Exclusive Details: Tamra Judge And Vicki Gunvalson Are STILL Friends


A new report this week stated that Real Housewives of Orange County stars Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson are no longer friends because of accusations that Gunvalson’s ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers’ does not have cancer. But we reached out to Tamra, who exclusively tells us that this report is completely false.

“It’s totally false,” Tamra told us of the reports that she is no longer friends with Vicki. “Vicki and I have not had a falling out, she text me immediately when she saw the article and said she had nothing to do with it.”

The two also took to Twitter to shut down the rumors. Vicki wrote, “You know I love you – we have been through too much to turn back now!”

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  • Gigi

    Birds of a feather.

    • Sally

      I agree Gigi, At the moment I don’t have time for either of them. Yes I think they are friends but with a volatile relationship. If not its for story lines which is something I always felt the with Gretchen and Alexis friendships. On saying that with Alexis it might have started that way but I do believe they got to like her in the end.

  • Judge Judy

    The best thing Vicki’s friends can do is mind their own business, as she’s told them to do several times. When you tell someone to back up out of your business and they continue to involve themselves in it, they are in the wrong, period.

    • CSM

      Well Judge Judy, if Vicki didn’t stick her nose into everyone else’s business, perhaps her friends wouldn’t feel they have a right to be in her business. Of course she backs down now because she sees what damage her nose did when she complained about Slade and made comments about the other wives. I don’t feel bad for Vicki because she has brought all this on herself. She got so jealous when Tamra and Gretchen made amends. Then all the crying over Donn and the crying she did in Costa Rica. She is just silly. If she isn’t crying she is screaming. And the only reason she made friends with Alexis was because of the whole Tamra and Gretchen jealousy. The other thing is why oh why does Vicki go on about Tamra being a true friend and demand all this loyalty when she can’t offer the same loyalty in return? Vicki is a total mess and she needs psychological counseling. She is way too needy. In every personal relationship she has smothered them with her neediness. Donn’s, her kids, her brother, her mother, her employees and even Brooks. She cheated on Donn and treated him like trash but then cried and boo hooed about how she failed her marriage. Of course a marriage will fail if you cheat. It is just sad that this lady can be so successful in business but really suck at life!

  • I believe they truly love one another. They have been on the show for 7 seasons together and have been through a lot together. To say they never argue would be ridiculous, but they seem to get closer every time they make up. To continue a friendship with the added pressure of this show is something I admire.

  • Milivanili

    Both of them are crazy. They deserve eachother’s company. Vicki is bat shit lunatic and Tamra is a shit stirrer… so shit tends to shit together.

    • Amy

      Yup!!! Nailed it

  • One Rotten Egg

    Bottom line–they don’t want another Jill Zarin moment, fearing they will be fired.

  • CassyJ

    Well of course Tamra is staying close, she likes when all the ladies like her and not Vicki. She often stirs the pot so Vicki gets the shaft so she only has Tamra.

  • These two are so dysfunctional. It’s almost as painful as the Vicki/Brooks relationship. It’s a matter of convenience at this point…Let’s stay friends because we are both the biggest bi&&&#es on the show so we don’t want to fight with each other:)

  • RealSandy

    I don’t know what to believe. I see Tamra as loving the cameras and never wanting this gig to end. I think she may actually be friends with Vicki, but she also knows that all along Vicki has been the OG and being friends with her is in her best interest rather than not being friends when it comes to staying on the show. Friends do have arguments and then get over it and move on if they are truly friends too. Unless I could get inside either of their minds, I cannot say either way what is real, i have my doubts about it all.

  • Jake

    Tamra is good at throwing her friends under the bus then backing up quickly when others are commenting and the others actully get the blame. I think this season she still had in mind to call out brooks. Clearly.

    • Sally

      Well Jake, We have an expression in Scotland ‘away ye go’ it means disbelief, I agree with you! Lol

  • Cin

    Hey Bravo — listen up — let’s get rid of the old and bring in the new. Tamra & Vicki are not fun to watch – same old stuff every year….

  • Coochie-Coochie

    Thay are sharks from the same tank….

  • DebBrenn

    I have to believe Tamra has something on Vicki that keeps them “friends.” Tamra was most definitely the one that most instigated the suspicion of Brooks, and by now Vicki has to know that. But she’s blaming Shannon. Something’s rotten in Denmark.

  • patricia

    I’ve always liked Shannon. But she needs to watch out for Tamra, Heather, & Meagan. They seem to have pushed her into their story line that Brooks is lying about cancer. Now they seem to be backing away & Vicki is mad at Shannon??? His medical condition is his personal business. (I thought I heard him say that doctor Heather went to had this specific treatment, not that he was treating him).

    • RHOBHLover

      I would be questioning it too. Firstly because of the number of inconsistencies in the story. Secondly because, as a medical student, I have studied resveratrol, and there is no consistent or accepted evidence that it could ever treat cancer. Finally, Brooks has a history of lying about having cancer.

  • VaNonna

    I think Tamara needs to stay on Vicki’s good side, I think she worries about the OG, but I think she has something on Vicki too because they seem to kiss each other’s butts. Tamara has been still up to her old games and Vicki should be mad at her, yet she isn’t but got mad at Shannon. They deserve each other.

    • janet

      I remember Vickie being afraid to completly have Shannon’s back before, because she didnt want to piss of Tamra, she feared Tamra going after Brooks. So Tamra probably has something on Brooks. Thats not the kind of friend I would want. I actually had a friend like that a few years ago, and I ended up so pissed off with the stuff she did to me, that I no longer feared her enough to tolerate her anymore, and I told her we could no longer have anything to do with oneanother. I stuck to it and even though we live on the same street, I pretend she doesnt exist. Vickie should do the same.

      • I think they both HAVE A LOT on each other. If that’s the criteria for keeping quiet, then they both should be afraid. I believe that the show spotlights anyone’s flaws, because it is drama for the viewing masses, afterall. If they were boring, we wouldn’t watch at all. I think Tamra is truthful about her journey, and although she has done and said some really questionable things, she has never proclaimed to be anything but what she is. I don’t like the nick name she has, because I haven’t seen her doing anything to earn it. She was a faithful wife, and didn’t go out with any other men but Eddie after her separation. She didn’t whore around ever on the show. She was honest about her youth. I see her and Viki as growing and learning as best they can. They have forgiven each other and both of them have done things to each other that requires apology and forgiveness. I didn’t like that Viki just believed what Lizzie said without even giving Tamra a chance to explain. And that whole thing with Shannon. Tamra told others for a compassionate reason, and Shannon punished her for it. More than Heather, who told others in a spiteful way, and a whole restaurant full of gossiping women. When Lizzie told Shannon that Tamra had said she had little green men in her head it made me see what a s–t stirring little brat she was. Lizzie likely asked Tamra why Shannon was acting crazy, and she answered ” because of the little green men in her head.”Just one of those off the cuff remarks, not sitting Lizzie down and saying “I think Shannon has little green men in her head” Lizzie went to every friend of Tamra’s and told them half truths about things that were said, out of context, as if they were gospel. If that wasn’t to cause Tamra to lose friends, why did she do it? Out of the goodness of her heart? I think not. She wanted the place Tamra had, and for a night on the beach, she got it. She then tried to talk them all out of forgiving someone they had known for years, not weeks. What a bitch. Half truths and lies don’t stand up against friendship that was forged for years. All because Tamra had a sick child the night of her Bd party. Tamra proved the whole thing about supposedly her not telling Lizzie ’till she was on the bus was a lie too. Tamra texted her, and she texted back throughout the evening. The funny thing is the argument was about Brooks, then too.

      • CSM

        Vick has tons of secrets! She tries to shut Brianna down every time Brianna wants to talk about things that Vicki has done in the past. She is always whining about what Brianna says in front of the cameras. She did the same with Lori. She would shut Lori down the same way. Vicki needs to quit worrying about men and concentrate on her family.

        • Lori came back whining about something that happened 7 years before that Viki had already explained, to justify telling secrets. Then she implies the only thing that could be taken from what she said, and covered herself by saying “I never once said you had sex with anyone” The only thing that could be taken from what she told Wretch was exactly what was taken from it. I hate it when people who were once friends come back after a falling out and tell secrets that were told to them in confidence. That is a bad character flaw, IMO. Like Wretch saying Viki lied about her marriage. I don’t remember her ever talking about any infidelity problems in their marriage until they had been separated for a few years. She did say she saw Wretch kissing the guy she was seeing while she was “engaged” to Jeff. They actually have photos of her doing more than giving him a friendship kiss. I know this is about Viki and Tamra, these are the people who have had a hand in the fallouts between them.
          I have often wondered how one would stay completely neutral with all of the women. Like seriously how would one stay completely out of it? How could you be completely loyal to all of them? With much difficulty, which is why only very few women have ever accomplished it. When Tamra or Viki remains totally loyal to each other, and another wife has an argument with one of them, what would I do? I ask myself that sometimes.

  • Anonymous

    Tamra is gonna have to pick between Vicki and Meaghan and I feel dummy Barbie will be run over by a bus lol

  • Rain

    Tamra and Vicky and their dysfunctional friendship! Getting tedious and predictable

  • Rain

    I feel Tamra is done with meaghan now! Under the bus she will go LOL. Just wait for the reunion

  • sidewinderVX

    Always remember they just won the real housewives award for most believable reconciliation, proving that a majority of viewers didn’t believe the display Lisa V. and Kyle put on (So nice to know a majority of people didn’t buy that)

    • Rain

      I feel these awards are unfair because people only focus on whatever RH franchise is currently playing so in this case it was OC

      • sidewinderVX

        Well that’s not true.

        out of 11 categories OC won 3, New York won 3 an BH got 2 so it’s hardly a drastic shift.

        It’s more likely people just didn’t believe Lisa and Kyles fake friendship.

  • I am pleased to know that Lisa and Kyle probably couldn’t care less who believes it. They have been doing the show since the first day, and have hopefully learned that ragers gotta rage. It is probably more interesting for a lot of viewers when they are not getting along. They were friends long before housewives and the pressure of the show got to both of them. They both said and did things that hurt the other and they have forgiven and moved on.They are my favorite housewives.

    • sidewinderVX

      lol hey are the two housewives across all franchises that care what the others think the most.

  • myst7

    then Bravo can give both of them the boot….Andy should announce on the reunion show for more drama like Project Runway in or out and kiss the loser on the checks…

  • Tamra has been on longer than anyone but Viki. Viki knows who Tamra is, and Tamra knows who Viki is. I know Tamra got the psychic there, but she didn’t have nearly as much to say as everyone else. And she kept Viki informed like a good friend should. We have the right to comment, but we are not the ones who are friends with ether one. I never understood why everyone says things like “they are fame whores who don’t want the gig to end” Do you know, and have you seen, how many women try for the show. There have been many who made it, especially on OC, and many who are in a lot of episodes, kind of auditioning for the part, like Sara. Why wouldn’t they want to have the continued success and the journey of being part of a cultural phenomena? I don’t see why they are being belittled for being on the show. It’s a used up pot shot that’s getting pedantic.

    • Kelly

      You sure do talk about if both sides of your mouth. If it’s Tamra and Vicki or Kyle and Lisa then they could possibly not be doing this for TV, it’s real and they want to be part of history. If it is BG or Heather then they are terrible people who only do things for camera time. I think all these women do everything they do for the camera. I don’t think the relationships are as close off camera as they want us to believe they are on camera. However like any statement made like this, it is just my assumption. Not fact as you seem to talk in.

      • Where did I ever say BG or Heather only did anything for camera time. You must be thinking of someone else. Lisa said herself she had a lot of reasons to do the show. I don’t see why people keep taking potshots at them for DOING THE SHOW. It was my own interpretation that they might be doing it to be part of a cultural phenomena, or remaining because of it. They couldn’t have known when they did the first season it would become what it did. Lisa said herself she probably wouldn’t have gotten her book published with such success without the show. Why would they need to lie about liking doing the show.
        But that’s OK that you got me mixed up with others, there are a lot of long threads and I think we all have gotten one mixed up with another. If I did actually say something that, then please refer me to the exact place. You must have read that somewhere, so it would be easy for you to find it. The facts I speak of here are facts. From the first season OC has had a lot of different housewives. Some of them were on the beginning, and then they had a few one season girls. I remember a woman from the 3rd season of NY, she was a party planner and the girls went over there right after Bethenny’s Dad died and there was that scene between Jill and Ramona about why didn’t she tell her about it. She was auditioning to be on the show and didn’t make it. I don’t remember where I heard that, but I think it was on an old WWHL they talked about how women get on the show. Some of the early ones, like the beginning of NY, sent tapes. In the OC Michael, Viki’s son did an interview in the 100th episode special I think it was telling us that him and his friends are the ones who heard about the casting for the show and they thought it was going to be about them.
        Having an opinion about why they might be doing the show is not talking from both sides of my mouth, Beth. The things I refer to as facts, I have seen on the show or read in one of their own blogs. I don’t have to site my source every time I say anything. I know this is a PC world, but I don’t care.

      • I see you have realized I wasn’t the one who said it & you just can’t acknowledge it. I do dislike it when posters accuse others of saying something, and then when it is discounted or questioned you never come back to finish it. Why bother saying something directly to someone if you won’t try to prove it if you still think it’s true, or just admit you made a simple mistake. You could have easily made your point without maligning me and not backing it up.

        • Sally


  • smh

    Tamara is trash and Vicki is an idiot for continually going back to her as a “friend”..