Exclusive Interview With RHOC Lizzie Rovsek


I had the pleasure of interviewing new Real Housewives of Orange County star Lizzie Rovsek. Lizzie talks about how she found her way to Bravo, how she juggles having a career and being a mother, her relationships with her co-stars and more.

How were you approached to join the cast of RHOC?
Lizzie Rovsek:
“I got a phone call. Literally out of the clear blue on a Sunday afternoon from Scott Dunlop, he created the show. I guess he had heard about me and did a little homework on me and we talked for about three hours. He asked me if the show was something I would be interested in doing and I said ‘no’ and I left town for St. Bath’s with my husband. When I came back in the states I got a few more phone calls and basically they told me they’d like to have cameras in my house next week. It happened very very quickly and life just changed. It wasn’t something that I was looking for, but the opportunity presented itself and of course we were apprehensive and had to weigh the pros and the cons. Eventually we just made the agreement to go ahead and do it!”

Did you have any hesitation about appearing on reality TV?
“Absolutely. Opening your life to the world is kind of scary. I didn’t mind so much filming my home with my family and my kids because I feel like we have a pretty normal life. My husband works, I have my little company and I’m home with my kids all the time. I felt like that’s the kind of thing most people in the world can relate to. What made me very apprehensive was fighting among the women and the drama that takes place, because I definitely am not used to fighting with other women or fighting with people in general. It’s not my fortè. [laughs] So that was the scariest thing.”

Did you watch any of the Housewives shows before joining the cast? If so, who is one of your favorite Real Housewives from any city?
“Yes I’ve seen the Housewives shows before, I think everyone has. [laughs] I’d be surprised if anyone hasn’t. It’s become part of our culture. I love Sonja Morgan. She just cracks me up. I just love her personality and her whole persona. I think she is great.”

Do you feel like your role in pageants helped you handle the drama with the women on RHOC?
“I think that it gave me confidence, because you have to have a lot of confidence and courage to get up on the stage and walk around in heels and a bathing suit for everyone to judge you. [laughs] It’s a very subjective thing and it definitely gave me confidence. We are talking a lot more about pageants than I’m used to talking about lately. The last time I did Miss USA was 12 years ago and I feel like in this arena [Housewives] I’ve been defending myself more and more about pageants than I ever have, which is crazy, because I think it’s a very positive thing.”

What inspired you to start Sun Kitten Swimwear?
“When I got engaged I was living in Los Angeles and was pursing an acting career and Christian was not really into that whole world. The thing is, I knew I was going to be leaving L.A. and I moved down to San Diego when I got married. I got pregnant, basically on my honeymoon, and so here I am in La Jolla, pregnant and Christian is at work all the time and I’m like ‘What am I going to do with my life?’

I went to school for fashion design and I just started sketching and went and got a business license, I was sorting fabrics and before I knew it I had an entire collection. I launched the line in early 2011. I guess it’s always something I wanted to do in the back of my head and it kind of manifested into real life.”

What is your best advice for moms who run their own businesses?
“I think the best advice is to take one day at a time and to make a list. You can only do so many things at one time. If you fret about doing a million things at one time you’re just going to fret. I would say take one day at a time, focus on what you’re doing, but your family must always be the most important thing. Your children are only little once, I try to spend as much time with my kids as I can. And I try to use my time wisely.”

Which of the ladies did you get along with the most while filming?
“Well, it kind of changes. Obviously, everybody knows that Danielle and I are close. She’s one of my really good friends in real life as well as on the show. I also liked Heather very much and I looked up to her. I confided in her with a lot of things and towards the end of the season I found myself close to Shannon and even Vicki.”

Who did you have the most problems with while filming?
“I mean, I think everybody knows. [laughs]”

In the preview for the rest of the season it appears you get into a fight with Tamra Judge. Can you tell us anything about what happens?
“Basically what happened at that dinner was, we had all been hurt by things that Tamra had said about us. The only thing that we were doing was defending our honor and I was defending what she was saying about me. I tried to correct the story, but she said even more awful things to me. Things she knew nothing about, things that were so below the belt. So, the only thing I could tell her is that she is crass and insecure. There was no other retaliation. I cannot resolve conflict with her. I keep trying to make amends and you just can’t do it.”

What were your thoughts after filming your first reunion?
“It was a very long day. We covered a lot of things in there and I would like to say that some conflicts were resolved and sadly some were not.”

What has been the best thing so far about being on the show?
“The best thing so far has probably been showing the world my Sun Kitten Swimwear line. I think sharing my life and my children has been great and if anybody can resonate with me and my family, that would be a good reason for doing the show. I think people watch reality TV not to see other people, but I think they watch it to see themselves. Who are they like? Who are they not like? They might know somebody like that person. So hopefully there are some women out there that can really relate to me.”

Are you and Christian planning on baby #3?
“We are planning on baby number three! We are not actively trying right now, because what we know from our past, if we try, I get pregnant. [laughs] So I think we are thinking definitely in 2015.”

Photo Credit: Bravo