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With season 9 of The Real Housewives of Orange County underway, I had the pleasure of interviewing Tamra Judge. We discuss the new season and also the headlines she has been making over the past couple of weeks.

Hi Tamra! It’s great to see you back on Bravo with the new season of RHOC. How have you been?
TJ: “Honestly not too great, if you would have asked me that question two weeks ago you would have gotten a different story. Life is full of struggles and I have been slapped with a big one. But on a happy note, I am glad RHOC is back on the air and excited for you to see the new season.”

In episode 1 we saw your fitness studio (C.U.T. Fitness) thriving. How has owning your own business changed you?
TJ: “It has been challenging and rewarding, I had no idea how hard it is to build and run your own business. I have so much more respect for Vicki. It takes a lot of energy to run a business, kids, household, and film a reality show. There has definitely been days that I would like to give up. The rewarding part is being able to help others. We have a great group of members at our studio that keep us going.”

You’ve never looked better! What is one of your favorite classes to take at C.U.T.?
TJ: “I am really into high intensity interval training. We offer several, but the one I take is called GRIT. It has transformed my body completely. I usually don’t stop there, I often need a break from my desk and jump in a BODYPUMP class or Eddie’s cycling class. I mix up my workouts.”

I have to say, I was surprised when I learned Gretchen Rossi and Alexis Bellino were fired from the show. Were you?
TJ: “Yes and No. There was a lot of buzz about them getting fired for a while, I was just surprised that Bravo finally did it. I do believe in reality TV we all have a shelf life and when your stories become boring or self produced its time for you to go. One of the reasons Vicki and I are still on after all these years is we are very open and honest in front of the camera and maybe even a little crazy. Love us or hate us we show real life issues, (divorce, marriage, health issues, insecurities, career, family issues, failure, etc.) so much more than most of our cast members.”

Which of the new Housewives surprised you the most?
TJ: “Shannon, I bonded with her immediately and got closer to her quicker than any other housewife. Then it all changed after one email…”

You and Vicki are hilarious together. I really enjoy watching you. If you could give any advice on how a friendship can survive reality TV, what would it be?
TJ: “Oh Geez that is a good question. Vicki and I have gone through a lot together and our lives seem to run parallel. The one thing that keeps us grounded is that we have an understanding; we are on a reality show together and it is a business. We try very hard not to get upset with each other when we hear comments on the show that piss us off. We honestly love each other, but we don’t always agree with each other.”

We’ve seen previews that indicate you and Heather get into a fight this season? Did this affect your friendship?
TJ: “It was one of the hardest fights to play out on TV. Heather has always been a good friend to me and I knew if we wanted to stay friends that I needed to express some of the issues. We worked it out and got over it very quickly.”

Have your feelings about Brooks Ayers changed?
TJ: “Yes, I think Brooks came off strong in the past. I think he wanted to look a certain way on camera and it didn’t come across the right way. I had a long talk with him and realized that he loves Vicki and who am I to judge?”

Do you think Briana is too hard on Vicki?
TJ: “Yes, I think Briana wants what she thinks is right for her Mom and she will not let up. There has to be a time when you say, ‘Mom do what makes you happy and I support you, but I don’t have to like it.'”

Have you and Eddie made any plans to have a baby?
TJ: “It is something that we talk about on the show. I am not much of a talker, I am more of a doer. If he said lets do it I would be all over it in a split second. Stay tuned!”

Your custody issues have been in the media a lot lately. Is there anything you’d like to say regarding the accusations made?
TJ: “It has been the hardest thing I have ever gone through in my life. As a mother your children are your world and you don’t want anyone threatening to take that away from you. He has NO foundation to his allegations and I know it will all work out. By making this public and blasting it in the press the day that RHOC premiered shows his character. Read my bravo blog for more info.”

I know you really wanted to film with your children this season and were unable to. Can you tell us how they are?
TJ: “Sophia is the only child interested in filming, Sidney and Spencer have no desire. Sophia, is my mini me and always by my side. She loves to sing, perform and play the piano. Spencer is really coming out of his shell, he is 14 in June and I have that really close mom/son relationship I had with Ryan when he was that age. Sidney is 15 and our relationship has been difficult in the last 6 months. She is an amazing young girl that gets straight A’s in school. But Its like they go to high school and suddenly they hate you?”

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