Exclusive: Inside RHONJ Season 8 Reunion

It’s time for some tea! The cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey filmed the season eight reunion today and we have exclusive details to share with you.

A lot of viewers were curious whether or not Kim DePaola and Danielle Staub would be at the reunion. Our insider reveals, “Kim D and Danielle Staub were both on set today at the reunion.”

And apparently there was a lot of drama, so much so that one cast member thought the reunion was “explosive.”

“The drama escalated as soon as Kim D walked on set,” our source says. “She had an envelope of dirt on Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga.”

“Kim accused Melissa of having an affair on Joe Gorga,” our insider said, adding that she also had more proof about Teresa’s alleged boyfriend.

Sounds like it was an interesting day.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Starr

    If those accusations are fabricated, then this Kim D is beyond toxic. She has proven to be a nasty, malicious gossip.

    • Heather

      She is beyond toxic even if they are true. She is a poisonous creature. I pity her on judgement day.

      • Starr

        That day will come too Heather, it is so true. No more chances then. Well put comment from you.

    • I very seriously doubt Teresa cheated on Jo, ever. He cheated on her for sure, IMO. But she adored him, or did when he left. Now that he’s been gone for a long time, she has had time to think on her own without his participation.
      I feel exactly the same about Melissa. She would never cheat on Joe. And I don’t think he cheats on her either. Everyone should leave Teresa’s marriage alone. She has enough to deal with. Kim D. wants on HW so, so bad she would do ANYTHING. Everyone, especially Danielle, should keep their mouth shut about Delores’s relationship with her ex, and her home life, period. Danielle doesn’t even know Delores. It is none of her effing business. Some things are out of the range of what is classy to speak of. That is one of them. Kim D. can bring it on. I hope Melissa and Teresa just sit calmly and treat Kim as she should be treated, like an annoying fly. Don’t let her land on you though, because we all know what flies eat.

      • Starr

        Great post 3 D’s–as always. I completely agree with you.

    • Jay

      so was Teresa, right? At some point they worked together to hurt melissa remember? I’m pretty sure that’s called Karma

      • Starr

        Jay, did we watch different episodes or did I miss something?
        My memory shows Kim D & some man who was bad talking Melissa & Teresa was very uncomfortable & kept her mouth shut, to my recollection, she did not join in. She should’ve shut them down, but I’m guessing she was cumfuffled.
        If memory serves me, it was a nasty set-up & Jacqueline, supposed bestie of Teresa, was the one who caused the trouble by showing Melissa stuff on the phone. I may be way off.
        Having said all of the above, Kim D is still very toxic, a bad egg & honestly, I’m not very interested except for Teresa’s dad.

  • UnrealHousewife57

    Melissa now? Good grief. All these shows must be struggling in the ratings.

  • timdun

    All I can say is “oh my.”

  • Moihere

    Seems like they cut short the season….