Exclusive Interview With RHOC Star Heather Dubrow


As her tagline says, “No one’s life is perfect..but mine is pretty close,” and speaking with her-it really does seem so! I had the pleasure of interviewing Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow last week and we got to talk about her recent business ventures, her friendships with the ladies, and her outlook on last season and the current season of the show.

We have seen a bit of a transition on the show with you and your family building a new home and living in a rental. How has this experience of moving been and building a dream home impacted your family?

Heather Dubrow: I think its funny because the kids are so used to moving. We actually move basically every two to three years- I’ve never intended to do that. But you know we’re very transit, they’re really used to it. I think every time we move somewhere we see it as a life experience and an adventure.

Do you see this being the last house you move into?

HD:  Like I’ve said Terry and I have been together for almost two decades and we’ve never lived in one place longer than three years. Who knows! We could be here one year, two years, ten years, twenty years. You never know. I will say it has been a lot of work, in the last two days I’ve been there eleven hours a day with very crucial planning.

What is the dynamic like having two reality stars under one roof as Terry has his own reality show Botched? 

HD: (Laughs) You know what, it’s funny because I think since we’ve known each other… when we met I was on television and then he started doing reality TV because he got on the The Swan and then Bridalplasty…. so I think throughout our whole relationship we’ve sort of both been on TV for most of that time. But it’s fun! It’s fun I think it’s a fantastic career and he loves it.

Besides raising your children and building a home together, you and Terry came out with the Colette champagne and it was recently announced that you guys will be writing a book. What can you tell us about those business ventures? 

HD: Terry and I have a skincare line that we’re doing called Consult Beaute products (fans can find on Evinelive.com) and we’ve been working on it for about ten-fifteen years and it kind of all just came together obviously with the success of our shows and we have platforms to put it out there. We launched in April on the EVINE shopping channel and you’re going to get to see that on the show. It is super exciting and it is all about non-surgical solutions and anti-aging, that’s what the book is about.

So the book is about what people can do outside of plastic surgery? 

HD: Exactly. Even though Terry is in plastic surgery and does his show Botched he doesn’t want people to get these drastic surgeries. He likes seeing people look their best in a natural way and even though I am married to a plastic surgeon everyone likes to assume that I’ve gotten everything done, but I haven’t had one surgery and I’d like to go as long as I can before… I mean it may happen some day. But we’ve always been on the prowl for non-surgical anti-aging solutions. It’s funny because we call each other Dr. FitzGuineapig because we are always testing things on ourselves. We’ve gone out into the market place and have tested out a lot of products, treatments and things and we just want to share our opinions from Terry’s point of view which is a doctor side and my side being the consumer.

We saw you release the Colette to your fellow cast members this season, where and how can we find the bottle?

HD: Fans can go to HeatherDubrow.com, we have distributions that will go around the country but they are only in California and you can go on Bellovinyards.com also.

We saw during last season there was a bit of a change in your friendships with Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson, how do you think that your friendships have changed since then? Are you still close with them? 

HD: Well I think we were friends for two years and last year things got shaken up for whatever reason. People came in and lots of games of operator happened and I think last year was a really good example of you really need to accept people for who they are. If you keep picking on every little thing I mean it’s a slippery slope to go down. If you just accept people for who they are it makes it easier to forgive and move on. Tamra was going through a lot last year with her custody battle, things that a lot of people didn’t know about and things happen during the season and at the end of the day I felt like I was always there for her she was always there for me and to me thats what real friends are. I felt like with last year I had a lot going on. I was really working a lot, I’m raising my kids, filming RHOC, which takes up a lot of time, and Terry was working a lot and filming Botched and I was just tired and angry and it showed. And then when the season was over I ended up doing this series called Sequestered and it was good to have a script in my hand, but when I was done I felt like I needed a break. I took time to spend time with my family, and Terry.

I’m sure it was tough to experience that last season?

HD: It’s hard fighting sometimes. I wasn’t sure I was coming back and when I talked to the producers about it we actually had a nice conversation and I didn’t want to leave a taste in my mouth from last year and I think I wanted to stay true to me and my friendships with the girls. And at the end of the day I’m so glad I stayed because I feel like for the first time in the fourth season I have completed I feel so connected to these women because when I started the show I didn’t know anyone. Now I have real relationships and feelings for everyone and it was a much different experience and I’m happy about it. Not every episode and not every moment is great. I have things I regret and that isn’t always fun. But in general I think the experience is positive for me and for my family.

Going back to another cast member, things got pretty intense between you and Shannon Beador last season. It seem so far this season you’ve been doing well, do you think you’re in a better place now with Shannon? 

HD: Yes, absolutely. I think that when I met her I thought we were going to be friends. And there was a lot of fighting and I don’t know that it was my fault or her fault and it was what it was. But by the end of last season and the reunion we started to talk and then we would text each other and then I would run into her and it takes time to build a real friendship. And honestly, I would call her a good friend. It’s hard meeting new people in the first place and then to do it on-camera and then there’s alcohol involved and people gossiping, things get so intensified and I just sort of feel like what was going on with me personally and what was going on with her personally it was rough but I believe we were meant to be friends. I was just texting her about how she is appearing on WWHL this week and about restaurants in New York City and where to go. We’ve all done things we regret and there are things I feel bad about and thats what life is all about and we learn from it.

So for newcomer Meghan Edmonds, you and Terry were friends with her husband Jim-did you have any thoughts about her joining the show?

HD: I had no idea. You know Terry and I have been friends with Jimmy for years but at the hoedown that was the second time I had met Meghan. I really started to get to know her when she joined the cast. I really didn’t know her as well before filming of course she is married to a friend of ours and I feel protective of that. I got to know her she has wonderful qualities and I think she is amazing for the show. She’s not hard to look at! (laughs).

What can viewers expect this season?

HD: Friendships shift and are questioned and tested throughout this season and not in a petty like, “You’re sitting in my chair kind of way,” but more like a,”What is going on with you kind of way.” There’s a lot you witness on the show this year and its just heavy and real life issues.

So overall do you feel good about how this season has ended with relationships and friendships?

HD:  This season there are a lot  of interesting relationships. I mean you see a lot of different dynamics. I talk about my marriage with Terry, Tamra has a lot of stuff with Eddie, Shannon and David have a lot of stuff. I think relationships change. I can’t give away too much but I think the audience will like how the friendships evolve.

Photo Credit: Bravo