Exclusive New Interview With RHOBH Yolanda Foster


I recently had the pleasure of chatting with RHOBH star Yolanda Foster. Yolanda and I dished on the new season of the show, her relationships with the other ladies and her ongoing battle with Lyme Disease.

How are you doing in your battle with Lyme Disease?
Yolanda Foster: “I am still struggling. Last week I spent five days in bed… it’s a crazy situation. It’s a disease that people know very little about. It’s a disease where we don’t have proper diagnostic testing and there’s no real cure. I just keep trying different things and attacking it from different directions in the hope that I can find the cure for this and help hundreds of thousands of people that are suffering and are stuck in their home. But in answer to your question, I haven’t figured it out yet. I’m still in it every single day. I try to stay positive and wiggle my way through it, but as you know, it’s tough. But I will not stop until I figure this out and it’s become my life journey at this point.”

How are your daughters GiGi and Bella doing in NYC?
YF: “The girls are great. Bella just moved in August and she’s wonderful. She’s with IMG right now and starting her own career in the business and GiGi is also doing great. They love being there and I’m so happy they have each other. Last night I Facetimed Bella and the two of them were snuggled up in bed watching a movie together. That made me really happy, the thought that they have each other.”

What was your mindset when you started filming the new season of RHOBH?
YF: “I was excited about having new girls in there and I wasn’t happy with last season. It kind of just went by and I wasn’t really participating in the way I wanted because I was too sick to do so. So this year I was feeling better and excited to do a better job and see if we can really elevate the level of the show and make it more fun and exciting and meaningful.”

Did you know right away that you wanted to repair your relationship with Lisa Vanderpump?
YF: “I never really had an issue with Lisa Vanderpump. It wasn’t a big fight or anything. It’s just that I have different expectations of my friendships. When you’re in bed for months and there are certain girls that don’t come by, it’s hurtful, but that was my own mistake. I had too high of expectations. It wasn’t a fight, just a misunderstanding of expectations of friendships. She’s an extraordinary woman and she’s busy in her life. I don’t live my life with any unresolved issues with people so when there’s something that feels wrong I always try to make it right.”

Are you still good friends with Brandi Glanville?
YF: “Yeah, we’re friends. We don’t see each other when we aren’t filming as much because we’re all busy. She’s a single mom of two kids and I juggle my own life and my disease… it’s funny because the months that we are filming we see each other every day and then we kind of go on a hiatus. [laughs] Hiatus from our friendships, our relationships and you kind of go back to your own life.”

Did you ever feel like you were in the middle of your friends when Lisa and Brandi weren’t getting along?
YF: “No not really. People disagree. It’s just part of real life and not everybody gets along and that’s okay. For me, as long as they are working on resolving it, I’m happy. I don’t like people brushing things under the carpet and pretending everything is okay. I feel like as long as everyone is communicating and getting things out… I’m cool with that.”

At last year’s reunion, Andy Cohen complimented you on your ability to navigate through the problems in the group.
YF: “In my culture, we are very calm. We just say it as it is. I somehow have the ability to step back and really kind of see what goes on and guide people to make up and guide them to see things from a different perspective and guide them to see that none of us are always right. We’re seven extraordinary individuals with very different personalities and very different lives, and we’re all great. Not one of us is better than the other, we are all equal.”

Have you been able to develop a friendship with Kyle and Kim Richards as time goes on?
YF: “I’m good with everybody. I choose to get along with everybody, and like I said we are all individuals and we are all working together and creating a journey that is hopefully fun for the viewers to watch.”

Did you have a hard time getting along with any of your cast mates this season?
YF: “No I really don’t. Like I said, it’s a mindset. I choose to get along with everybody because I have bigger fish to fry. Somebody that has been unhealthy, we learn to really really appreciate our time here. I’m just happy when I wake up in the morning and get out of bed to enjoy my day. My friendships with the girls… I can get along with anybody because I want to.”

What is one of your favorite moments from the show so far?
YF: “I think my favorite moment is when I bring all the girls to Holland where I was born and raised and to share with them my childhood. For them to understand that I’m just a simple girl from the farm and for them to understand more about my cultural background it was definitely a fun moment.”

What can viewers expect from the new season of RHOBH?
YF: “I think we’re jiving this season. First of all, I’m really excited about Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson. I think they are two extraordinary women. They are real actresses. As you know, Eileen won an Emmy and she is acknowledged in the business. They are just great girls and I love them both. I think they add a whole other dimension to the show that is really fun.

Everybody has got to tune in and watch the show, because we want to break the records [laughs], but I think it’s great. It’s kind of a slow beginning, which I like… I wish the rest of the season was like the first four episodes. But obviously, stuff is going to happen and it’s part of our reality at that moment when we were filming the show.”

Photo Credit: Bravo