Exclusive Interview With RHONJ Jim Marchese


Jim Marchese, husband of Amber, has been a polarizing figure this year on The Real Housewives of New Jersey and I recently had the opportunity to chat with him about his experience on the show, his opinions of the other cast members and most importantly, his advice for couples who are fighting cancer together.

Do you think viewers misunderstand your humor?
Jim Marchese: “No, I really don’t. I think the season was going in a certain direction and the viewers saw what they wanted to see.”

How much of your “character” this season was editing?
JM: “I think the way I was presented in the beginning was to lead viewers to think one specific thing to insight them. I think the way the scenes were done and the timing of things it was done to insight a certain reaction from the viewer. Then as the season progressed they started showing more of who I am. But even in the most climatic of scenes, they always took away the antagonist and made me look like the antagonist instead of someone who was literally defending himself.”

Why do you think Dina Manzo has such a strong reaction to you?
“That’s easy, Dina is having a very difficult time and it’s very clear that she desires a relationship like the one I have with Amber. It was very clear from the first time we met – she had very sexually deviant behavior – even watching my son’s commercial [my 14 year-old son Michael shot that commercial for Mortgage Now and it was very tongue and cheek and funny] – and she [Dina] is talking about pornography.”

“Dina has actually asked to watch Amber and I engage in sexual congress. She is offended because we are not interested in her as a person like that. We are not interested in her behavior and find it somewhat horrible. So it very much bothers her.”

“I think I confuse Dina because I am an articulate, intelligent man and yet she can’t bat her eyes at me and I don’t melt. You can tell she is very accustomed to manipulate people by the way she looks and quite frankly she surrounds herself with dumb animals who will hump anything. So of course she wouldn’t understand someone like me who loves and respects his wife.”

Do you think you would get along better with Caroline Manzo or Jacqueline Laurita?
“Without question. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both Jacqueline and Chris and I can just say they are very nice people. I enjoyed their company and they were completely normal. [laughs] I didn’t have to go buy tickets to have a slice of pizza with them.”

What was your real impression of Teresa and Joe Giudice?
JM: “I don’t know them at all. So I have no opinions of them either way.”

Do you believe Teresa didn’t understand the terms of her plea agreement?
JM: “I find it difficult for anyone to not understand the idea that they agreed to a potential 22 months in prison. It doesn’t take sophistication to understand that you agreed to 22-27 months of jail time. I have a hard time believing anyone wouldn’t understand that. I do believe that they were led to believe that 22-27 months was not necessarily going to happen and that there was a possibility that Teresa would not face any significant time. When she says, ‘I didn’t understand,’ what I think she should really say is, ‘I was led to believe that I would end up with house arrest or something else.’ Not that she didn’t understand it wasn’t a possibility, but that she didn’t think it would actually happen.”

Will you and Bobby every be able to reconcile?
JM: “No there’s no way. No matter what, Amber had 7 surgeries, how can you not protect her when you’ve been friends for 10 years? Even if he was going to marry Nicole, I mean 7 surgeries? Who knows that there’s going to be a problem and doesn’t do anything to stop it?”

Amber’s cancer story touched me. What advice do you have for other spouse’s who are watching their partner go through something that is so horrible?
JM: “I think everybody deals with it in their own way. I would say the most important thing is you have to be that rock. You can be dying inside but you can never let them see it and when you need your time you go take your time with the people that you are close with. It’s important to go to every appointment and take notes because you are going to have to listen for both of you. Do the research, because you are going to have to be the one that has all the answers because everything that your spouse is going through, emotionally and intellectually, there is no way that they can absorb what they need to. I can tell you I think that’s the best thing I did for Amber, not just being strong but when the doctor told us something I was able to do the research and I was able to make sense of it for her. It is also important for the spouse to explore all options for treatment.”


Dina Manzo took to Twitter to respond to Marchese’s allegations.

“It’s all good. Once I saw Amber go down on a coke bottle in AC I knew there was nothin much to c,” Dina wrote. “Oops did I just type that? Yeah I did. They shouldn’t take my kindness for weakness!”

Photo Credit: Bravo