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I recently had the chance to chat with the newest addition to the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Demetria McKinney. Demetria will make her debut in during this week’s episode of the show. We discussed what led her to reality TV, her thoughts on her co-stars, her music career and more.

How were you approached to join the cast of RHOA?
Demetria McKinney:
“I’ve actually been approached about doing a couple of different reality shows and I usually turn them down. When I was approached about this one they wanted some new faces, they wanted somebody with a little bit of a different flavor and I wanted an opportunity to show people who I am. Having been an actress and playing Janine on House of Payne and doing Dreamgirls opposite Jennifer Holliday, people know my characters but they weren’t really familiar with who I was. So in an effort to get the music out, I thought this would be a good opportunity for me.”

Did you have any hesitations about joining a reality TV show?
“Absolutely! [laughs] I’ve been in interviews where they ask me if I’m upset that the reality stars are taking over real acting jobs and my prime example was no, because as long as they can do the work I didn’t mind it. But having jumped into this pool… I mean it was hard to swim in. I didn’t realize all that it takes to do this and I’m glad I was hesitant so I didn’t kinda take it for granted by rushing into it.”

Did you watch The Real Housewives before joining the cast? If so who are some of your favorite Housewives?
“I saw some clips. I wouldn’t say that I was a fan of anybody or that I had chosen sides or anything like that, but I definitely knew about everybody’s life. People talked about it everywhere. I mean right there in the grocery store between the lemons and the oranges, ‘Girl did you see NeNe’s hair? Girl did you see… oh there’s Kenya!’ So, it was like they were a normal part of my life even though I wasn’t participating everyday.”

How long have you been with your boyfriend Roger Bobb?
“Off and on for about eight years.”

How does he know Kenya Moore?
“They’ve actually done some work together. She did a little bit of The Ricky Smiley Show that a couple of the other girls did too. So, they’ve done some work together before.”

In the preview it appears you have a confrontation with Kenya Moore. But you probably can’t tell us anything about that yet can you?
“Mmmhmm that girl, that girl, that girl. Prior to coming on to this I had met Miss Moore about ten years ago and it was not something I would have liked to of repeated. [laughs] But coming into this situation it was like, ‘Okay. Let’s go see that Kenya,’ and the situation that we’re in, she really just kind of rubbed me the wrong way based off of the ‘I think I’m glam’ type stuff. So you know, you’ll see honey.”

Will we be seeing your son on the show?
“Mini me! Yeah, we definitely got some footage of him and I hope that it makes the cut. He is my world, he’s super cute so I hope he gets to make it. Daekwon is his name.”

I have read that music is your first love. I did check out your new single 100 on iTunes and thought it was great. Which artists would you say inspire you the most?
“Whitney, hands down. I know that you can’t necessarily tell it from the 100 video. I am a young lady that has went through molestation. I’ve been through homelessness. I am a single mom and the story of my life plays out with Whitney’s songs. There were times I was so down, didn’t know what to say and I would listen to her music and it would give me the next little bit of rope I needed to pull myself up and out. Whitney was my all. If you go to YouTube I actually did a tribute to her after the one year anniversary of her death.”

You are an accomplished actress. How did you get into acting?
“Thank you, first off. Second, I’m an idiot. [laughs] I have watched people and imitated people and been very, very in touch with how I feel for as long as I can remember. My management doesn’t like for me to say that I haven’t taken any classes. I would like to, and I’m going to, but I’ve just kind of absorbed everything from everybody. Acting came as a result of trying to get known for my singing. So that’s how the stage plays came and the touring and stuff with that happened, but it was always to the means of music.”

What’s the biggest difference between the acting roles that you have had and being on a reality show?
“Wow, the biggest difference? I would say acting is like going to the swimming pool and doing the reality show is like your first time on a new beach. It’s so, so different. With this reality show for the first time, I am going to be naked. Like I am not playing anybody else’s life out… this is me. Oh my gosh, like everybody is watching it play out. If I got a booger in my nose I have to claim that. I don’t like it. [laughs]”

Which of the ladies of RHOA did you get along with the best? The least?
“Oh wow. [laughs] Coming on here I kind of knew who I was going to get along with. I knew Porsha and I knew Cynthia from before. We ran in kind of the same circles. Porsha and I hung out before her divorce from Kordell, so I kind of figured I’d hang out with them a bit more but the person I would say I clicked the most would have to be a tie between Cynthia and Claudia. Cynthia is just so sweet, you can’t but love her and Claudia is just so not afraid of being herself that you have to love that too. The person that I don’t really care for that much… that Kenya… and there’s somebody else that wants that position really bad, but all I can say is just stay tuned and you’ll see the sparks fly in a whole different way than you will Sunday.”

What is one thing you would like viewers to know about you before they see you on RHOA?
“Oh my gosh, that is such a great question that nobody has asked me yet. The biggest thing I would like for people to know about me is I am being me. My storyline is not coming on here doing all that, ‘Whop-ti-bop-bop… boom, I’m gonna pull your hair. I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do that.’ I’m comfortable in a $12 shirt and a good shoe and play you because I’m happy. My storyline is talent, boom… bottom line. I don’t have to come in and try to do too much. So the biggest thing I want them to know about me is whether I’m dressed up, dressed down, lash on, braids, wig, natural hair, whatever it is… all of that encompasses me and I’m happy with it.”

What can viewers expect from this season?
“They can expect to see a classic addition. I am definitely a class-act. I’m definitely a woman but I am multi-deminsional. That diamond don’t shine just one way. I enjoy a good gown moment but I also enjoy a little bit of twerking. I live life in the moment that I’m in. I’m about fun. I’m about sister-hood and I try to keep it as cute as possible until those broads won’t let me. [laughs]”

Demetria will make her debut on RHOA December 21st at 8PM EST on Bravo.

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10 Replies to “Exclusive Interview With RHOA Demetria McKinney”

  1. Great interview- I really knew nothing about Demetria before this interview, but now I feel like I have a very good idea of who she is and where she is coming from. I like her, and admire her down to earth and strong spirit. I look forward to “meeting” her next week.

  2. Enjoyed your interview Nicki. Not sure about this lady yet but the fact that she already has had a run in with Ms Moore gives me a better feeling for her.

    1. Actually, she turns out to be FRIENDS with Kenya Moore as the season progresses. She said so in an interview that she liked getting to know Kenya. She ends up fighting with Nene Leakes.

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