Exclusive New Interview With RHOBH Brandi Glanville


I recently had the opportunity to interview Brandi Glanville about the new season of RHOBH. Brandi dishes on what we can expect this year, her relationships with her cast mates, reaching resolution with Adrienne Maloof, Lisa Vanderpump and more.

What was your mindset going into the new season?
Brandi Glanville:
“Optimism. Having FUN. Scavenger Hunts. Andy has made it really fun this season. We have a great season. New friends. Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson. Feeling lucky to be working and supporting my children. Staying true to real friends. Finally settling into a new house.”

Did you think you would be able to mend your friendship with Lisa Vanderpump? Did you want to?
“I did want to, if only because there was a lot of feelings there. As you saw, I tried. If you remember from the reunion both Lisa and Ken said they would like to try and mend our friendship, but you see the reality between words and actions. I just don’t think anyone should be expected to socialize with their husbands former mistress. It’s old and tired, I know, but it’s the truth. Like I said in my blog: Do you think any of Diana’s true “good” friends ever threw engagement parties for Camilla Parker-Bowles?”

Were you surprised that Lisa and Kyle Richards made up so quickly?
“Not really. Were you? LOL”

What are your honest impressions of new Housewives Lisa Rinna & Eileen Davidson?
“Lisa is crazy smart, fun and funny. I don’t really know Eileen that well, but she seems fine although we do clash a little bit. Can’t tell… you know. Watch and see!”

It seems like you have formed a real friendship with Kim Richards. Are you two still close?
“I LOVE Kim. We have such an honest bond. We laugh, we cry, we get into true silly girlfriend stuff. We call each other constantly. Kim is very strong and helping her ex-husband, which is amazing.”

Did you feel like some of the group was trying to exclude you this year?
“Only some, not all. Although it looks that way doesn’t it?”

How is your friendship with Yolanda Foster?
“Love her and David. Just wonderful people and friends. They are always on the go so we keep in touch with texts and calls and see each other when we can. They have a super warm, welcoming house. Yolanda finally made me do a version of her cleanse. Love her children too. She is so centered, so calm, a modern Grace Kelly.”

Who were you closest with while filming this year?
“Yolanda, Kim and I really hit it off with Rinna and in the beginning Kyle… but not after some drama takes place.”

Were you surprised Adrienne Maloof decided to film some scenes this year?
“Yes! I thought she had left the series but it was a nice surprise to to see her again. Camille too. We all go through rough patches and divorce is tough for everyone. I wish her, Paul and their boys the very best.”

Did you find closure in confronting Adrienne on-camera? How is your relationship now?
“OMG! I was sooo scared. But, she was very cool and nice. We don’t see each other a lot, but it’s so nice to be able to run into a former friend and be able to say “hi” without stress. We’re cool.”

It looks like you and Kyle get into a big fight this season, but you started off as friends. Did something happen during filming that changed this?
“Well, it’s Kyle being Kyle. You could say she changes “friends” depending on which way the wind blows, if you get my meaning.”

Can you tell us anything about the infamous slap at the end of the trailer?
BG: “I could, but I’d get a BRAVO spanking!”

What can we expect from this season of RHOBH?
“It’s Beverly Hills! Drama, fun, laughter and tears. Some people remaining true to themselves, some mean girls, some ass kissing, others will do anything for money or fame… the usual. And a Scavenger Hunt! Tune into Bravo for all the dirt!”

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39 Replies to “Exclusive New Interview With RHOBH Brandi Glanville”

  1. 1. Lisa and Ken NEVER said they were interested in mending your friendship. In fact they said they didn’t think they could ever trust her again. Typical lies from Drunki.
    2. Who thinks being in the same gigantic house for two hours with a waitress who is working is somehow “socializing” with her? That is just idiocy.

    1. Yep, I agree Christopher, I distinctly remember Brandi bursting into tears when Ken said he didn’t think he could ever be friends with her again. So much for Brandi being a “truth cannon.”
      Secondly, WHY does Brandi and Yolanda think Lisa have this obligation to be friends with a ungrateful, sullen and resentful “friend” who to this day doesn’t miss a chance to take public pot shots at her? It drives me crazy that Brandi AND Yolanda won’t shut up about the subject. For one thing it’s NONE of Yo’s business (although she happily contributed to the mess last season) and Brandi needs to get over the fact that what she did was so egregious that it precludes her from ever being friends with Lisa and Ken again. Period. Shut up, Move on and Suck up to new bestie, YoFo Brandi.

      1. I guess u missed the very next thin by to come out of Ken’s mouth…”well, maybe I could forgive you on time, you know I hate to see a woman cry.” U may wanna make sure u’ve got the entire story straight b4 commenting next time…ignorance is not attractive, just saying 🙂

        1. Well apparently Ken thought about it, all if two seconds and didn’t fall for Brandiwhines pathetic little show of tears. Both he and Lisa decided that the trash was better left on the outside of the mansion- MUCH more attractive dontcha U think? Just pontificating.

    2. I don’t agree with a lot of what Brandi says but I can’t blame her the Scheana thing. Not many people have been cheated on when they were pregnant with their second child & that brings a lot of hurt & pain, and being in the presence of that person even for a small amount of time, can bring up all those feelings that she’s trying to escape from. It isn’t fair on her to be honest.

      1. Scheana was her big storyline. Conversation with Scheana was Brandi’s breakthrough moment in the show, it gave her fans and attention she needed.

        1. It gave Lisa an oportunity to use her even more. Cause yeah, Lisa asked Brandi to sit down with sheana, don’t get it twisted honey 😉

      2. Yes, brandi was hurt and cringes with Sheane is not to blame Brandi—but Brandi decided to create lies about Lisa, calling her names like calculating Bobbi Fisher chess player, and the mags thing, the Calibasis and bankrupt twists, etc. …Lisa didn’t force Brandi to,film with Scheana. Brandi did it for the money and bravo influence.

  2. As to the disagreement with Kyle – typical Brandi statement: it’s “Kyle being Kyle” never ever anything Brandi did wrong.

    1. You don’t even know what you’re talking about, we haven’t seen that feud in the series yet. That’s called trolling. Wait and watch the show then you can judge.

      1. Aunt Bee can judge if she wants..it’s a blog, comments welcomed. Opinions made….mostly from what the viewer has seen time and time again…..do YOU know what you’re talking about, Jo? Let’s play nice and enjoy the post for what it is.

  3. geezzz…how I see Brandi…..She is a woman full of hate. She never misses a chance to get a ”dig” in on the other ladies….she lives in her own ”reality world”…. thinking back to the reunion when she slammed Joyce for her outfi… and there sat Brandi with a classy dress on. That was the first time I saw Brandi in anything other than trashy, unattractive, sleezy clothes and my first thought was when I saw her was ”She is trying to mimic Yolanda’s style”… which is an improvement but…my point is Brandi has always dressed trashy and then she turns around and insults Joyce. Another point … I’ve yet to see that Brandi has any true friendships with anyone on the show… and probably off. Love all the other ladies…. sorry – I know the saying…. if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all…. temptation strikes!

  4. Brandi has never taken responsibility for anything. She is one of those “friends” that runs and tells everything that was said to her in confidence when she gets mad at the person! Then she wonders why nobody wants to be friends with her. Kim used to hate her too lol. Personally I cringe every single time I see her on TV. She’s pathetic.

    1. She has tken responsability she even apologized to Lisa, to Kyle to Kim to Adrienne… but the last 3 were inteligent enough to forgive and move on. Lisa lacks brain cells to move on.

      1. Ha ha ha. You actually think because someone won’t let a filthy dog – and a toxic one at that- back into the mansion that she is unintelligent? Most rational people would call that prudent. Lisa isn’t ignorant enough to allow a despot like Brandi a second chance to contaminate everything she’s worked for, plus it costs money to de-flea Giggy.

        1. Lol ok, the fight with Kim and Kyle and Adrienne were bigger than Lisa’s, but she’s a drama queen, she knows she has to grab this one otherwise she doesn’t have a storyline this year… sorry Lisa your time is up.

      2. Jo must be a big time fan of Brandi. So much so, justlike the Teresa Fans who were so willing to believe Teresa and Joe were innocent, even after all the evidence, they resorted to calling names to every anti-teresa fan because they had nothing else to stand on or support their own conviction.

  5. She makes it sound like she is close to both Yolanda and David and texts them all the time. Yeah, right. I doubt she is friends with David other than to say hello to him when she visits Grace Kelly, err, I mean Yolanda. (Kiss up much?) I think Yolanda and Kim are the only friends she has left because we know that Lisa V and Kyle have dumped her, and Lisa R. and Eileen have been around too long to fall for a low level, manipulative user. Looks like those 15 minutes are almost up!

    1. Plus David’s ego is SOOO huge, he probably likes his ego, (and then some) stroked often….especially since he was whining about being recognized as a housewife husband, rather than his 15 Grammys…(oh yeah, and no one ever mentions how he ran over Ben Vereen).

  6. Ladies, now lets go back a few seasons when Brandi was all up Lisa V’s ass up until she got the $$$$ gladiator sandals from “Grace Kelly” on their trip to Paris! When that exchange took place, Brandi started gravitating towards Yo. You can’t compare your husbands infidelities to Princess Diana’s tragic marriage. Your Husband was a whore who screwed anything, including you! Prince Charles was unfaithful with one woman who he married in the end. No comparison!!! Lisa and Ken said at the reunion they had no desire to rekindle their friendship with her. They couldn’t trust her, she insulted them after they were the only ones who defended her and her mouth and actions with the other ladies, and this is how she repays them? By opening her mouth and spews lies and untruths because she was “upset angry and hurt”. GROW UP! You’re lucky to even be cast on a show with women who are productive in society, have success and wealth, and actually have a story to tell! Do you actually think that if your drunkin antics weren’t on display on RHBH, you would have your #1 best Seller or be relevant at all? Nope I don’t think so!!!Whats your story? You get drunk and run your mouth and have to apologize for it!!!!… Every single year you’ve been on!!!! (tiring and old) You’re nasty husband cheated on your nasty ass and its Lisa V.’s fault for employing the girl he cheated with before you even knew her!!!. You’re nothing but a hot mess with extensions and makeup! Good luck after your time runs out on RHBH!

  7. I love Kyle!!!! She handled last season with such class. If that was me it would have gone down. I mean straight ghetto! I’ll drag you in this bitch……. I just admire a lady that can handle herself like a lady. I honestly don’t know how she did it!!!

    1. I love Kyle too. Just shows how, no matter what lies and insinuations that ingrate, BG tells, Kyle is still the one that was successful in life before housewives, which just burns BG to no end. Kyle, Lisa, Adrienne, Camille and the new ladies were all hosting events, parties and trips before their introduction to reality TV, the social lives of these ladies was what Bravo wanted to capture as part of the experiment. They were already doing a lot of charity work and had had a public life way before housewives. BG, on the other hand saw an opportunity through her “friend” Adrienne to tell her oh so sad story of having a divorce hoping she could somehow grab some fame herself. She tried to make it look like she was doing it for her sons and at first the public was fooled. Then it became obvious that she was desperately trying to latch on to the hems of anyone in polite society ripping and tearing anything she saw as an obstacle on her climb to fame. Her true colors seeped out at times and she tried to mark that as her fighting back. Then her true vulgar personality spewed out all over anything close to her in her attempt to destroy any detractors.

  8. I wonder what the big fight is about? Will be interesting to find out. I do understand B randi’s feelings about the Sheanna buisness, but I think she goes about things all wrong. She should be upfront about any resentments to Lisa about it at the time, not way later. If it hurts too much, discreetly pull back from being quite so chummy with Lisa. But to gossip and spread rumors and try to round up a posse to attack, is just asking for trouble and solves nothing. Being cruel to others ,who haven’t done a thing to you (like Joyce) is just low brow and low life. Lisa was wrong to look the other way, and make excuses for the inexcusable so I think she had some deserved karma coming her way. The bottom line is, Sheanna didn’t break up B randi’s marriage. Eddie did that and he married someone else after all. Brandi is letting them all win by hanging on endlessly to her anger. She needs to not give it so much power anymore.

    1. The only anger I hear if from the commenters here. What UGLY women.

      The above Brandi interview is happy and upbeat. You must come here to be trolls because they obviously lack a moderator. Enjoy, never returning.

      Dear Lord, look in the mirror, ladies and I use that term loosely, very loosely.

      MEOW !

  9. I agree, wholeheartedly, Dave!

    I think some people get it in their heads to dislike a HW and they will always see them negatively.

    I cannot fathom what it would be like to be pregnant, find out my husband is cheating on me, watch it all fall apart, get a show, find out his mistress is on that show & be expected to film with her, while she’s being made famous, AND knowing my now ex-husband is with someone who is famous. That has to be a special kind of trauma.

    1. I think a lot of people really liked Brandy and wanted to see her succeed. A lot of commentators tried to stick it out and remain a fan but she just doesn’t belong. It has exactly nothing to do with jealousy about her once striking figure. I see a person so full of jealousy herself that she can’t function as a member of polite society, and she viciously attacks anyone and everyone if there is even a hint of her feeling someone is pulling away a little. She truly does not understand what is acceptable and what is crossing the line. Her public persona is so damaged now I don’t think it can be repaired and she is terrified of losing her job on housewives. The “truth cannon, conflict” persona has turned into the xaxax with a many wine chasers fog, ugly, sloppy drunk who whores around in front of the world and then wonders why people think she is trashy. She doesn’t know the difference between private and public life and can’t stand the fact that she will never learn.

  10. Wow. This is typical phoney-baloney jibber-jabber from Glanville. How sad it is she is included in this program. Her behavior is icky on a regular basis.

  11. What was the funniest thing, equating her husbands “mistress”, and even that title is too highbrow for the relationship between Eddie and Sheena, to Princess Diana and Camilla Parker-Bowles. Oh My God. Saying others do anything for relevance when it is actually a job and relevance is necessary, so other people on the cast can’t promote for the show and the camera, but she can have several scenes with Lisa (the fan fave) to promote Vanderpump Rules, so she can be part of the advertising machine that is Bravo, as if that is not kissing ass and making sure she is front and center and being recognized as relevant in the VR show. Talk about double standards for someone who has no standards.

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