Exclusive Details Of Jacqueline Laurita’s Return To RHONJ Season 6


There have been so many differing reports after it was confirmed Jacqueline Laurita will be returning to The Real Housewives of New Jersey this season. From chatter that she is back full-time to reports that she only filmed one scene with Kathy Wakile, we have reached out to our insiders and have some EXCLUSIVE scoop for you!

“Jacqueline Laurita will be appearing in season 6 of RHONJ,” our source tells us. “Producers are considering bringing Laurita back for season 7 because they believe this season has been a total flop and they want more drama.”

“Filming for season 6 has not completely wrapped,” our insider explains. “Bravo will resume filming to capture Teresa and Joe Giudice’s sentencing, and they will be filming additional scenes that will involve Jacqueline.”

“Jacqueline is expected to appear in the last 6 episodes of the season,” our insider adds.

Jacqueline will also be appearing on Caroline Manzo’s spin-off show, Manzo’d With Children. The show will air on Bravo this October.

How do you feel about Jacqueline’s return?

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25 Replies to “Exclusive Details Of Jacqueline Laurita’s Return To RHONJ Season 6”

  1. I will only watch IF they do put Jacko on, only to see Dina protest–take THAT, Ms. Dina. Funny how valued Dina thought she was with the “I won’t be on the show unless SIL and sis are not on” routine. In the words of Stanley KOlwolsky to his SIL in “Streetcar named Desire”– HA HA!

  2. Honestly, I think the drama of the show is too much for her. She clearly needs money, so has no choice to come back (from what I’ve been reading anyway).

    I am sure she would rather be focusing on her kids. Good luck to her. Honestly, I am over the show. I don’t think anyone can save it.

    1. Can you imagine how much she was offered to return with Dina back on the show?This was Bravo’s plan all along! How can Bravo say – at this stage – if this season was drama filled enough or a huge flop – with six episodes left to film! Don’t have anything against Dina – she seems straightforward enough and not as fake as most – but her storyline is almost nonexistent – and her life right now isn’t interesting enough to attract viewer’s – and since Bravo doesn’t hand out those type of sale rise for nothing – I’m sure they will make sure Dina earns that paycheck one way or another – and what better way to make sure drama happens than placing together fighting family members – who both have refused to have anything to do with each other for a couple years now – Dina was offered back for this reason ONLY – not because Teresa needed someone to film with! Teresa is a pro – she can and will handle whatever any of those women throw her way! And with three other new girl’s added this season – I’m sure Teresa would have befriended at least one of them! Trouble is coming – AND BRAVO KNEW IT WOULD! Nutty will make sure of it too!

  3. I am really glad to see that Dina’s return did NOTHING to help the show. I think Jacqueline doesn’t have much of a storyline that would save the ratings. Bring on Kathy Wakile at least she has a business going.

    1. Dina doesn’t have”much of a storyline??
      I Would pay to watch her beautiful youngest son. His responses are heartwarming and funny.
      She is able to raise funds for productive autism organizations and adjust her behavior accordingly.
      I know this will fall on deaf ears…but I don’t care to see jax’s daughter Ashley again…ever.

  4. Jacqueline is going to save the RHONJ. Really? Cause she was really the anchor of it previously with her extremely unstable, passive-aggressive, vindictive personality. Nobody wants to come home from a long days work and inhale that negative train wreck of energy on their tv. And I’m sure we’d get a double dose with her chip-off-the-old-block kid. Good luck with that Bravo. I barely tune in as it is.

    1. I didn’t think viewers were going to support criminals like the Guidices by buying their merchandise they peddle on TV, making the big bucks as they stole millions from business owners–credit card charges, etc…

      I do agree, I would hate to see Jaco on TV again, after I read about her legal issues as well. Why is America and the rest of TV world supporting these criminals?

  5. they belonged keeping caroline and penny. those two exposing the real teresa during season 5 and feuding over the affair gossip would be more interesting than these new uninteresting cast members, the praising of teresa giudice in toe with the sympathy edit we are watching now. how can jacqueline bring it when she was bffs with the felon at the end of last season and sitting right next to her at the reunion?

  6. They can get fraud on almost everyone. Especially the housewives. And look how many on the housewives have money problems now. Paying for all the plastic surgery and fine clothes and shoes. Wines, limoes, parties. Manchions, cars and acting like rich ppl rite off the bat. Bankrupt. I know they get paid well but it takes a lot of money to keep up with the others. And if I was kicked off I would have some pride and not return. But Jac will drink her wine and head back. Trying to hurt Dina and get them out of money problems. Bet Ashlee has more than them. Lol. She knew all this when she lived with them. She was more mature than crazy Jac then.but that’s their problems. Just seems like most the housewives are out of money.

  7. Also I can’t imagine crazy Jac saving the housewives. Big ugly baby. What can she do to save the show? Use her pretend friends to start trouble while she is loaded on wine or falling asleep. Or boo wooing about something? Caroline may not be there to help her this time. Don’t think Caroline’s show will last long. Jac and Chris maybe can get on the boot camp. Or join Jac to help her argue? I don’t know but I will watch HWNJ and see. Can’t think of a thing Jac has to save the show.

  8. She is TRASH…. They want her back because of her financial legal promlems….. She has no personality and is uneducated like the other TRASH on the show!!!! They are all shady and laughable…. BRING DANIELLE BACK!!!! End of story…. Buh Bye…..

  9. Teresa and Shawn ohhh thank you!!, I don’t think she has anything to offer absolutely nothing she was boring old drunk and of course she needs the paycheck and attention she is a nothing person no personality and not a thought to call her own dumb as shit!!

  10. I didn’t like Jac before and won’t like her now. It’s just not working for me anymore. If Jac comes bk I won’t watch it. Dina has stuff to bring to the show if she would bring it out. But I don’t care about Jac at all. Blank and tuned out. Maybe they think she will bring Ashlee with her. But I don’t like Jac at all. She acts like a baby.

  11. If they bring back the lauritas, if bravo does not concentrate on THEIR legal problems with Signature, I cry foul. Jacqueline is foul. So is her husband. And blk water. And the manzos. All foul. If she comes back, you have lost another viewer permanently.

  12. I am so sick of Jac. She isn’t smart at all. Wined up and what can she bring to the show without Caroline or someone to help her? Dina is pretty and if time she has things for the show.

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