EXCLUSIVE Details: Why Did Rino And Teresa Aprea Divorce?


Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers were shocked Sunday night when Victoria Gotti alleged that Rino Aprea cheated on his wife Teresa with her mother, Santa. We were also shocked by the claims, so we reached out to our show insiders who tell us that Gotti’s claims are false.

“Rino did not have an affair with Santa,” our source EXCLUSIVELY tells us. “It’s very obvious this storyline was pieced together by the producers of the show. The scene with Victoria Gotti was filmed later than the rest of the season.”

Our source also reveals that when Teresa divorced Rino after their first seven years of marriage, it was because of his relationship with a “stripper,” and they remarried eleven years later.

“The Aprea family was not aware these allegations were made until recently and they are very angry,” the insider adds.

Photo Credit: Bravo/Getty Images

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6 comments on “EXCLUSIVE Details: Why Did Rino And Teresa Aprea Divorce?

  1. They were probably young when they married and not fully mature as individuals yet. As young adults grow up, they often tend to grow apart as well and desiring other folks.

  2. Teresa was the one who said in her “talking head” shot, that rino “screwed everyone” and that was ok.
    Really don’t know why Gotti would make up such an awful “story”, if there were not some truth behind it………

  3. Really, who cares? The twins are so annoying! They remind me of two hyper dressed up chihuahuas they just keep yapping and yapping. They are nice enough but after about 5 minutes you just want them to shut up!

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