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This season of The Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls has been full of drama, and I had the opportunity to speak to Kyle Richards about everything that has transpired this year. Kyle talks about the upcoming launch of her clothing line, her feelings on Carlton Gebbia, her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump, what to expect from the reunion and more.

Congratulations on the success of your boutique, Kyle By Alene Too, and the upcoming release of your new clothing line, Kyle By Kyle Richards. What inspired you to design your own clothing line?
I love fashion and loved to play around with different styles. Being from a household with all girls, playing dress up was a big part of my childhood and I carried that into my adult life. I’ve always been a fan of HSN  so being able to design a line and work with them is a dream come true. I’m excited to be able to show the viewers of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and HSN a beautiful, fun line at a reasonable price!”

I’ve been in your store and it’s lovely, what’s your favorite thing about being a business owner?
“I love meeting the new people that come into the store everyday. I love choosing the clothing and getting a heads up on what the latest upcoming trends are. I also love having a place right in Beverly Hills where friends and family are always popping in to say hello. It’s a very social store!”

Since you are a RHOBH veteran, if you could bring back any of the original cast members who would it be and why?
“I’m a creature of habit and don’t like change. SO, when the original cast members left I missed them. I formed a bond with these women after all that we had been through together. Even though we had arguments, we always ended up being a source of support to each other when times were down. I miss that. ”

There have been rumors that Bravo is looking to shake-up the cast for next season. Is it true that you threatened to quit the show because the network wanted to let Kim [Richards] go?
“That was a rumor just like the rest of that story was. Very common around here 🙂 Although, I would not want to do the show without my sister, but that topic has never come up.”

There have been a lot of changes in dynamic this season between the ladies. Which friendship or feud have you been most surprised by?
“I think I was most surprised by Carlton. I welcomed her to the show with an open mind and she just went out of her way not to like me. It takes work to try and dislike someone that much! I also was a bit surprised by Kim and Brandi’s new friendship. I didn’t see that coming.”

Why do you think Carlton [Gebbia] has taken such an issue with you? I can’t seem to figure it out.
“I think she wanted to have an issue with someone and decided it would be me. She clearly was looking for something in everything I said and did. I laugh about it at this point. I never spent any time with her outside of what viewers saw on the show so I am just as baffled as the viewers are.”

What do you think finally allowed you and Brandi [Glanville] to form a real friendship and get to know each other for who you really are?
“Brandi and I never got a chance to know each other . It was always 3 steps forward , 2 steps back. I got to know her better this season. We are still getting to know each other. I think that if she were still close with Lisa we wouldn’t have had an opportunity to get to know each other.”

Did you become closer with Yolanda [Foster] this season?
“Yolanda and I left off in such a bad place at the Reunion last year that it took a while to be ok again. We are in a good place now.”

Do you currently have a friendship with Lisa [Vanderpump]?
“Doing a show like this is hard on friendships. I was very hurt by Lisa’s attempts to hurt my husband and me at the Reunion last year. But I do get over things fast. I wanted things to be like they were before but there were always set backs. The bringing up the lies in the tabloids on camera being #1. But we go up and down. I would love for one day to say to each other “can we please just stop all of this and have fun again?” Lisa and I always had so much fun and laughed together. I miss that.”

If you have one word for the reunion taping this season, what would it be?
“The Reunion is hell. Nobody wants to be there and discuss these topics that hurt us or made us angry, or subject ourselves to whatever the other women have up their sleeves. It feels like we are gearing up for a boxing match in Vegas! You have to be well rested on your game and gloves on!”

Do you have any other projects coming up that we can look forward to?
“Between my kids, my husband, the show, the store and my HSN line , my plate is really full. But I am a good multi tasker like most women so there are some things in the works that I can’t share yet. But definitely will soon 🙂 ”

Do you have anything you’d like to say to your fans?
“The people that have watched our show religiously for 4 years have been incredible. They are so loyal and are a great source of support when the chips are down. My sister Kim and I always say that. I’m very grateful to them. Without them there wouldn’t be a show.”

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6 Replies to “Exclusive Interview With RHOBH Kyle Richards”

  1. Kyle….. pay no attention to that witch behind the curtain. You are successful in your own right… that may be why Carlton has such a thing for you.

  2. I have been watching RHBV since the beginning. I love Kyle and cannot understand what made Bravo ever hire Carlton. She is a miserable individual and is constantly looking for a fight. There is absolutely nothing redeeming in her and I hope that she is gone next season. When she is in screen I mute the sound.

  3. I think Carlton is a bitch, please take the witch off the program, she does not belong there. When she said to watch out when you go home tonight and something happened I think she should be taken off the show, you do not know what she dabbles in!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please take her off, I trust kyle a lot more then her. Thanks

  4. What is wrong with Brandi that prevents people from holding her accountable for her actions? Kyle talks about Brandi like she is one of her children. I remember her saying Yolanda and Lisa change Brandi – not that Brandi acts different when she has support. She says above that she and Brandi wouldn’t have gotten to know each other if Lisa and Brandi were friends. That’s true! Brandi’s choice tho! Brandi was brought on to the show to be Lisa’s enemy, not Kyle’s. Brandi changed direction. She didn’t like Kim and Kyle. Brandi is an adult. She also says Lisa brought up the tabloid lies.. Brandi did too! What am I missing? People seem to think Kyle lead the brigade to go after Lisa, but I think Kyle defends/trust Brandi because of her sister Kim’s relationship with Brandi.

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