Exclusive Interview With RHOC Shannon Beador


I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the newest Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon Beador. Shannon and I discussed her first season on the show. She tells me what it was like having her marriage under a microscope for the world to see, the current status of her relationships with her cast mates, if she would return for another season and more.

How were you approached to join the cast of RHOC?
Shannon Beador:
“You know, things were kind of in alignment. Heather and I had the same builder, designer and architect in our homes, she was a year ahead of me, so [the offer] just kind of came to me. We batted it back and forth as a family and we decided that if we were going to do this we were going to have no censorship, go all out and I thought it would be beneficial to see little snippets of my life and our family’s life.”

Did you have any hesitation about appearing on reality TV?
“You know what’s funny? I have hesitation about a lot of things, but I didn’t about this. I don’t know why. [laughs]”

You have been a great addition to the show. How did you handle having your marriage criticized by viewers and your cast mates?
“Well that was hard. It was a tough few months for me to watch it back. In the finale episode you will see that my marriage is improving. I knew deep down that it was better, but [the show airing] was five or six months delayed. So that was a tough time for me to watch that.”

Do you believe the cameras captured an accurate portrayal of your relationship with David?
“The bottom line is the show is on the air and you’ve got to develop certain story lines, so I get that. I’m going to be shown at some of my worst moments, because that’s the most dramatic thing to show. Could things have been edited a little bit differently? Absolutely. But that’s just the bottom line. I did and said everything that’s on there except for sipping out of that vodka bottle [at the St. Regis]. I was doing that because I knew I was going to be filmed kissing my husband, not because I needed to drink to kiss my husband. Other than that, it’s me. You are seeing me and it’s not some of my best moments and I own it.”

How are you and David doing now?
“We’re good! He’s actually sitting right here. [laughs] The kids went to stay with my mom for seventeen days so we went to Hawaii for nine days alone, which was longer than our honeymoon. Then we filmed the reunion in-between and went to Las Vegas. We are here in New York alone, so we’ve been doing more traveling than we ever have. It’s good.”

I saw that you and David listed your beautiful home for sale. Can you tell us why you are moving?
“Our house was listed for sale probably six or eight months prior to me interviewing for the show. We do want to sell our house and there’s a lot of different reasons why. I think most homes in my community are… for the right price, everyone will cash out. We are pretty down to earth and it’s big, it’s expensive to maintain, and some day we would like to have a better view. So for the right price we will go somewhere else. We’ve been there for almost four years and we’ve had a great run there.”

Why do you think you and Heather Dubrow clashed so much while filming?
“I wish you could explain it to me. I don’t know. [laughs] I honestly don’t know. I’ve tried to analyze it, but the bottom line is I can’t get into her head, so I can’t answer that question. I believe that I’ve apologized to her numerous times for things that she perceives that I do that I don’t even think have actually happened, but I still apologize so that I can move forward and it doesn’t seem to be enough.”

Have you and Heather been able to move forward in a friendship?
“I’m always able to move forward. I really am. I’ve seen Heather, I’ve seen Tamra, I’ve seen the girls. I can have conversations with them, I can smile, I can laugh, it’s all good. Life is too short to hold a bunch of negative feelings inside. You gotta move on.”

How is your relationship with Tamra Judge?
“She has apologized to me, but there’s just a lot that happened. In the next couple of episodes a lot comes to the forefront. I’ve been hurt tremendously by her. So it’s just something that maybe with time it can heal. I can get along with her, I can be friendly with her, I can forgive her, but can I forget? No.”

You and Vicki are great together and are both strong Aries women. Do you still have a strong friendship with her?
“Absolutely. We do have a very strong friendship. Vicki is busy and I am busy and we don’t have to check in regularly, so whenever we have a moment we do and we reconnect and that’s a great friendship. It’s not a lot of work to be friends with Vicki.”

Which of your cast mates surprised you the most when you started filming?
“I have to be honest with you, it’s Vicki. I did my best to say, ‘Ok you’ve been a viewer, but now you’re going to be on the show. You have to walk in with no judgement, clear your head with any pre-conveived notions.’

As a viewer, I thought that I would clash with Vicki, because sometimes she gives new people a hard time. I was kind of prepared for her to be tough on me and it completely shocked me the first night how well we got along.”

So you did watch the show before joining the cast?
“I did. I think I started in season 4 so I’ve been watching for about four years.”

Do you watch any of the other cities? If so, do you have a favorite?
“I watch all [of them]. I am a little bit delayed with some but I do watch all of them. My favorite series of all is New York, I really like it. And I like Beverly Hills as well.”

What did you think of your first reunion taping?
“It was long and it was drama filled to a certain point. If people come forward and they apologize to you for things they have done, I’m not going to be a person that sits there and keeps digging into them, which other cast mates have tended to do at times. So if someone does apologize to me I will accept their apology, forgive them and move forward. But there’s some definite drama and I have to tell you, as far as the reunion went, there were a lot of surprises. I was surprised at where the drama was centered.”

What was the best thing to come from being on the show?
“For me, it’s been being able to focus on what is important in my marriage, and I believe in the end I have become a better person. I’ve become more of the person I want to be in my marriage. I had a lot of resentment and bitterness and I don’t want to have that negative energy built up inside. I believe that I have grown. Do you think so David?”

David Beador: “I thought you came back from Bali a different person, so that was quite a transformation.”

Shannon Beador: “It was and my kids said the same thing, that when I came home from Bali I was different.”

David Beador: “I think as a viewer you will be able to see the transformation in the way that you treated you and I as a couple versus after Bali.”

Shannon Beador: “Yeah, so it’s been good. I’ve made some changes and I’ve made my relationship and my marriage a much bigger priority.”

Will you return for another season?
SB: “I don’t think we really talk about that until the season is over but I’d be up for it!”

Photo Credit: Bravo