Exclusive: Dina Manzo Signs Contract For RHONJ Season 6, More Cast Info, Including New Housewives Nicole and Teresa Napolitano


We have EXCLUSIVE details about the cast changes on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Our show insider is telling us who is signing on for season 6 and who will not be returning to the show. After tons of speculation and reports, our source shares, “Dina Manzo is back and has officially signed on with Bravo for the new season.” Joining Dina as Official Housewives: “Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga are also returning in their regular roles. Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri are both returning part-time, and their time on the show will be split,” our insider reveals, adding, “Jacqueline Laurita will not be returning to the show, not even as a part-time Housewife.”

As we previously, EXCLUSIVELY, reported, Bravo will also be adding some fresh faces to the show. “There are two twin sisters that are currently test shooting with Bravo right now to see if they will work as full-time Housewives,” our insider shared on September 25th, now confirming that the twins will be added to the cast. Nicole Napolitano and her sister Teresa Napolitano Aprea are from Colt Neck, NJ and have no connections to the current cast. Faux Reality Ent reports, “Both are affluent, beautiful and intelligent women with strong family values. Teresa Napolitano Aprea and her husband are well known in philanthropic circles in New Jersey. Nicole owns a Diary Queen and is extremely successful. Teresa and Nicole are “40ish” and twins. Family is everything to these two.” Our insider also reveals a friend of the Napolitano sisters is also in talks with Bravo to come on as an Official Housewife. Check out the photos of the sisters below.

“Kim D is expected to return to the show, but hasn’t signed on the dotted line yet. Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis will not be returning because of the lawsuit she and John filed against the network, cast and production company.”

How do you feel about the new RHONJ cast?

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  • Cecelia crandall

    I’m so happy Dina is returning but hate that the gorgas are coming back. I feel they will still bring the show down.I want watch when they are filming but I will with Teresa and Dina. Melissa and Joe need to go.

    • janice

      Dina should not come on the show. Nor should any of the Caroline clan! Why would they! Wonder who they are all sleeping with?

  • Anonymous

    Melissa and Kathy ruined the show. I’ve said it before and ill say it again!

  • Aunt Bee

    If they sign Kim D, I will no longer watch. How Teresa can still be friends with this ho is beyond me. You say penny won’t be back because of lawsuit yet Teresa and Joe are OK. I am glad my favorites (Caroline, Jacqueline and Kathy) won’t be back, they are too good for this BS.

    • Over It

      Exactly. They are having Teresa come back with her 39 count federal lawsuit but no Penny? Bullshit. Penny was the only one who stood up to Teresa and with no one by her side. Teresa always gets the victim edit. she is no victim. She is a hard core crook and I was hoping to see Penny expose her. Teresa & Kim D = scum.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think you two quite understand. Penny isn’t being dumped by Bravo because she has legal issues; she is being dumped because she is coming after the network itself. Obviously they’re not going to hire someone who is SUING them.

      Teresa’s issues are not direct at Bravo and the network’s line of thought is probably that the buzz around her charges will bring in viewers. Plus, the series is entirely centered around her,

  • itsjustme

    as llong as Teresa and Melissa are on it will just be another season of them back biting each other. I WILL NOT watch. I’d rather watch Melissa and Kathy than that lieing, document Teresa and her gorilla husband.

    • Over It

      Exactly. She keeps getting a pass. ANDY if you are reading this: I would love to see Penny and Melissa team up and expose Teresa. Teresa both made them out to attack each other then look bad. Since the wakiles kids and greeks relatives are friends Penny/Melissa/Kathy can expose wannabe St. Giudice. Teresa & Kim D have to go. They reek of desperation at its highest.

  • Jodi

    Great scoop! What does “time being split” mean for Rosie and Kathy? Is their salary the same? I wish Bravo would have gotten rid of Kathy, Richie and Rosie.

    • AllThingsRH

      Thanks, Jodi! From what I understand they are both going to be part-time or appear as “Friends of the Housewives.” Like Kim D’s role, but I would imagine bigger because the audience is more familiar with them. What the network might do is air 50/50 Kathy, Rosie instead of one full-time Housewife, if that makes sense. I’m not sure about the details of their salaries when it comes to the reduced roles.


  • Jody

    Does anyone really care about all this? I’m moving on. I’m done.

    • Over It

      These twins live out in bumblefuck and look as desperate as kim d. It’s Teresa 2.0 except times two. Not what we need. Let the rednecks stay where they are.

      • Anonymous


  • Taisha

    I love the pic of Teresa and Dina. Happy she is coming back and looking forward to NEW storylines.

  • Over It

    Horrible News. These twins are clearly trying to push themselves as housewives even know they live FAR south and FAR outside the “zone.” That wannabe beauty queen Claire Pavlinec did the same thing last year. If Bravo adds people who aren’t in the affluent North Jersey zone I’m done. I am already annoyed that dina is coming back. Same shit different day. dina is stuck up, boring and doesnt bring anything to the table. Any why is kim d coming back. She just wont go away. I rather see Penny or Jen D than Kim D and these stupid twins.

  • Hyper

    I agree with the half of everyone here. Teresa has no room being on the show with her fraud cause. I’d like to see Penny. Penny not being on would be an easy way for Teresa to get away with more of her antics. Now that Dina is on Teresa thinks Dina will be her new puppet. It’d be nice to see Penny/Melissa/Kathy team up against Teresa. Dina coming on is also a risk since I feel the Manzos and Lauritas will be leaking a lot of stuff about her and her fraud of a charity (it is not even a 501c3). Returning to a show you bashed since they fired you the first time just makes you look desperate and needy (DINA). I do not want this to be another season of Teresa is attacked for no reason. Puh-leeze. There is a reason no one likes her.

  • HillaryT.

    How are they going to transition into the new season? Usually they pick off something that happened already they can’t do that with just Teresa and Melissa. I also don’t get why they are having Teresa back with all her legal troubles if the Greeks can’t come back because of that petty lawsuit. I’m also surprised Kathy is not full time because she has a book coming out next year. Not having to deal with Caroline’s opinions, Penny exposing her or Kathy competing with her …. And with the addition of Dina… Is super suspicious. I feel like Teresa & heather are leaking this info. I hope it’s only wishful thinking. I don’t get why bravo word accommodate this criminal.

  • DEERAY70


    • carissa

      Oh Bravo and Andy Cohen!!! Do your homework on the twins. They are big time scammers and phonies. The charity that they are involved in is fake and Nicole works for a man, many scarso who was convicted of securities fraud and went to jail for it.

  • Andrea L

    Can’t wait to see the Twins on the Show. Will finally bring a positive spin to a lot of back stabbing, drama filled women. BTW since when is Colts Neck considered Bumblefuck…. I suggest taking a ride out there sometime soon and getting your facts straight. So Excited!!!!

  • Jen

    Can’t wait to see the new cast esp the twins. Gettin tired of the same old non sense. Time for a change and colts neck is beautiful and far from red neck!

  • Aunt Bee

    Who is this Heather I keep hearing about?

  • Anonymous

    Take a stand and refuse to support a network that continues to employ a criminal that has been indicted on 39 counts of fraud!
    It is time to start emailing and calling companies that advertise on Bravo and their affiliates!
    Would you continue to support a network or endorsers that employs someone charged with 39 counts of child molestation or 39 counts of murder?
    While Teresa and Joe have not been accused of molesting children or murdering anyone, they have been charged with 39 counts of fraud and theft. Their crimes have and will continue to cost tax payers millions of dollars.
    A crime is a crime and we as the consumer/tax payer should stand up and tell Bravo that we will not continue to support their network if they continue to employ Teresa Giudice.

    • celeste

      Tersesa and Joe aren’t the only ones with legal issues, the others legal issues just weren’t shown.
      Jaquline and Chris, the whole thing with Signiture Apparel.
      Richie and all of his legal issues with Exxon.
      Bottom line they all have some kind of legal issues going on that the show didn’t address.
      Oh yea something about the Manzo guys and some fight they got into in Punta Cana.

      • Anonymous

        When and if the others are INDICTED for their “legal issues” then it may be addressed. Bravo couldn’t just ignore that Teresa and Joe had been indicted on 39 counts for being the liars and theives they are.

  • allgoodstuff

    I hope this is true about the cast shake up. It would be interesting to see what the new ladies think about Teresa and Melissa. I have a feeling these ladies will outshine boring Melissa and she will be sitting at the end of the couch next reunion. I am excited to see Dina and Teresa have scenes together!!

  • MaryG

    This show is not salvagable and bringing Dina back is not going to help. Time to throw in the towel. All of the players, every single one of them including Tre, are in on duping the public. The storylines are based on real life and become exacerbated by the prodding of producers and higherups to bring on the drama. It has become complete and total GARBAGE!! And as the self-righteous Caroline says “You lay down with garbage, you start to smell like garbage.” I will not feed myself garbage by watching this sh*t anymore. In fact, the entire Bravo network is no longer on my table.

  • Michell

    I’m very excited to see you guys!! I live in your area and it’s not out of the “zone” let’s the losers and haters hate! Can’t wait to see some positive people on here!!

    • USHLFan

      I can’t wait to see how these sisters shake this show up. It’s been SO TOXIC the last two years it was difficult to watch and Cohen will probably go to hell for being the master of all of it. @allgoodstuff – I think it will be interesting to see what Teresa and Mel think about these pretty twins…you know they won’t be able to hide their jealousy. Teresa and Mel don’t have any true allies because they do NOT know how to treat and respect other women…these twins have each other and by the looks of it, it is all they will need. Pumped up to watch!!!

  • Why is Jacqueline leaving? Was she fired? I am a Jersey Girl and am tired of these morons who revel in the pathetic idea that they are famous, important, and somewhat talented. (That applies to the Queen of Delusions of Grandeur, Nene Leakes, as well). The State of Bruce has produced plenty of folks with real talent. They all mangle the English language and have a COMBINED IQ of maybe 120. That is right, folks, @ 24 each.. Less for Teresa. Her big response to Andy in the 1on1 was “blah blah blah….so.” They deserve whatever comes their way – the charges are serious, I.e. lying about having no$ and lying about have plenty of $. Just old school stupid. And dumb.

  • Ann

    Beautiful women coming on the show can only mean one thing. Teresa’s green eyed monster will come out to play full on.

  • Boogiewoogie

    Is it a requirement that if you want to Be on RHONJ you have to dress like a tramp? With the exception of Rosie, Kathy and Caroline all these women dress like they are 20 somethings rather than 40 something’s and they look absolutely ridiculous

    • Abigail

      Boogiewoogie:You must be a person that is insecure about your figure. I dont think these women dress trashy at all. For you to judge makes you sound envious. I dont have a nice figure to look as good as they do but if I did I would love to raid ther closet. Life is short and if your blessed with a nice figure I say flaunt it. STOP BEING A HATER BOOGIEWOOGIE!