Exclusive: How Does Kim D Really Know Jan DeDolce?


Jan DeDolce was introduced on The Real Housewives of New Jersey as Melissa Gorga’s former friend, who outed her alleged affair with Bryan “Bulldog” Bowen while having drinks with Teresa Giudice, Kim DePaola and Penny Drossos Karagiorgis. Jan, who owns a hair salon, is a longtime friend of Penny Drossos Karagiorgis, who also owns a own salon which was the center of #Strippergate in the season 4 finale. Kim D claims in a blog that Jan is her dear friend, but an insider is EXCLUSIVELY telling us how Jan and Kim really know each other!

Kim wrote, “To address how I know Jan: a very dear friend of mine who has known her for years introduced us. Jan owns a salon called Teeze, which has headed up hair and makeup for my models at a recent Posche fashion show.”

An insider tells us a Bravo casting director involved Jan to out Melissa on camera. The casting director even reached out to Penny on Twitter! An insider tells us, “A Bravo casting director contacted Penny to get Jan involved to out Melissa’s affair. Penny introduced Kim D to Jan. The day of filming, Kim D went to Jan’s salon so she would recognize her the night they filmed the women getting drinks and Jan revealed Melissa’s ex admitted she blew him.”


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8 Replies to “Exclusive: How Does Kim D Really Know Jan DeDolce?”

  1. Of course Bravo orchestrates all of this! They all know this, even Melissa. But it makes good tv to have Teresa blamed for everything.

    These shows are so staged. The first season was fun to watch, now it is insane.

  2. Who cares why she knows her. the whole story line is stupid, although I would love to see Melissa face Jan about the accusations. That would be great!!

  3. It really about time that everyone hears all messy-Mel an what the hells going down with the Victim roll ….. Really now I’m just so sick of hearing about Teresa saying this or that when for real ; YES things are said about messy-Mel about its NOT Teresa saying one thing about Mel an THESE are Mes’s very Good Friends that Teresa really don’t even really know , There MELISSA all Through. Knowing messy-Mel She aways Needs to put Teresa’s NAME along with all her BS just so she can call herself the Victim that Loves too lie and lie an be very fake on this an that cuz Messy can’t take it the TRUTH, The True Fact is Melissa Cheated on her husband Little Boy Joey an These are Mel’s very Good Friends that are coming out with all the Truth about her an she just do LIKE IT cuz she knows it’s the Truth she’s getting all Nervous that everything is Finally coming out. These are not Teresa’s Friends Teresa don’t know them, Mel has hurt a lot of people she did them very wrong an when people see you for what you really are all the BS you have an done will come out an this is what’s going on here . Mel loves to TALK BS about Teresa an brake a Tight Loving Family Up it will come back and get you really hard an that’s what’s going on .

  4. Also there is a rumor that the youngest kid isn’t joey’s but from another guy, and that is why she is fighting like an animal to keep it hidden (her affairs). She never did like Joe and you can tell she don’t like having him touch her.

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