent analysis Sandra

I agree Sandra! God knows how any of us would act/interact in front of a camera that launches us around the globe. Good points!

Thanks Lisa and Rain too. πŸ™‚

Well put Sandra.

Thank you Starr.
FYI..there is now another Sandra now posting on these comments and she is not me…so I may have to change my name…I am thinking Sandra1…I don’t want others to think that is me, and it is upsetting, since she wrote a huge comment that was filled with words and emotions I don’t use. πŸ™

Love it, Sandra!!

Thank you.

She’s nice…..when she takes her dose of lithium

…..E.X.A.C.T.L.Y!! lmao! Especially when she’s thinking David is “taking in code”!!

Shannon kind of puts me off for some reason. Maybe it’s just her voice being weak. And the fact that she seems to think reality TV means telling about everything in your marriage. The girls are going to understand that a lot better than they grow up and marry, if they do marry. Almost every interview and scene is about that and I, for 1, am tired of it. Go on “marriage make-up” or some kind of reality fix the marriage show, there’s lots to choose from. As for Megan, she is now a full time step-mom and I hope… Read more »

Hopefully, Meghead won’t see her 2 older, step-daughters as competition for JimMEE’s time and money, now that their mother is gone. But it happens.

That’s good, Queenie. I don’t like him at all, but I am a Cubs fan, so…there is that.

I agree! She puts me off too and she is so shady so I find her and Vicki so jealous of the 30 year old. Vicki yipes that she is a gold digger so what does that make Brooks. Both don’t work. And Shannon better mind her manners about her snarky comments about Meghan’s husband being absent. I’d rather have my husband working than having an affair, frankly.

Shirley I completely agree. Shannon was not being classy. And she only invited Meghan to her party so she could look good and make Meghan look bad. Also, she clearly didn’t want to move forward based on her behavior at Meghan’s game night. Shannon is very petty and uses her marriage problems as an excuse. Ugh. Like she’s the only one who has had a rocky road.

Stella and Shirley I like you both but have to disagree. Meghan made herself look stupid, “crazy eyes?” ridiculous reason to uninvited Shannon. I assure you that Vicky and Shannon are not jealous of Meghan, as an old lady myself, we have been in our 30s, and have more experience in life, wherever Meghan got the idea she knows everything, she still has so much to learn. She acts more like a teenager than a 30 year old. Sorry.

The “crazy eyes”was in a later episode. A quote made by Tamara. Lol. She cracks me up. Watch the episode. You’ll see what we are talking about. Shannon actually got disinvited for storming out and losing her cool at the Napa event when Meghan was trying to make peace like an adult, earlier episode.

Stella I will have to see it again LOL, in my opinion, I have never seen Meghan act like an adult. Not upset, not jealous, just saying…;-)


You are so very right Beth. What a silly child.

So true! Vicki and Shannon are hypocrites.

I agree πŸ™‚

Shannon is nuttier than Chinese chicken salad, but she is a very likeable lady, unlike a certain other spoiled, whiny, and not-very-bright new OC Housewife.

lol Christopher

Nuttier than Chinese Chicken Salad and Peanut Butter BOTH!! I do agree with her on Brooks not having cancer however. He is the healthiest looking person that has 3 rounds of chemo I have ever seen. I’ve had 3 precious friends go threw treatment and I’m saying he does NOT have cancer. His verbiage is even not accurate for a chemo patient. I do think she is accurate on her self diagnose of Brooks but that’s about it.

So Meghan just gave an interview with People and when asked if she believes Brooks has cancer, she said No!!!!
So unless she has definitive proof, that’s the meanest , nastiest and stupidest thing ever uttered by a housewife

She seems quick to judge…just about everyone. She likes to be confrontational too. It shows a lack of maturity and empathy for others.

I was speaking of Megan with my above comment,

I so agree with your comment Rain.

I have been wondering all season what team Jim is batting for.

Lay off the bottle Shannon

Now that is funny!

Lmao & take your medication so you’re not thinking David is “talking to in code”,….wth was that ???

I was thinking about the “talking in code” comment at the time she said it and thought it made no sense. Then I thought, what if my husband and I were on reality TV (no one would watch, but still) and he just didn’t want the world to know the entire story at that moment. He is nothing like this guy, thankfully. Maybe after David said it, he said to himself, oops, maybe I shouldn’t let this all out on camera and tell Shannon later. Maybe talking in code was her way of saying he wasn’t saying it for everyone… Read more »

Oops. I don’t know how that “or she” got in there after “she should”. She should understand….

Oh my goodness, I HAVE TO GET ALL THIS ALL OUT, I’m going to explode ! I’m on the verge of not watching the rest of Orange County, which has been my favorite from day one. I can not stomach Shannon! She literally makes me sick! She’s a hypocrite, she’s phoney, she’s a snob, she’s a lunitic, & quite frankly, I find her to look absolutely pathetic with the whole marriage infidelity issue. It’s in my opinion, David is not in love with her & I can see the pain in his face. She treats him horrible the way she… Read more »

I totally agree with you ,C.J. Shannon creeps me out…she’s nuts…and very manipulative. I watched that “date night” segment, where he gives her the dragon bracelet, and I didn’t see a man trying to make up with someone he loves, I saw a man trying to deal with a wackadoodle to protect his kids…and I predict he will be long gone, sooner than later.

Well said C.J, I agree completely!

I really feel for Shannon this season. She is suffering terribly and David is clear that it annoys and bores him to hear the effect his sneaky, selfish, passive-aggressive behavior had on her. It doesn’t sound like it was ever a very good marriage and I think Shannon is now allowing him to be way too secure about his position. (if he really wanted to leave, he would have). She should kick him out and if he wants back in, let HIM fall apart and beg while she decides what she wants to do, not the other way around. Shannon… Read more »

Well said Judge, ITA! πŸ˜‰

I totally agree about Meghan. She does seem like she’s entitled and everything is handed to her on a golden spoon. I think she’s a stupid bitch. She needs to STFU. She seems like a know it all. Except she isn’t. Meghan mind your own business. You don’t know shit. Bravo get rid of her and have Lizzy back as one of the main people. You still need to get rid of Tamra. She sure acts entitled to everything Eddie has. I hope he divorces her. ” I’m the hottest grandma in Orange County” give me a break. LMAO

Good gosh woman, have some self respect and stop with the whining and crying—-grow up, you are not the first woman to have a husband have an affair……………
And PLEASE TMI–the viewer’s don’t want to know that you coughed up some nasty black crap—-please seek medication and therapy ASAP…

I agree Anonymous, she had no self respect. Well said. TMI, made me feel nauseated.