Exclusive Interview With RHOA Star Kenya Moore


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore. Kenya opens up about what we can expect from her the rest of this season on the show, her relationships with her co-stars and the current status of Moore Manor. Check out our interview below.

You just went to see NeNe Leakes on Broadway, which was highly publicized. Have you two finally ended your longtime feud?
Kenya Moore:
 “We are on good terms now. It’s hard to tell because our friendship has had its ups and downs and plots twists but we are just trying to figure it out as we go.”

Why do you think Kandi called you out at lunch? Are you two still friendly?
 “Kandi and I are very cool. I don’t pay her any mind when it comes to her criticism of me as we have never seen eye to eye on most issues involving myself and someone else.”

What’s the latest with Moore Manor?
 “I hired a construction company months ago and all the work they did to my house ended up needing to be redone. They actually placed my steel beam in on the wrong wall and wrong location in my house! You can imagine the gross negligence in that situation. But since I terminated them, things are back on track. They mistakes they made cost me my Christmas move in but I’m hoping to move in before my birthday next month.”

Are you currently dating anyone?
 “Yes, I’m dating.”

What can viewers expect from the rest of the season?
 “The viewers will get to see a side of me they’ve never seen before. The show also follows me to Detroit where my long time family issues with my mother are finally resolved.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Well that was really interesting!!! Not!!!

I’m not criticizing the interview just responses to questions!

I think it’s amusing that she was giving sheree side eye when she was going in about bad contractors. Oh karma…


Karma Kenya it’s a killa! ( I’m from Ma. We always drop our R’s at the end of a word. )

Where is Ma? Sorry long way from Scotland wherever it is!

I bet you pahk yo kah near Havid Yahd….LOL

Certainly do, Lol.

Oops sorry USA on the East coast just outside of the Boston area

We get icy cold winters tons of snow, except for this year, been very mild and no snow

Thanks naynay, we are the same here this year very mild, the west here is wet but the east where I am is dry but windy! Two out of ten years have been really heavy snow as in three feet but normally just a bit.

What a bore, no interest in any except Phaedra. Without Nene, no show.

It has been incredibly boring, and they have reverted to speaking so I can not understand a single word they say. I fell asleep twice, so maybe after I am done wrapping, I might sit in a straight back chair to try again. The only tiny spark of interest was her disgusting remarks about Kim. But as usual, just disgusting, not even dramatic disgust.

Reportedly, Victoria Silverstedt is joining RHONY!!!