Exclusive New Interview With RHOBH Brandi Glanville


I recently had the opportunity to interview Brandi Glanville about the new season of RHOBH. Brandi dishes on what we can expect this year, her relationships with her cast mates, reaching resolution with Adrienne Maloof, Lisa Vanderpump and more.

What was your mindset going into the new season?
Brandi Glanville:
“Optimism. Having FUN. Scavenger Hunts. Andy has made it really fun this season. We have a great season. New friends. Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson. Feeling lucky to be working and supporting my children. Staying true to real friends. Finally settling into a new house.”

Did you think you would be able to mend your friendship with Lisa Vanderpump? Did you want to?
“I did want to, if only because there was a lot of feelings there. As you saw, I tried. If you remember from the reunion both Lisa and Ken said they would like to try and mend our friendship, but you see the reality between words and actions. I just don’t think anyone should be expected to socialize with their husbands former mistress. It’s old and tired, I know, but it’s the truth. Like I said in my blog: Do you think any of Diana’s true “good” friends ever threw engagement parties for Camilla Parker-Bowles?”

Were you surprised that Lisa and Kyle Richards made up so quickly?
“Not really. Were you? LOL”

What are your honest impressions of new Housewives Lisa Rinna & Eileen Davidson?
“Lisa is crazy smart, fun and funny. I don’t really know Eileen that well, but she seems fine although we do clash a little bit. Can’t tell… you know. Watch and see!”

It seems like you have formed a real friendship with Kim Richards. Are you two still close?
“I LOVE Kim. We have such an honest bond. We laugh, we cry, we get into true silly girlfriend stuff. We call each other constantly. Kim is very strong and helping her ex-husband, which is amazing.”

Did you feel like some of the group was trying to exclude you this year?
“Only some, not all. Although it looks that way doesn’t it?”

How is your friendship with Yolanda Foster?
“Love her and David. Just wonderful people and friends. They are always on the go so we keep in touch with texts and calls and see each other when we can. They have a super warm, welcoming house. Yolanda finally made me do a version of her cleanse. Love her children too. She is so centered, so calm, a modern Grace Kelly.”

Who were you closest with while filming this year?
“Yolanda, Kim and I really hit it off with Rinna and in the beginning Kyle… but not after some drama takes place.”

Were you surprised Adrienne Maloof decided to film some scenes this year?
“Yes! I thought she had left the series but it was a nice surprise to to see her again. Camille too. We all go through rough patches and divorce is tough for everyone. I wish her, Paul and their boys the very best.”

Did you find closure in confronting Adrienne on-camera? How is your relationship now?
“OMG! I was sooo scared. But, she was very cool and nice. We don’t see each other a lot, but it’s so nice to be able to run into a former friend and be able to say “hi” without stress. We’re cool.”

It looks like you and Kyle get into a big fight this season, but you started off as friends. Did something happen during filming that changed this?
“Well, it’s Kyle being Kyle. You could say she changes “friends” depending on which way the wind blows, if you get my meaning.”

Can you tell us anything about the infamous slap at the end of the trailer?
BG: “I could, but I’d get a BRAVO spanking!”

What can we expect from this season of RHOBH?
“It’s Beverly Hills! Drama, fun, laughter and tears. Some people remaining true to themselves, some mean girls, some ass kissing, others will do anything for money or fame… the usual. And a Scavenger Hunt! Tune into Bravo for all the dirt!”

Photo Credit: Bravo