Exclusive: Dorinda Medley Shares Her Current Status With Bethenny and Ramona

I recently interviewed Dorinda Medley about this season of the Real Housewives of New York City and she was quite candid about

How did it feel to return to your second season of the RHONY?
Dorinda Medley:
“It’s not the land of the unknown anymore, and as Bethenny would say, the gild is off the lily, and I now know what to expect. I don’t go in so ignorant — I’m much more aware of things this season. Last year I was playing checkers. This season I’m playing chess, and it’s definitely less fun and much more strategic.”

Which of your cast mates were you close friends with going into this season?
“Going in??? Hmmm… (laughs) I was good friends with all of them, really. But again — that was going in. The better question would be GOING OUT… (laughs) I was definitely under the impression that all of them were friends going into this thing. And they are… they still are.”

Your relationship with your boyfriend John Mahdessian has been the main topic for this season of the show. How hard has that been on your relationship?
“Of course it’s not easy to watch someone you love being hurt, but I try not to internalize it and think about where we are TODAY and NOW and not go back to a few months ago. I certainly don’t believe in rehashing.”

Why do you think some people have such a strong opinion of John?
“I think because John has a strong opinion of himself and he chooses to keep coming on and being on the show. He volunteers as the sort-of… what’s the word… he volunteers to be the colorful character in a scene and people love to run with it. I mean, let’s face it, it makes for good TV.”

Your daughter Hannah recently gave an interview with Bravo where she stated she gets along with John. How have they progressed in their relationship?
“It wasn’t an interview, but more a comment to a Bravo Daily Dish writer at the premiere party, and she said that things have settled down, pretty much. They’re not grabbing lunch on the corner every Friday at noon, but the intensity has lessened and they’re cordial. Besides, Hannah always errs on the side of privacy — unlike her Momma (laughs).”

What are three things we would be surprised to know about John?
“1. Nothing 2. Absolutely nothing 3. He’s told you everything. He’s an open book — more of a colorful coloring book for children, if anything. But that’s something I find endearing.”

Are you still on good terms with Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer after their comments about your relationship?
“Absolutely. We’ve cycled through that and there are always bigger fish to fry. Believe it not, in retrospect, I see it as more of a friend’s concern and not an egregious move.”

What can viewers expect from the rest of this season?
“Well, I think the focus is shifting away from me and John and move quickly onto the others… not ALL of them, but the ones who are easy prey.”

How has being on Housewives changed your life?
“Honestly, it really hasn’t that much. It’s made me much more introspective, and definitely more self-aware, and because I have to re-watch and re-experience everything 6 or 7 months later, there’s a weekly cringe that starts around Tuesday morning and fades out by Thursday. You live out the season’s ups and downs week-to-week. What’s next, I ask myself. Fridays are great, Saturday, I’m fine; Sunday, I nap; Monday, I realize it’s happening…Tuesday, I just sit in the corner and pray; Wednesday, I’m a nervous wreck, and Thursday I have to nap again because I’m so exhausted. And then I go out and see friends and have a good laugh while they relive what I just finished reliving. But it’s fine — they pay for drinks.”

Photo Credit: Bravo