Exclusive Details: Who’s Returning For RHOBH Season 4?


Lisa Vanderpump is definitely a fan favorite when it comes to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast. So when she got her own spin-off show, Vanderpump Rules, viewers were wondering if Lisa would quit RHOBH after Season 3. An insider shares with us that most of the women have already had their sit downs with the producers about who will return for Season 4 and who won’t, and the show is set to start filming in April 2013. So far, I can only confirm that Adrienne Maloof will not be returning for Season 4, as we have previously reported. But what about the rest of the ladies?

Brandi Glanville took to Twitter to address the rumors of Lisa quitting RHOBH. She tweeted, “@LisaVanderpump if you quit RHOBH I’m quitting 2! U better not cuz I need a job!” Lisa replied to Brandi’s tweet, writing, “@BrandiGlanville relax… it’s a rumor… we will see what’s around the corner in good time. X x”


So with Adrienne out, it looks like Lisa and Brandi will be back for Season 4, and our insider confirms this. Our source also states Kyle Richards will return for another Season, but reveals that we cannot confirm anything for Taylor Armstrong, Kim Richards, Yolanda Foster, or Camille Grammer. My insider tells me, exclusively, Adrienne won’t be the only one NOT returning to Season 4… I will keep you updated when I am able to share more information!

UPDATE: RadarOnline is reporting exclusive details about RHOBH Season 4 too! Their report is similar to what we told you, but they are saying Kyle Richards might not return to Season 4. We are sticking by our information and are confident Brandi, Lisa, and Kyle will return! The site reveals Kim and Kyle Richards, Taylor Armstrong, and Yolanda Foster are ALL on the chopping block. “Kim’s addiction storyline has been exhausted and she doesn’t bring anything to the show anymore. Yolanda was brought in as a super-rich trophy wife, but she’s just been so boring to watch and doesn’t add anything to the dynamic of the group. As for Kyle, she is easily replaceable. Producers are looking for over-the-top cast members and would love to have Lionel Richie‘s wife, Brenda and Sylvester Stallone‘s wife, Jennifer on the show,” an insider tells the site.

So why is Bravo looking to replace all these women? “The show has actually had record ratings during the third season, but producers feel that the fighting has just become too personal and viewers have voiced their displeasure at the ugliness of it,” the source says. “Viewers want to see the ladies fighting about showing up to a party wearing the same designer, or not being invited to a swanky party. What viewers don’t like is the constant threat of lawsuits between the ladies, how can they want to sue one another when they are on a reality show for heavens sake? The show needs star power, glamor, excitement, not bickering and constant fighting — and that is what they want for the fourth season.”


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10 Replies to “Exclusive Details: Who’s Returning For RHOBH Season 4?”

  1. Almost certain Trailer Trash is out! Pathetic drunk. Oh, and just in case any of you didn’t know, the “boyfriend” she was talking about last night is MARRIED with children. I can’t stand that piece of garbarge.

  2. Please, Please let it be Kim that does not return. Her story line is sooooo boring. I take my bathroom breaks when she is on. You can take Camille and Taylor too……please keep Yolanda. I want to see more of her but less of her mushy perfect life…we all have issues and we know she does too, so she should share some of that part of her life on the show. So glad Adrienne is gone, with all of her so called money why would she need to stay…..she was sooo boring too! Maybe Paul will stay on the show and be best friends with everyone! LOL! Wouldn’t that piss Adrienne off!!

  3. I think Yolanda should return as a friend of the housewives. She’s barely even on the show. Taylor and Kyle need to go! Thank God Adrienne is leaving. Kim is just too crazy for me to hate. Love Lisa and Brandi.

  4. Camille isn’t even in the opening credits of the show this season…. So I would assume that she would most certainly not be back.

  5. Brandy, Lisa – Definite
    Kyle, Kim, Yolanda – Maybe
    Taylor, Adrienne – Going

    My personal hopes? Yolanda and Kim leave with Taylor and Adrienne. Bring in 3 more wives. Kim has been very distant from the group since Season 2. Yolanda I agree is just boring. Taylor has got very dark and Adrienne, well, less said the better. Although I’m worried taking out several of the wives might have a negative effect.

  6. I just hope they dispose of the trash. Adrian and Paul are absolutly disgusting people. Money doesn’t buy you inner beauty and these two are ugly inside and out with their lies and deception. Their play on words fools no one and I will be happy when I don’t have to watch these two anymore. Brandi and Lisa are just georgous, so glad they are staying on.Kyle has her moments but has floundered this season. She is fast moving to the bottom of my list of favorite cast members with her fence sitting and lack of integrity.

  7. Lol seriously the hottest most interesting ones are on the chopping block? Yolanda is amazing beautiful classy damn she should be on miami housewives. Wow I wouldn’t even watch this show anymore if it were just Lisa and Brandi remaining nobody even likes watching Brandi she should be put on Jerry springer not bravo…. chicks voice even makes me cringe

  8. PLEASE, don’t get rid of Yolanda, she has become my favorite next to Lisa. I agree that I am getting sick of hearing about Kim and her recovery. Adrienne needs to go. Once you are flat out caught lying on camera, we are all done with you. Taylor is irritating, but right now still makes good tv. Faye Resnick needs to be shown the door. It looks terribly obvious that she is just trying to win herself a spot on the show ! It is not her place to go after Brandi, and she keeps trying every single time she can grab a camera. She throwing just a little too much negative into the show, and needs to be shut down. If Kyle Richards wants to keep her spot on the show, she had better distance herself from Faye. This is only going to reflect negatively on her. I think it is funny how people like to bash Brandi, for basically just being honest and unfiltered. I think she is key right now, and should stay.

  9. Brandi should not be allowed to return especially with her nursing assistant friend(who plays on DR. Drew`s rehab program) and states ” she`s some rehab tech and didn`t have a good relationship with the addicts & and is always seen holding a drink, not good. Brandi says” she`s not in a relationship but has sex ( clear fornication) that her children might see. Taylor in adultery because attorney isn`t divorced. Yolanda looks like a man and is trouble maker, needs to be concerned if husband is cheating because he is gone a lot. Lisa uses Brandi to intentionally cause drama and urk Kyle whom she is not a good friend to. If Kyle leaves I`m done.

  10. I hope Lisa, Brandi and Yolanda stay, they make the show worth watching. Kyle WAS one of my favorites until she started always sticking up for Adrienne and bringing her disgusting friend Faye around. If Kyle could go back to the way she was I would be happy with her staying too. The rest of them can go!!!

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