Exclusive Details: Kelly Dodd Says Vicki Gunvalson Told Her Dr. Terry Dubrow Has Killed Patients

RHOC star Kelly Dodd has had a problem with revealing information that co-star Vicki Gunvalson tells her about the rest of the cast.

Kelly has said in the past that Vicki told her that Shannon Beador’s husband, David Beador, beat her and that Tamra Judge’s husband, Eddie Judge, was possibly gay and cheating on her.

Kelly appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Monday evening and let something else slip that Vicki told her, and this time it has to do with former RHOC star Heather Dubrow and her husband Dr. Terry Dubrow.

Kelly said that Vicki told her that Terry has killed some of his patients.

Andy said, “Kelly, if someone told you that your boob doctor killed his previous patients on the surgery table right before you were going in for her surgery, what would you do in that situation?”

Kelly responded saying, “That’s what Vicki said about Terry Dubrow so…um…I was like…”

After everyone in the audience and Andy gasped with shock Kelly added, “Yeah, I swear. Promise. That’s why Heather got mad.”

Kelly originally said this on the explosive bus-ride in Ireland last season and it was edited out of the final cut.

“Vicki also told Kelly that Jimmy Edmonds is gay and that didn’t make it to air,” an insider exclusively tells us of that infamous bus-ride. “That’s why all of the cast have problems with Vicki this season. She bashed all of their husband’s after they questioned her man, Brooks, the year before.”

UPDATE: Kelly retracts her statement on Twitter.

Are you surprised Vicki talked about all her co-star’s husbands?

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99 Replies to “Exclusive Details: Kelly Dodd Says Vicki Gunvalson Told Her Dr. Terry Dubrow Has Killed Patients”

  1. Vicki is a weasel. No I am not surprised. She is always running her mouth whether its true or not and then tries to deflect and blame anyone else but herself. I would not want to ever be around her if I were any of them. She has jumped the shark.

    1. I think Vicki is going after the other wives husband to deflect from any one bringing up Brooks or looking to close at the new boyfriend. Vicki uses Kelly as her little mouth piece, let me change that to big mouth piece.

    2. Vicki is doing what Aries do best, cause drama!! Both Shannon and Vicki have the same issue of creating drama when attacked. Maybe they are related to Trump considering they both act just like him!!

  2. Vicky used to be level headed….she has got so out of control since Brooks. Needs to keep the lips shut!! Loosing ALL her friends. Even her daughter knows she is loose lipped. Needs a reality check!!!

  3. That’s what malicious gossip does, causes major problems.
    Vicki wanted to get even by spreading bad stuff on the other women husbands. Hurt people-hurt people.
    Kelley was out of place to pass this on to the public in general.
    Wrong, wrong, wrong!!. All of it.

      1. That is truth. In this case, Vicki has gone over board attacking each housewife’s husband. Two wrongs never adds up to a “Right”.

    1. Yes and hurt people begets even more hate, hence Shannon and Tamra’s feelings towards Vicky for her hurt words. Vicky is despicable.

    2. Kelly could be sued for slander by announcing it on TV to millions of viewers and she needs to learn when to keep her mouth shut. Kelly does not realize it but she has the same vile attitude her mother has. Michael does not realize how lucky he is they are separated now.

            1. ugh…she sure know how to pick losers – but they say you attract what you are…
              I always thought Don was a good guy though?!

  4. What’s with the gay crap. First it was Eddie now it’s Megan’s husband. She really needs to be called out on her crap.

  5. This is unconscionable, unforgivable and unbelievable of Kelly to have even said let alone claimed it was gossip from Vicki. This Is a man’s life and his career! No one should be cavalier with claims of killing others! Please do not forward this or give it life. What if this was your family member? With fame comes responsibility and words have power.

    “How would your life be different if…You walked away from gossip and verbal defamation? Let today be the day…You speak only the good you know of other people and encourage others to do the same.”
    ― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

      1. Sometimes it takes just one to stand up and say this has gone too far. Today was my day. These statements are real and they hurt real people and they will also be out on the internet forever. Forever is a long time to have something so ugly out there for no reason then a woman looking for her fifteen more minutes of fame. Remember, in this day and age people tend to be judged guilty first rather than innocent. Can you imagine the impact on careers, family, future and reputation?

        Thanks for the Support. I rarely speak up or even respond to these things but I could not remain silent on this.

  6. No doubt Vicky will be going after Kelly in 3 2 1 — Vicky needs to go- she is on a take down crusade for all that no longer want to associate with her- she has a successful career / plenty money (?) -retire -go –

  7. these women get paid to gossip and act insane, I mean look at Shannon! She needs a psychiatrist and so does Kelly, Tamara and Vicki

  8. Technically, we do not know Vicki said it. We have Kelly swearing she did. Well, imho NO ONE should be saying it. I do not care for rumors but this one is just so wrong on every level it boggles the mind she put that in her mental Rolodex as a possible Retort to any question. When one hears stuff like that normal people file it under: Wish I had never heard this. This should never be uttered again.

    1. Teresa even if Vicki in fact did say this, possibly in jest over a glass of wine which is their norm, Kelly had absolutely no right whatsoever to put that out there. This is NOT the 1st time Kelley repeated what Vicki said to her in private. That’s not a good friend. Infact, that’s not a friend period!!!

      1. I don’t know about the jest part but absolutely, Kelly is as bad for repeating it. Why on earth did Kelly think it was Okay to say this? I am baffled.

  9. So Vicki said TERRIBLE things about EVERYONE’s spouse or partner yet only SHANNON gained 40 pounds and blamed it on Vicki. Sorry Shannon, no one else got fat because of Vickie. You did it to yourself and your good looking husband would walk if he had a brain. NOT because of the weight but because you are a self centered dummy. Your lack of basic computer knowledge that any 4th grader would have is sickening. You are just lazy and self centered. Why make your poor kids and husband eat your diet crap, btw? THEY aren’t 40 pounds over weight. Fix them a decent meal.

  10. Yes, it is!
    It is raining, cloudy and it feels like winter! Hooray! We need the Rain!
    Oh, I was able to see a bit of the Northern, Lights Glow! Beautiful…
    How is Northern Cali?
    I haven’t watched the news in weeks, are the fires finally contained?

  11. Truth always comes out just not when we want it to…….let’s look at facts: it is a fact David beat Shannon so that is truth: It is long rumored Eddie was lover of Step dad why he was adopted and took his name in mid 20’s FACT: time will tell if we know he is Gary or not but I don’t think anyone would be surprised FACT: Terry having patient die on table that would be easy to prove it either happened or didn’t and so if someone in OCC can find out we will know if True: Jim Edmonds gay or not is unlikely more of a cheater but again if true that will come out.

  12. Yet Vicky is still there and Heather Dubrow is gone? Yeah, makes perfect sense. People need to sue her sorry ass. What a vicious, malicious liar she is.

  13. Wow!! Vicki sure brags about being a Christian and going to heaven but I wonder, when her time comes, will God really be all that proud of her? She needs to spend a little more time in prayer and a lot less times gossiping apparently.

  14. If this was said on the bus in Ireland, I wonder why it wasn’t aired. I can bet you heather threatened to sue them and becasme miss uppity

    1. Bravo loves to edit for a number of reasons.
      I am sure we will be seeing the lost snippets of the infamous Celtic Bus Ride during the reunion..

    1. Heather knew the direction of the show was on it’s way down.
      She was smart to leave when she did..
      The Season, with the Ireland Trip was the beginning of the end.
      Heather seemed like the only pilar of sanity and she even lost it with the Women!
      Now the OC is in the sewer and in my estimation unwatchable.

    1. Hmmmm, I wonder who made her retract her statement? That sounds like something Kelly would never think to do on her own. This show is completely out of hand.

  15. This is disgusting nothing like tarnishing someone’s name is there i thought i like Kelly Dodd but how can she say that then retract it like she was flustered f**k off could of destroyed his career

  16. This reunion will be verrrrry interesting to say the leastt. I can’t wait. No popcorn and wine, just the wine! Ugg, do people actually ruin a good glass of wine with popcorn??! Cheese, and good crackers only, lol.

  17. Ya know, I TOTALLY believe Vicki told Kelly this information; however, Kelly is the one that said it publicly. Then she retracted it. How in the world is Kelly going to prove Vicki told her? Classic Vicki getting someone else to do her dirty work, and I believe Kelly got suckered in. Vicki makes me sick and Kelly is just not too bright.

    1. Excellent point . Again I question this peculiar timing right before the filling of the reunion. It’s all so calculated

      1. I still think Kelly screwed up big time. She never knows where to draw the line. Of course Vicki tweeted “I never said that”! OK, Vicki.

  18. Ahhhh, lucky you! It’s been years but have nothing against it. It was always nite nite time for me afterwards 🙂

  19. Icky Vicky had a good man once…Don! and what did she do…make him feel like a piece of crap because he wanted a life that was more than money and her stupid “woo hoo” and now she’s a bitter petty betty because the rest of them are married and at least pretending to be happy

  20. I know there was an incident when he mishandled a jay walker and pretty much beat the crap out of him. The walker sued the dept. and won a judgment for something like 250k (or a bit more). He has/had a bad temper. I “think” there was another incident, but honestly, I’m too lazy to google it. Like I said, it is out there. It’s not hard to dig up. Happy googling!!!

  21. Awww, thanks for remembering/asking!! That girl is still licking and pulling off her bandages!! Took her back for a re-check and vet actually gave her valium. Valium doesn’t stop her, though. I might take them at this point, lol – j/k. He said if she doesn’t quit, he may actually put a plaster cast on her leg to make her stop the licking. He also told me to put tobasco sauce on her outer bandages and she would quit. Not so – bandages were torn off by the next morning. We just re-bandgage every single time. I’m at a loss. Sorry about the novel!!

    1. Please pardon me for eavesdropping, I do post here so Minx can vouch for me. I am an animal lover, and have researched many options for biting, itching, scratching etc. Have they researched food allergies, hope so.
      My daughters beloved dogs were a mess; we took them off all grain and poultry, went with fish based grain free food,and they are given plain goats milk kefir just a tiny bit daily as well as salmon oil. No treats with by products.
      Missing everyone here, I’m so busy this time of year.
      God bless, I will pray for you and your fur baby.

      1. Thank you for your interest!! Much appreciated. Food allergies have not even come up in conversation. We buy her food from the vet and not a grocery store food. He recommended this particular food about a yr. ago for weight management. The only treats she gets are carrots and I puree fresh fruit, freeze them in ice cube trays for something different. Also, squash & zucchini. Nothing packaged. He says it’s an OCD thing. Again, I appreciate your imput! Have a great day!

  22. I had to bounce yesterday, had to whip up dinner for the main man! What’s not to love about 80’s music – Bon Jovi, Poison, Def Leppard, Metallica, Journey, Bryan Adams, ACDC…could go on and on – LOL. Who are your favs?

  23. Pop girl, huh….we are opposites, yet the same!!! XOXOXO Yes, he is! I was a huge Bon Jovi fan, until Richie Sambora was removed. Matter of fact, I was at the the last concert where they were all on stage – haven’t seen them since.

  24. I know, riiiiight? Just how dumb is Kelly?? Terry and Heather are NOT going to let this slide, guaranteed! More to come on this issue…..

  25. Oh yeah, my vet recommended bitter apple as well. Thanks for the suggestion of rubbing alcohol (not vodka, right)? LOL. Ya know, I’m going to give that a try. I think she liked the tabasco! T/Y

  26. Yes, believe it or not the last time they were on stage together was in Lubbock! And they say nothing happens here. Probably, but have skipped last two tours, no Richie, no kt! LMAO!

  27. John is a Jersey boy too, and he lives within about a 20 minute drive from me. I actually met one of his neighbors, a nurse married to a financial guy, a few years ago. John has a chateau on the River. (But I never ran into him…yet). Some people at my former health club used to run into Springsteen at the other club location, but I only ran into..Peter Criss,( the hideous cat) drummer of Kiss at my former health club, and he was antisocial unless you were very blonde, younger and looked like a model…like his model wife. He looked so strange, showing up with very dark sunglasses, very black dyed hair that was way too dark for a man of his age and he used to say what to me (and others I knew) sounded like… profanities under his breath, at anyone who happened to be talking anywhere near him as he pedaled away on whatever machine he was on…yup. He did. Then I heard he got…a rare case of breast cancer as a man, and he was vocal about it…so maybe he changed…? (I went off on a tangent there. He happens to live in my town too…somewhere and I don’t care where.)
    Bon Jovi’s plush mansion is located at 722 Navesink River Road, Middletown Township, New Jersey…

  28. My dog loved that bitter stuff…loved it. I wish I knew about the alcohol. Now he is okay, but as a puppy, he chewed a lot.

  29. I never approached Cat man. I never wanted to either.
    When I was young, however, I was out in a club with a very outgoing friend of mine and she said who does that look like, pointing to an albino with long white hair, and I said, it looks like Johnny Winter. She said, it is, and we are going to go talk with him!!
    I said…no, why bother him? She just pulled my arm and went up to him.
    He was drinking straight bourbon…and he had some of his band with him. She urged him to play for us, so as the club was closing, he borrowed the band tht was playing’s instruments and asked me what I wanted him to sing! I said, Rock N Roll Hoochie Koo please. He played it..and everyone was gone except me and my friend, Pam. OMG!
    Then after the show he…started flirting with me, but I did not let that go anywhere. He was complimenting my clothing a bit much…and then he went off in his limo to NYC.
    I may have told you this one. He was a fantastic performer. Rest in peace Johnny.

  30. She’s just desperate and can’t be alone even if it’s someone she doesn’t like . At least Shannon loves David

  31. No, I was always a Jon girl but I guess more, the band as a whole – Jon has always preached about the brotherhood etc., but kinda when push came of shove it was more about the tour. Richie wanted to take a break – Jon’s daughter had just overdosed and RS wanted to take time to be with his daughter, Ava – who is stunningly beautiful – and Jon pretty much said no, you’re done. Jon has changed over the last several years – IMO. He wants to buy and NFL team so bad – but for some reason they won’t have him. I still love Bon Jovi – when they were Bon Jovi – if that makes any sense?!
    No other HW right now – course gotta have my Walking Dead!!! That’s really about it – oh Arrow – Stephen Amell, girl – he’s hot!!! That’s all I have my DVR set for – you?

  32. You know some are and some aren’t…I have met several musicians and others, some are very appreciative of their fans and others well – need to pull the stick outta their ass! Bret Michaels, very friendly and sweet – same with Dave Navarro. George Strait was shy?! Brad Paisley – hilarious! Daryl Johnston – Dallas Cowboy – so sweet, Troy Aikman, well he flirted – LMAO. Bob Seger, wanted to take him home and cuddle with him, he is like a teddy bear. Hank Williams, Jr – uhhhhh – not friendly. Ryan Seacrest total douche! My point is…just talk to them and if they are asses, that’s their issue. You never know you might have funnnnn…..

  33. Last year I was all about Kelly. Now she’s a junior Tamra and she makes me sick. Who needs enemies with friends like her.

  34. I guess cause there is big $$ and tax relief (not going to get political – lol)!
    I will check out Potomac. I’ve seen the ads, but always prefer recommendations! I miss out BH ladies!
    Another recommendation is that the boy who is autistic? I don’t really watch medical shows either…wonder why?!
    Wellllll…..did you google him?! Thoughts…reactions?!

  35. Oh gosh, it’s been different ways, Bret Michaels was a solo show and he hung out afterwards. Some were chance meetings, my hubs also knows a musician so sometimes we have an in. Saw Troy at a little restaurant/bar in Dallas, random. But as a almost 6′ blonde, I tend to stick out in a crowd too – LMAOOOO
    Wouldn’t that be amazing to see Tina Turner live?!?!?!??!?! Wow, I think we would just sit there in amazement. Hubs and I saw Paul McCartney (didn’t get to meet him, I would have turned totally shy and not been able to speak) but the whole concert I sat there and thought – I’m in the same room – ROOM – with a Beatle!!! My ultimate would be to meet Mr. Kid Rock.
    Rain, you’ve got me all worked up this morning and ready to rock out!!!! Love ya girl!

  36. “want her sweat to him me” and “only if he grabs me” you are just too fabulous for words. I’m reading Bruce’s autobiography.

  37. Me too!
    I will have to DVR as well, my son is currently working on research for autism – different ways to teach skills like math, through video games.
    Yes, TGIF – I’ll be MIA this weekend, work calls!!!

  38. Ok Minx, I tried the rubbing alcohol yesterday afternoon, then before bed and again this morning. I just dabbed all over, front and back. You know what? The bandage is STILL on!!! Maybe this was just the trick needed. T/Y soooo much! I don’t put much past this girl, but so far so good.

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