Exclusive: Gia Giudice Is NOT Moving Out Of The House When Teresa Goes To Prison


A new report on Wednesday claimed that Teresa Giudice’s daughter Gia, who is thirteen years old, will be moving out of her parent’s home when her mother is due to report to prison on January 5th. An alleged family insider claimed Gia “wants to live with one of her friends from her girl group 3KT while her mom is away in prison.”

“She knows her family needs her, but she also realizes that she needs a mother figure while her mom is locked away,” the insider told RadarOnline. “She’s at the age where she really needs a mother in her life to help her through the changes of going from a girl into a young woman, and it’s not like she’ll be able to pick up a phone and dial her mom at a moment’s notice.”

“She’s not going to live with her friends full time, and nothing is going to be legally done,” the source insisted. “She isn’t going to abandon her sisters. She’ll be around to care for them and when she’s with the other family, she’ll only be a phone call away.”

“She knows her family needs her and she loves her dad Joe to pieces, but it would be uncomfortable to talk to him about woman things,” the source said. “She realizes that she’ll need a mother figure while her mom is locked away.”

I was shocked by this report, so I decided to reach out to one of our Giudice family insiders who reveals what’s really going on with Gia’s living situation.

“These claims are complete bull,” our source confirmed. “Gia is not moving out of the house. She will live at home with Joe and her sisters while Teresa is away. The family has worked out a schedule for the girls to visit their mom and Teresa will be as involved in her daughter’s lives as she possibly can. They are and always will be her first priority.”

Photo Credit: Bravo