Exclusive Details: What Did Adrienne Maloof Do To Brandi Glanville? Adrienne Denies Suing Brandi

Adrienne Maloof

As the saga between Adrienne Maloof and Brandi Glanville continues on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it looks like we finally have found out what Adrienne did to Brandi that got her so angry. In a recent episode of RHOBH, Brandi and Adrienne come face to face for the first time since Brandi revealed Adrienne’s secrets. Brandi claims that Adrienne’s personal chef, Bernie Guzman, contacted several media outlets to report that Brandi was an unfit mother, that she drinks in front of her children, and more false stories about Brandi’s parenting. A source close to the situation tells us, exclusively, this is why Brandi was angry with Adrienne after the Season 2 Reunion, along with Adrienne’s plan to have all of the women “take down” Lisa. Brandi says she contacted Adrienne after the reports were released and Adrienne said if Bernie did in fact release these stories, she would fire him. Obviously, Adrienne didn’t fire Bernie.

At Lisa Vanderpump’s tea party Adrienne denies suing Brandi. Adrienne states that her lawyers are NOT suing Brandi, and there is NO lawsuit. Brandi stands by the fact that there is a lawsuit, and asks why has she had to spend so much money on legal fees if Adrienne isn’t suing her? An insider tells us, exclusively, that Adrienne sent a cease and desist letter to Brandi, and to Bravo, after Brandi said what she did regarding Adrienne’s personal life. A cease and desist is also known as a gag order, which is what prevented Bravo from airing what Brandi had said, and it also prevents Brandi from speaking publicly about Adrienne’s personal life in the future. Our source tell us that Brandi was saying Adrienne was suing her, and explains Brandi DID have to hire an attorney to represent her when she received the letter that Adrienne was threatening to sue her. Despite Adrienne’s conflicting stories, the lawsuit didn’t go any further than a cease and desist letter which Adrienne and or her lawyers DID send to Brandi.

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17 Replies to “Exclusive Details: What Did Adrienne Maloof Do To Brandi Glanville? Adrienne Denies Suing Brandi”

  1. Adrienne is a liar. In her January 23rd Bravo blog, she admits to suing Brandi and explains that Brandi is not her friend and that is why it is different than Russel and Camielle, and why it’s okay to sue her. It seems as though we are all going to see her true colors this episode.

  2. Brandi needs to stop playing the victim all the time.
    Shut up about your husband.
    Shut up about Kyle
    Shut up about Adrienne.
    Its always someone with her. Yawn
    Adrienne is annoying and boring herself but gawd, Brandi give it a rest already.

  3. Why would Bravo even want Adrienne on the show? If she sent them, as well as Brandi, a cease and desist letter, which they all say happen, it basically puts them all on notice that if anything is said that Adrienne doesn’t like she’s suing them. She doesn’t play fair. If you sign up for a reality show, expect that some of your reality is going to be aired.

  4. Adrienne can’t control the show, so she is trying to throw her weight around. Brandi is an easy target with her language and lack of editing. However, I do believe Adrienne put Bernie up to slandering Brandi in the press and I do believe Adrienne wanted all the ladies to gang up on Lisa at the reunion. Green with jealousy! Adrienne should not get a spin-off. How boring would that be? Watch her date a man 20yrs younger than her? yawn. Its been done and it was boooooring!

    1. Brandi went below the belt it was not her place to say that personal, Brandi so negative no wonder she clutching on to gossip it’s the only thing she does good,

  5. I Knew Since It Happen It Was A Cease And Disist Leter..Which Means Shut Your Classless Mouth About Me And My Family…Or I Will Sue You For Slander Thing. Brandi Herself Said I Have To Go To Her Lawyer Sign A Paper And It Goes Away. I Couldn’t Get Why Bravo/Everyone Was Saying Adrienne Was Sueing Her. They Look Dumb.. Anyone With Any Legal Knowledge Knows That. Do They Actually Think Noone Knew This All Along. UGH! She’s Not Very Smart To Have Spent Any Money On A Lawyer But She Wouldn’t Of Had A Story Line..Oh Adriennes Sueing Me. Lisa And Ken Could Of Told Her That For Free Instead Of Letting Her Play Victim…Again And Going Along With Her Drama And Saying Friends Don’t Sue Friends. I Think Bradi Needs To Learn How To STFU Instead Of Telling Everyone Else To. I Couldn’t Imagine Being Friends With Someone Who If Your Not Getting Along Or Get In A Disagreement They Go Out And Tell Your Personal Family Business. I Would Learn From That And Never Be Friends With That..Lisa Better Watch Out.I Could See Brandi Having A Piles Of These Letters The Way She Just Says Anything About Anyone. JMO!

  6. Brandi does enough damage to her rep as a parent on her own! Also, she is an idiot. Adrienne didn’t sue her. If she did, it would be public record and every blogger would have a copy.

    1. Sending a letter with an Intent to Sue is completely different than going in front of a judge and getting a ruling. Bravo clearly let it slip about the surrogacy on purpose. Using common sense, that was ‘slipped’ a few days before Adrienne’s ‘tell all’ came out in a gossip magazine. What more do you need to realize that all of this is scripted and they do this bull shit for ratings.

      In the first season they all talked about what a horrible parent Brandi was. Remember it started with the party at Adrienne’s when her son peed on the grass. I do agree, I don’t think anyone can leak anything about Brandi that would make any of us think any less of her.

  7. Where were these stories that Bernie released about Brandi published? I don’t ever recall reading anything about a source slamming Brandi. Like I said she does that on her own.

  8. @Deborah…that’s why A is in talks with a spin off with her brothers…less drama and you know that won’t last long on the air. My question is this. If A wasn’t going to tellher boys until they were 10, does she really think they would know what she’s talking about…maybe 18, not 10.

  9. No she didn’t lie. You have selective hearing . She never said which pregnancy and she did give birth to her oldest son. A C&D letter is not “suing” someone. Brandi blew everything out of proportion to get a story line and sympathy card.

  10. Seems to me that Brandi doesn’t understand legal terms, which isn’t a big deal since she’s not a lawyer. Either way, whether it was a lawsuit or a cease & desist lawyer Adrienne did in fact get lawyers involved. Getting a cease & desist letter isn’t meaningless. I think Adrienne looks like she is splitting hairs. Brandi is guilty of not understanding legal terminology and Adrienne looks guilty of not being honest about the extent of their legal situation which she started.

  11. What? Surrogacy? I thought the big secret was that Adrienne was once a man who had sex change. Well, I’m shocked. Because I believe the sex change story more than the surrogacy.

  12. I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Adrienne DID say to Paul that what Brandi said was a big ol’ fat lawsuit (or something very close to that). I’m sure they WANTED to file a lawsuit and probably told everyone they spoke to they were going to file a lawsuit right on up to the minute they spoke to an attorney who actually KNOWS the law. Because then they would find out that they CAN sue her but they WILL NOT win. Slander/libel/”character assassination” is when someone says something about someone else that ISN’T true, what Brandi said was true therefore Adrienne and Paul could not win. If you don’t want your secrets told then maybe reality TV isn’t for you. Oh please Adrienne, you weren’t going to tell your children later, you were never going to tell anyone. This time there just wasn’t enough money to throw at the problem to make it go away. Now I’m just waiting for the surrogate’s interview, face in shadow, voice disguised, more secrets to tell

  13. FINALLY, Brandi has been vindicated. She DID receive the letter which Addriene has repeatedly said absolutely not! A cease & desist is basically saying if u don’t give up your freedom of speech the person will sue u! They are basically used by people who have too much money, too bored & basic a**holes! Just throwing there power around. I’m agree with brandi, I WOULD NEVER GIVE UP MY FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Hello A, it’s 2013! Yes it was not cool what Brandi said, & she fully & freely admits it. But slander can only be used if its NOT true. In your case it is true, therefore no slander lawsuit could be filed. Oh & technically, A was friends with B, she brought her on the show & has known her for years, therefore it’s EXACTLY THE SAME AS RUSSEL & CAMILLE. Wow, we all certainly know hat the Maloof men got most of he brains in that family. O wonder she’s constantly promoting & selling stuff, she is obsessed with being equal to her brothers. Good luck on that!! & having the morally reprensible Faye, funny how hate can bring people together, so sad, on ur side doesn’t does her any favors. Faye now is accusing that Brandi is the reason why A & Paul split. Puhlease, she treated him like crap for years. We saw it for the last few years on tv. He should have left her in the dirt years ago. I hope he finds happiness. I am so happy after Monday I’ll never see her again. She’s a coward that she didn’t do the reunion eps & I can’t stand cowards. Brandi may not have the $$$ but she’s got more class then A. Yes, even with her mouth!!!

  14. Why would adrienne want to hide surrogacy anyway. If she and paul are the twins biological parents then who cares? As a public figure she should stand up for surrogacy and be thankful that it exist. There is no shame in surrogacy.

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