Exclusive Interview With RHONY Carole Radziwill


With the return of The Real Housewives of New York upon us, I had the opportunity to interview the lovely Carole Radziwill. Carole gets candid about the highly anticipated new season of RHONY, her cast mates, her love life and the release of her upcoming book, The Widow’s Guide to Sex & Dating. Check out our interview below.

Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview, Carole! How have you been doing?
Carole Radziwill: “Great, thank you. I have new projects I’m working on, and since filming the next season has wrapped I can focus on those things. I can also stop drinking so much. I might start eating heath food. Maybe.”

So, the much anticipated season six of The Real Housewives of New York will start airing soon, What can viewers expect?
CR: “This season looks very different from the last one — there will be the usual screaming, crying and drinking, of course. But let me put it this way, this season Ramona is the voice of reason – well, with a few hiccups.”

Aviva was quoted in an interview saying the new season is drama-filled and comparable to RHOA and RHONJ, do you agree?
CR: “I wouldn’t compare any of the shows, just like I wouldn’t compare the cities. New York has it’s own unique style of drama. But on a scale from 1 to bat shit crazy? It’s bat shit.”

How do you handle the drama and all the different personalities of your cast mates?
CR: “Tequila. That seems to work pretty well.”

You’re different then some of the other Housewives. How did Bravo convince you to join the cast?
CR: “There was no convincing necessary. I’ve known Andy Cohen a long time, and he asked me one night at dinner if I’d consider doing the show. Bravo wanted to replace half of the New York cast and I suppose he thought I’d make a good addition. Andy is extremely astute and has a sixth sense about what an audience will like, and how to make a dynamic ensemble cast. And I made a decision I thought would be interesting for my life at the time.”

Did you have any hesitations about being on reality TV?
CR: “Initially, my big concern was not understanding what the job really involved. I was worried it would take me away from my other job, writing, which requires calm and introspection. Let’s just say it’s been an exercise in exposure management.”

And how have you done?
CR: “I don’t know. Ask me ten years from now.”

Do you have any regrets?
CR: “No. I never regret the things I do, only the things I don’t do. Plus it’s not as though it was a life-changing decision, like having a kid or getting married. It’s a TV show, and life goes on.”

Since you have experience working in television, if you were a producer, what would you change about RHONY to boost the ratings?
CR: “I would move the cast to Albuquerque. We would make crystal meth and open a car wash, maybe start a ballroom dance competition. I’d adopt a Chinese baby and name her, Lily.”

Which of your cast mates do you get along with the best?
CR: “Heather and I are good friends both on and outside of the show. She and I share a similar philosophy about work and friends and family. Heather moved to the city when she was young, with dreams of building a fashion career. She worked hard and made those dreams come true. We both share the pride and confidence that comes with that and we hope that younger viewers relate to it.”

Are there some you don’t get along with at all?
CR: “Yes.”

Would you like to elaborate?
CR: “No.”

If you could bring another Housewife from any city to RHONY, who would it be and why?
CR: “Yolanda Foster and I have been friends for a long time. So, naturally, I would love to bring her to New York. Who knows, maybe I do….Stay tuned.”

I enjoy what you bring to the show. Your laid back personality, your unique style and, of course, your interesting career. You’re like a real-life Carrie Bradshaw. Do you get this a lot?
CR: “Yes, I do hear that sometimes. We’re both single writers with long hair. She had more boyfriends though. Ironically, the real “real-life Carrie Bradshaw,” Candace Bushnell, is a friend and blurbed my new novel.”

As a best-selling author, have you ever read any of the books that other Housewives have written?
CR: “I read Brandi Glanville’s and honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever read so many four-syllable words in one book. Mo-ther-f**k-er. Yeah, four. Hilarious!”

The Widow’s Guide to Sex & Dating will be released in February. Tell us what inspired you to write a novel and what readers can expect.
CR: “I started writing it before my first book, What Remains, and then realized I wasn’t in a very whimsical state of mind, and that I wanted to write my own story first. Despite its title, Widow’s Guide is the comedic sequel to the tragedy that was What Remains. There’s a sexologist, a handsome movie star, and a Giacometti statue among other things. It’s about death, sex, and love — in that order. I think readers will love it. Well, I hope.”

What is the best advice you can give a widow who is starting to date again?
CR: “Keep a low profile. It’s best to explore dating without the pressure of friends and family watching and offering advice. It’s difficult for someone who hasn’t lost a spouse or partner to really understand what it’s like. It is a wholly unique experience.”

Last time we saw you, you were dating a musician. Are you still together?
CR: “Russ and I ended our relationship but we remain close friends. I know that sounds like a cliché and it is, but it’s also true.”

Are you currently dating?
CR: “Yes. But the best thing about new relationships is that no one knows about them. Low profile.”

Are you going on a book tour after Widow’s Guide is released?
CR: “I’ll be doing a lot of publicity around the release date in February. People can pre-order the book on my Twitter homepage now. And I’ll update my book tour as it gets closer to publication date.”

Are you working on any other projects you would like to share?
CR: “I’m working on a collection of essays about love, life and some of my reporting experiences and finding the amusement in it all.”

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?
CR: “Yes. Thank you for all of your emails and tweets. I applaud each and every one of you. And like my Italian Grandma Millie used to say, “Be the pigeon, not the statue.””

Photo Credit: Bravo