Exclusive: Did Brandi Glanville Get Adrienne Maloof Fired From RHOBH?

Adrienne Maloof

Rumors have been circulating the internet that Adrienne Maloof was fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As we all know by now, Adrienne’s lawyers went after Brandi and Bravo when Brandi revealed that Adrienne’s twins were born via surrogate. Adrienne threatened to sue if a word of the surrogacy was mentioned on television, but then Adrienne decided to open up about the subject in an interview with Life & Style Magazine.

“I would think Brandi, being a single mother, would have a heart and understand my feelings, where I’m coming from,” Adrienne told the magazine, explaining that she had planned to tell the 6-year-olds sometime in the future that she did not give birth to them herself, when they were fully able to understand. “Brandi took away something so precious from our family,” Adrienne said.

“Adrienne’s lawyers came at Bravo with all guns blazing after Brandi began mentioning the surrogacy of her twin sons,” a source tells RadarOnline. “She didn’t want that aired on television. Producers of the show spent hours going over footage and editing it out. It cost a lot of money and took a lot of manpower to do. For Adrienne to then give an interview to a celebrity magazine about the surrogacy was a slap in the face to producers to say the least!”

“It rankled a lot of feathers and was ultimately the reason why Adrienne was fired. Bravo had no legal obligation to edit out all the mentions of the surrogacy, but they wanted to do the right thing for Adrienne and her family, so they obliged,” the insider added.

Adrienne is maintaining that she left the show on her own. “It was her decision to leave. She wasn’t fired,” another source tells Radar. “Adrienne was tired of being portrayed as the mean girl, that just isn’t who she is.”

We also have EXCLUSIVE information regarding Adrienne’s departure from RHOBH. A source close to the situation tells us, “Adrienne tried to quit the show in the middle of Season 3. Adrienne was tired of her personal business being exposed on camera and was struggling with her marriage to then husband, Paul Nassif.” Our source continues, “Bravo would not let Adrienne out of her contract, which is why you see her in such a limited role throughout the rest of the season.”

“Producers knew then Adrienne would not be returning to the show for another season. The reports that Adrienne wanted Sean Stewart to be a part of her storyline on Season 4 are completely false. Whether or not Adrienne was fired or quit is really just a technicality, she was done with the show a long time ago,” the insider adds.

“Adrienne was a liability to Bravo because she put all of the women on the show in a very bad position. The ladies were afraid they would be the next to be slapped with a lawsuit,” the source explains. “Brandi and/or Lisa did not get Adrienne fired. After what happened, everyone knew Adrienne would not be returning for another season. Adrienne was hesitant to return to the show in Season 3, because she did not like the added stress the show brought to her personal life.”

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7 Replies to “Exclusive: Did Brandi Glanville Get Adrienne Maloof Fired From RHOBH?”

  1. she looks really good in that pic i have to say!! Brandi did go too far and exposing adriennes maters about her surrogacy etc (still love her but thats the truth). Adrienne was a liability i mean really come on you cant be going around slapping lawsuits at everyone when they say something THIS IS REALITY TV you have got to realize that when u sign up for it secrets from the past may be exposed the best way is just to roll with it and face it.

  2. Of course Brandi didn’t get Adrienne fired. She doesn’t have that kind of power. She’s the joke of the BH cast. Producers are going to use her for all she’s worth before she ultimately ruins herself.

  3. I think it was Adrienne’s decision to leave the show but I think she left because of Brandi. Bravo would have wanted Adrienne to stay but she was not going to put up with Brandi or Lisa for that matter. Can’t say I blame her. Brandi was responsible for both Adrienne and Camille deciding to leave the show. I am quite sure that Lisa was part to the reason they left too. They both are fortunate that they have the money to walk away from the show. Let Brandi and Lisa have the show. We will see how the ratings for the show do now.

  4. Ha, ha, ha! The Maloof Hoof doesn’t sell, who would want shoes designed by Adrienne anyway, crappy, ugly shoes. thats why they are called Maloof Hoof! And now Mrs. Maloof Hoof herself gets fired! THAT’S WHAT I CALL KARMA! She said it!

  5. @drewh, spot on!

    @kellie, again, agree with u completely. Trandi has jersey shored the show imo.

    @lisa how old are u? *strokes gucci glasses and twirls out of the room*

  6. Maybe next season will be better with AM gone. I thought she was very haughty and rude..from nit-picking her (ex) husband to bullying Brandi with talk of lawsuits. I don’t agree with Brandi’s actions but don’t respect those who feel the need to try to force others via lawsuits..and then deny doing it. She needs to take her ego down many notches and learn to be nice.

    “Adrienne was tired of being portrayed as the mean girl, that just isn’t who she is.”

    If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck. It’s a duck. Enough said.

  7. Adrienne was my favorite. She is authentic and a classic Néw Yorker, a brand most people outside of Néw York don’t understand. She’s a classy lady. Andy Cohen is an idiot. I don’t like the way he derides Adrienne. Good luck Adrienne. Insure you’ll do fine. After all…you’re a Néw Yorker.

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