Exclusive Details: The RHOBH Cast Films Season 4 Reunion


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills taped the season 4 reunion on Friday. Brandi Glanville revealed early last week, “My hair is falling out, my skin is a mess. Welcome to reunion week.” Details about the reunion have been kept tight lipped, but Andy did tweet some photos of the women writing, “Oh LORD we JUST wrapped #RHOBHReunion – it is a DOOZY. Very emotional.”  Also sharing, “Still shooting #RHOBHReunion – all I can say is I would’ve made a damn good therapist.”

Yolanda Foster tweeted, “The truth was prevailed, some mistakes acknowledged & apologies were made!”

Brandi acted traumatized by the day, tweeting, “I’m exhausted! @JenniferGimenez @PeterMarkSalon @markhasche saved my life today! Goodnight ! That’s all.” Adding, “I want my mommy my daddy and my … Gaygent- goodnight.”

Bravo keeps details of the reunion very quiet, but insiders EXCLUSIVELY tell us that this will be one of the most dramatic and intense reunions of RHOBH ever. “Brandi [Glanville] was in the hot seat throughout the entire reunion,” our source reveals. “Brandi is careless in what she says, but gets very nervous when actually confronted. She and Lisa [Vanderpump] squared off for comments made behind each of their backs and in the media. Joyce [Giraud] also gave it to Brandi for her ill-mannered comments and behavior this season.”

“Yolanda Foster didn’t hold back when it came to calling out Lisa [Vanderpump]. Lisa does not like to be confronted by anyone, and the change in the divide of the women was very evident. Lisa defended her new relationship with Joyce to the other women and was shocked when she was accused of instigating rumors of Mauricio Umansky’s affair.”

“Of course Carlton [Gebbia] went after Kyle [Richards], but Kyle handled herself well. Kim [Richards] joined in when some of the ladies were accusing Lisa of being manipulative and fake.”

Our insider teases, “And this is just the beginning! This is going to be one hell of a reunion for viewers to watch.”

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  • Cin

    I may have to skip this — Carlton is a mess and I don’t want to be subjected to her idiotic behavior.

  • Dee

    Finally go after the phony fake Lisa who has no real story line except promoting Sur! She is a phony!

    • Why so jealous?

      • blahvo

        I love how anyone who doesn’t like Lisa is always accused of being jealous. Always trying to deflect just like mama Lisa!

  • Jody

    Why does everyone fawn all over Lisa? Does money buy the adoration? What about a higher purpose which might include God?

    • blahvo

      I agree. Must be the British charm. I find her boring and hardly as interesting as she thinks she is…you can so tell she absolutely loves attention and “fame”