Exclusive Interview With Carole Radziwill


I recently had the pleasure of talking to Real Housewives of New York City star Carole Radziwill about her new jewelry collection, this season of the show, and how viewers may perceive her. Check it out!

What inspired you to start your jewelry line?
Carole: I thought it would be fun to get into business with the child I never wanted — Eric Goldie. He had the number one selling bracelet on Amazon so it made sense for us to do something in jewelry.

Do you have a favorite piece from your collection?
CR: I like the kidney shaped silver pendant inspired by Elsa Perretti Tiffany collection.

Do you feel like LuAnn was targeting you this season on RHONY?
: She wasn’t. It was only after Turks when she got angry that I dared question her about her nighttime activities that she decided to target me. Her drama about Adam and I was completely made up to be relevant. You can see during the show that we are very friendly. I thought we were friends. My bad.

Are you still dating Adam?
CR: Yes.

What surprised you the most about filming with Bethenny and getting to know her?
CR: Bethenny is much more chill when she isn’t around all the women all at once. I prefer people in small groups or one-on-one. And so does she.

How does it make you feel when people compare you to the character Carrie Bradshaw?
CR: She’s a beloved TV character so I’m flattered. But I’m friends with the real, real Carrie Bradshaw — Candace Bushnell — who wrote the original column Sex and the City which was turned in to the TV show.

What is one thing about you that viewers may not know from watching you on RHONY
CR: That I actually do work outside of the show. It gets done in-between filming vacations and drinks parties. 🙂

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For more on Carole’s jewelry line, click here.

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37 Replies to “Exclusive Interview With Carole Radziwill”

  1. I can’t stand this wanbabe chill, cool and desperate single white female who is neither talented, pretty, rich, smart or relevant… just an average menopausal CNT.

    since she is NOT a Real writer she figured she’d venture into jewelery line to make some buck$

    1. It seems to be a trend. You write, though not a writer, without anything to back up your points which have absolutely no validity. Carole is a writer. She has written novels. She has worked for ABC, is a successful journalist and author and has received three Emmy awards and a GLADD award for the story of Billy Bean, the first openly gay baseball player. I also read her first novel about her life story and her dying husband, etc. She is brilliant.
      When you can write one tenth as well as she writes, maybe then you can critique her writing ability. I just cannot believe the stuff you “write” and your name says it all. I have never been so incensed by anything, and probably wasted my time with this. Maybe you just don’t like her, but take the time to research someone, which is easy with the invention of the Internet, before you make false statements that make you look totally unbelievable and unpleasant at the very least.

      1. haha… sure, she is a writer… 1 novel in 15 years LOL… please do not make me laugh. She can barely put two sentences together in a day…

        1. As was said by another poster before me: a journalist is a writer, and she is a very successful journalist. She received three Emmy awards for her journalism. She isn’t a writer to you because you believe Aviva made up a lie about her having a ghostwriter on an episode? You really should take the time to learn about Carole and her very interesting life. She worked at ABC News for years, starting with Peter Jennings. It isn’t just about writing a novel. That first novel (there is another since) also took time to write while she recalled her marriage to her husband, Anthony, who was sick and dying just after their marriage. It wasn’t easy, and I wish her well. From humble beginnings to hard work and dedication, to princess of a dying husband. She stood by his side through all of it. I admire her for that. She had to go to a place far away from most civilization to complete writing it. She never got over him, the love of her life. They never had children, and she is in her fifties now. I don’t have to approve her dating choices or understand them, but she did get where she is through hard work and her great writing skills.

          1. Well said! I don’t understand where that other person is coming from, a writer is more than writing only books, also Carole’s career is a proven fact.

          2. Thank you Sandra- say what you will about Carole- like or dislike her, but it is a undeniable fact that the woman is a writer, and a very accomplished one.

            1. You’re welcome. I do like her. She may be reliving her youth in a way right now, and if she can do that at fifty and not with my son, so be it. 🙂

          3. Thanks for this. The uninformed and illiterate will continue to pop up and it’s nice to have someone who knows what writing is offer up the truth re: Carole = Writer.

  2. I like Carole. I like her writing and miss her blogs. However, I kind of can’t relate much to the hard partying ang hanging out with much younger men- it just seems silly to me. But I still like her.

  3. Umm okay, Carole is a very real writer, that has been her profession, a journalist is a writer, who’s that Aviva, however the younger guy thing, I don’t get it.

  4. I don’t care for Carol At all. She is sneaky and slimy. She loves to gossip. A typical small-town person.

        1. Then why the heck are you on this site…..just so you know it’s called a gossip site or gossip column. I realize you feel above the rest by saying you don’t love gossip however your statement about Carol was pure gossip filled with a nasty comment about small town people.

    1. As an educated woman from a small town, thats offensive. Ive met plenty of sneaky and slimy (as you say) people in the big city… Actually a s*:t ton more!!!!

  5. Oh and no wonder that most of the middle-aged women like Carol, they also think she is so Hot and cool, because she is not married and she has issues with hugging people (hello Freud!!), also she just acts like a little brat and never owns any of her shit… but to be fair, there is not a lot of shit to own, as she is the least interesting person on RHONY… everybody wants to be Carrie, but truth be told, Carrie/Carole are just empty headed bimbos who fuck around and think about nothing else but love and sex… no time for family or hugging … ugh.

    1. You proved my point yet again about having no validity to your statements. You are clearly prejudiced, an ageist, assuming so much about everyone here and insensitive. Did you ever think that not hugging might be because when she gets close, maybe something happens…she lost her husband through a painful illness. They dated for a while and right after they marry…she gets bad news. She may just not be able to get too close as a protective mechanism. So, if she has some issues (hello Freud), she is entitled to them, given her life wasn’t all sunshine and roses. If you just read some of her novel, you would get it, but you won’t get it. You won’t even read anything other than your own nonsensical rambling. It is hard to pierce a rock. Oh and many of us find her very interesting. It is nice to see witty, worldly women interacting which is a reason I have liked NY for the most part.
      The End

    2. Oh, aren’t you bring a little harsh, and one dimensional in your assesment of Carole? Okay, fair enough, THIS season she hasn’t given you much more than the “I’m Carrie-Party-girl” image to work with, but you know how it works with Bravo, every season they kind of shade a Housewife by only showing certain aspects of their lives.

      1. How true. It is all in the editing. We don’t see a lot of what happened, just what Bravo finds entertaining and chooses for us to see,

        1. Right- remember Andy admitted that they really did Carlton on BH a big disservice because they ONLY showed her overly sexy-witchy stuff w/o balancing it out with her good mothering snd calmer moments? He said it gave viewers a bad impression of who Carlton really was and he regretted that.

          1. Yes, they did that. I loved to hate Carlton. I may not have agreed with her lifestyle, but I loved watching her interact with the other women. She seemed not to hold back and had a sense of humor.

            1. I wonder if they would bring Carlton back? That would shake things up! Plus she’s rich, married and connected. Hmmmmm!

              1. I always thought she should have stayed. It seemed they didn’t give her a chance. Sure she was outlandish and everything, but she seemed more of an open book than some others who they kept far too long. Every week I wondered what she would do next to surprise us. She would shake things up,

  6. Jewlery line?
    Welcome to the world of nobodies.
    She was the class act and show she’s the stoner-surfer chick.

  7. I get two faced trying to be Carrie Bradshaw from Carol. I’ve read some of her first book and it was okay? but even I know she is a real writer. Just super boring and and 2 faced. All of them seem to be 2 faced. Just Carol is a little to a lot boring… to be fair I download and fast forward her stuff so I really can’t judge on this season. I just never understood why she was around… Andy’s friend I guess? Tho I think Heather is one of the worst RH to be on new York so maybe I just never gave them a chance from day dot…. umm haters gonna hate?

  8. Carol best friends with Heather! Says a lot to me.
    Carols cougaring with that young chef is really disgusting. She is pathetically desperate.
    It IS fun to watch her antics however, but she is very conniving and untrustworthy and hope Bethanny doesn’t fall for her duplicity.

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