Exclusive Details: Look at RHOC Star Tamra Judge’s New Home

RHOC star Tamra Judge and her husband Eddie are in the process of buying a new home in Convenant Hills Gated Community, and we have a look inside their new place.

Tamra’s new house is beautiful and an insider exclusively tells us that she plans on “remodeling the entire interior” of her new home which “will take weeks.” The couple is not living in their new house yet. They are still “finalizing loose ends of the deal.”

The sale of Tamra’s house is still pending and the purchase price has not been revealed. The gated home’s last asking price was $1.689 million in August of this year. This will be Tamra and Eddie’s new home, as they are selling their Ladera Ranch property.

You can check out these photos of Tamra’s pad before renovation here, courtesy of Bowman Group Architectural Photography:

Congratulations and good look to Tamra and Eddie! I can’t wait to see what it will look like after Tamra decorates the place.


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  1. love the house and the blues… as much as this lady gets on my nerves – have to say this is the best she’s ever looked – beautiful.

      1. The face-lift she has had was really good. Very subtle and she don’t look super pulled. Vicki should contact Tamra’s doctor if she having anything else done. When it comes to plastic surgery and ‘looking young’ there is always a fine balance between what looks natural and what looks fake. Only a few of the Wives across all the cities have got it right.

  2. Looks like a beautiful place. If they’re planning on remodeling the entire house it’s going to take more than “weeks”. Just getting the existing decor out of there will be an improvement, IMO.

      1. For redecorating, maybe, but remodeling, to me, means wall removed, floors torn up, kitchen gutted etc. Should be interesting to see.

      1. If that happens, I’ll watch. I’m all sorts of jealous this am, it’s 30 with wind chill of 18…brrrrrrr….and scrubs are not warm!

  3. It can and there’s always the being sterile issue. I just have to think of the 100 degree days.
    Tamara looks great in this picture, she should keep her hair in a long bob!

  4. Horse flies are big ass flies, they are annoying, will not leave you alone and “bite”. They always seem to hang around the pool, esp. in FL!

  5. Beautiful home, but I hope they can really afford it. HW’s is not forever and unless they paid a huge chunk of $$ on a down payment and have a relatively low mortgage, they may not be able to sustain a higher mortgage over the years. Plus, I hope they’re not spending all her salary without putting a good amount in savings. Once this show hits the skids, neither one of them will find themselves employable. She has a lot of family to support as well.

  6. I’ve lived in Orange County and Minnesota. Believe me, California has nothing like the bugs we see in the Midwest or even in Florida and Alaska (where I have also spent a good deal of time). The bugs that are around in OC aren’t even noticeable to someone who has lived just about anywhere else. They also don’t have the wild bird and squirrel populations seen elsewhere.

    1. I never really thought about it either till the other day I noticed a fly in my house…few and far between for me. Now the damn scorpions are another discussion 🙂

  7. Yeah lol It took me 5 months to dare get back into my bed after one got me 5 times one night when I was sleeping (I woke up FAST!). I slept on the couch and even now 6 years later I don’t get in or out of bed without the light on and checking the sheets really good. Someone told me to take a blacklight to find them and I laughed and said I don’t WANT TO FIND THEM I’m good thanks! I never knew the antidote for the poisonous ones is like 4500 either. I didn’t have to get it cause the one that got me wasn’t one of the “bad ones” – um sorry but they’re all bad

  8. And then a fire came and burnt the whole thing up….now, seriously, the style is not my cup of tea, I am more minimalist, it must be my Northern European genes, I hate lots of furniture just to fill the space, dislike the bling. also need seasons, that’s why I love New England. I hope she leaves the show, and spends her days reading the bible by the pool (now that she’s baptized) and sipping mojitos and margaritas

  9. Looks amazing already to me. I am a bit jealous that they can afford that from fighting on TV. They are not as dumb as they seem and not going anywhere.

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