Exclusive Details: Inside The RHOBH Reunion

Andy Cohen

As we previously reported, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills filmed the Season 3 Reunion, Friday, March 1st. Adrienne Maloof, Camille Grammer, and Marisa Zanuck were NOT in attendance, but the other women were present and they took to Twitter to update viewers on how the taping went! They filmed for 12 hours and it sounds like it was an all out battle!

Friday morning Brandi Glanville tweeted, “It’s on like Donkey Kong!” After the cast was done filming, Brandi tweeted, “Ttyl drained! Wow!”


Kyle Richards took to Twitter to share a picture of she and Andy Cohen and to let viewers know how the shoot went. “Brutal Reunion shoot but I love this man @BravoAndy,” Kyle wrote.


photo 2

Lisa Vanderpump tweeted, “Oooh what a tough 12 hrs… trust me, a lot of issues to deal with…now my bed is calling. #onehelluvaday.”


Yolanda Foster tweeted, “My first reunion taping, the longest #RHOBH day ever….. Especially on 70% brain power, good night my friends, xoxo.”


We have EXCLUSIVE information on the Reunion taping. “Even though Adrienne wasn’t present, the women discussed her on-going feud with Brandi. Kyle explained she defended Adrienne because she thought what Brandi said was wrong and children should never be used as a weapon. Kyle also explained that she and Adrienne aren’t close friends when the show isn’t filming, and she was just standing up for what she thought was right,” the insider reveals.

“Lisa, Brandi, and Yolanda were ready to battle,” the insider continued. “They have it out for Kyle, and are still angry that Kyle defended Adrienne. Lisa and Brandi plan to target Kyle in Season 4 and she was given a taste of what’s to come.” The source added, “Lisa and Brandi know exactly what they are doing. They know they are safe for another Season and will team up on and go after whoever has pissed them off. Since Adrienne and Camille will not be returning, their new target is Kyle.”

UPDATE: RumorFix reports Adrienne was not missed at the Reunion. A source close to the situation says Taylor Armstrong, Kyle Richards, Kim Richards, Yolanda Foster, Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump  were prepared to face off with the controversial cast member, but we are told they were happy she didn’t bring her “negativity” to the taping. The site reports the women hashed it out like they always do. “But it felt more like a constructive conversation and not a fight,” their source said.

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26 Replies to “Exclusive Details: Inside The RHOBH Reunion”

  1. Well if Vile is kissing Andy’s stupid ass that means, again, she wasn’t held accountable for any of her crap. The hell with it-another one I won’t waste me time watching and stick to reading the blogs. Andy has ruined every darn show by always praising the worst women.

  2. Stop stop stop! Brandi and Lisa are not teaming up to go after Kyle! Lisa and Kyle are still friends. That source is very invalid Lisa for sure would not be going after Kyle she doesn’t retaliate back like that! As for Kyle I think that what she did was genuine because Brandi was wrong in bringing up Adrienne’s kids etc and I believe that Kyle genuinely is standing up for what is right! Ne ways love them all so can’t wait to see the reunion

  3. Kyle is the only housewife left that I like and have any respect for. Go Kyle. Why should Adrienne attend if she is leaving the show? She has enough money that she does not need to and had more than enough of Brandi and Lisa’s personal attacks on her that Bravo and Andy allowed to happen. Especially vicious were Brandi’s. Smart move on Adrienne’s part. Adrienne is a good mom and protects her children. Brandi does not protect her children at all. Brandi and Lisa are going to have to find some one else to attack other than Kyle as the show is going to be BORING just like the reunion show sounds like it was. Brandi needs to go from the show. Brandi and Lisa wanted to get rid of most of the other housewives by personal attacks and bulling them and then that would put the focus and attention on themselves. How more obvious could it be?? It worked for their 15 minutes of fame but will not in the long-term .No more RHOBH for me.

  4. Kyle put $$$$$ ahead of friendship and loyalty! Now she is reaping what she sowed! Karma is a b**** girl…this is your own doing.

    Lisa, Brandi and Yolanda are only giving back what Kyle has so abundantly dished out.

    How do you like it, Kyle.

  5. Fina
    Ly the two girls whom i love are going to give Kyle a taste of her own medicine. Lets see how she likes it. Im so sick of kyle and her ways. She is not a good person. Fire that bitch andy!

  6. It is pretty obvious the “source” of this exlcusive is part of Kyle’s camp lol.

    REgardless to that fact I think bravo is creating a monster in Lisa. Since Lisa has such a strong fanbase she is the HBIC and anyone that crosses her will pay and Kyle will be paying some time to come. Although I understand why Lisa is pissd off at Kyle (prior to their tiff Lisa has ALWAYS had Kyle’s back and when Kyle has an opportunity to have Lisa’s back she is silent). It would be magical if Lisa and Brandi have a falling out…..this would be epic. I think Lisa uses brandi and brandi uses Lisa to some extent. I don’t find that as authentic friendship…..just a friendship of convience given the circumstances. I Don’t think ANYONE trusts Brandi on that show and that includes Lisa.

  7. I never was a huge Kyle fan but I actually feel bad for her. I think she defended Adrienne because she felt a sort of sisterhood for the original ROBH ladies. What Brandi did was wrong and now Kyle is paying the price for sticking up for Adrienne.

    Kyle treated Brandi poorly the previous season and now Brandi is getting her revenge and Lisa is sitting back and choosing moves like a brilliant chess player. She backed Kyle season 1 and knew it was time to move on.

    Eventually Brandi will get played out and Lisa will make a wise move and continue as a fan favorite by joining another alliance. I think she realizes the Brandi friendship at some type will reach it’s arc and will be time to move on.

  8. Brandi and Lisa are going to have to start fighting with each other now. That will be epic. Who else is left? It can’t just be Kyle or even a new housewife that they attack as it would get boring. Brandi has to be the “villain” on the show not the “victim” as she is no longer the new housewife. Brandi is a loose cannon and too unfiltered and Lisa has to know that. Too bad that Lisa and Brandi somewhat have the fan base of the show now. I sure don’t get that at all.

  9. Kellie, Adrienne should be there because she has a contractual obligation to do so. It’s about honoring your commitments – yes, honor. She’s cashed the checks all season, and if she’s put herself in an uncomfortable situation by accusing others of lying, then she needs to face the music. Lisa and Brandi didn’t bully her – she went behind Lisa’s back and tried to organize the other girls to gang up on Lisa, and all Brandi did was tell on her, and give an example of how she’d lied to the rest of them. All Lisa did was defend herself. As for her being a good mom and Brandi being a bad mom, you have no evidence of that.

  10. I also think the insider that said Lisa and Brandi are going to gang up on Kyle next year is coming from Kyle’s camp. There’s no way they would, and there’s no reason to think they would.

  11. So if children shouldn’t be “used” as a weapon, I hope Kyle explains why she mocked Brandi’s mothering skills after her son peed outdoors. Why she didn’t defend Brandi when both Paul and Adrienne called her a drug addicted, neglectful mother…Or how she allowed the perception of Taylor looking like a neglectful, drunken mother who had no idea who was caring for her child, in her absence. Kyle’s argument is weak.

  12. @Deonn- you think Lisa would never do such a thing? You obviously don’t know how dirty bravo operates. It’s a big game and Lisa is Andy Cohens favorite and has him and the producers wrapped around her finger. Lisa turned on Adrienne because someone actually called her out at the reunion in seas 2 whether they were right or not- who cares? How many times has Lisa attacked the other women? Maybe the others did not come to her defense because Adrienne was right about radar? Adrienne isn’t my favorite I’m just looking at the situation objectively. Don’t call out AllThingsRHs source when their information has proven to be accurate time and time again. #justsayin Lisa isn’t so innocent, nobody is

  13. 12 hours to attack Kyle? Really? And why would Marissa be there anyways? Is she a housewife yet? All she does is dis her hubby and say she thinks about other men and everyone thinks it but she says it. Why dont they flip on her? RHOBH has turned into the Brandi show co starring Lisa. Its so so so boring. I just wish they had something else to offer this season. And not Taylor or Kims substance abuse. Is this really all the rich have to offer?

  14. Lisa,she is my favorite on BH.I like Kyle to.It sounds like you guys are talking about Gretchen and what she did to Alexis.Lisa and Alexis are by far my 2 favorite HW.Lex,She is so loyal.Lisa is still friends with Kyle.I do not think Brandi is mean like Tamra,but i do not like her mouth and the way she is always cussing to make a point.Pretty is as Pretty does.I know there has to be some drama!But we need Fun times and we need the women to learn to support each other.Each to there own.like who you want.

  15. Lisa and Yolanda are the voices of sanity and class. Lisa was very HURT by Kyles lack of support. All Lisa wanted was a heartful apology from a FRIEND. Isn’t that what true friends do?
    Bravo, Brandi was wrong to divulge personel information about anybody ,it wasn’t her place to say anything ,to anyone.Maurico was right ,it’s just gossip and catty!!

  16. Brandi is worse than Tamara ever thought of being. Brandi is very mean spirited and will do and say anything to advance her so called “career”. She does have a skill in playing the “victim”. I will never understand why Lisa ever became good friends with Brandi. She will regret it. Kyle is the one housewife that really has the best BH lifestyle whether you like her or not. I do like Kyle. Kyle has a great husband, beautiful children, and her own career that is going well. Kyle’s husband is very rich( net worth 100 million) and those two appear to have a really great relationship. I am sure Brandi is very jealous of Kyle and her lifestyle.

  17. Does it matter to anyone Adriane had a big meeting on the 1st to sell the Kings. The city is trying to block her sale to Washington and make them sell it to a local co for way less $$ and I am sure the $ amount way exceeds her 250 thousand dollar RHOBH check. No big drama there

  18. Lisa doesn’t go after anyone because she’s not dumb enough to taint her image. She uses Brandi as her mouth piece. Also, Kyle never talked about Brandi’s kids. She mentioned something that Brandi’s son did on and that Beandi should have corrected him. Brandi outed a secret that was never discussed on TV until it came out of her mouth. Brandi was sooo upset that Kyle had the galls to talk about her mothering skills and repeating the fact that her son peed on the grass, so why is she acting like Adrienne is out of line for reacting the way she did to Brandi outing her personal matters?

    Brandi is the definition of a hypocrite. All she does is complain about being the little guy and having to pay lawyer fees but she keeps running her mouth and saying things that gets her into trouble. I don’t feel bad for her whatsoever.

    As for Lisa and kyle’s friendship, Lisa seems to only focus on one friendship at a time. In season 1 she was “jelly” of Taylor and kyle’s growing friendship and I think part of her anger at Kyle is the fact that Kyle and Adrienne formed a close friendship in season 2. Lisa wants her friends to defend her but she always picks and chooses when to defend her friends. She didn’t defend Kyle with Camille. She didn’t defend Brandi when Adrienne was attacking her at the tea party either. Lisa has shown that she is calculating. The smirk on her face when Brandi came out at the reunion last season swinging at Kyle right out of the gate showed, to me, that Lisa uses Brandi as her mouth piece so she can keep her pristine image.

  19. i dont agree with your comment linda i think we are all reading way to much into this whole thing than it really is. lisa is not going to manipulate brandi to do anything. cant we all tell that brandi has no filter? shes pretty feisty. why would she have gone against adrienne at the season2 reunion if she was so easily manipulated? that i think speaks for itself that brandi really doesnt give a crap about who you are she just speaks her mind. and ya this season i really dont agree with her for outing adrienne like that, but i dont agree with the way adrienne acted. it wouldve been solved and rectified if they had sat down as grown women and worked it out over a coffee rather than slapping lawsuits around. mind you this IS THE SAMEE SCENARIO that happend last season with taylor russell and camile! camile said something that really she shouldnt have said because that was supposed to be kept amongst taylors friends and as soon as that happend russell sent her a shut up letter!!! was it true that russel was hitting taylor YES it was but was it right for camille to go there? NO not really and its the same with adrienne and brandi. personally i love all the ladies so i try to find the good in each one and the bad

  20. Kyle is an instigator. There is nothing likable about her. I can;’t trust anything she says or does. I would be happy if Bravo didn’t ask her back.

  21. How can people say Kyle instigates anything?

    Yolanda has turned into a catty bitch, making Marissa talk to Brandi about Brandi’s sleazy rude text… It’s none of Yolanda’s business if or when or where Marissa decides to discuss the text with Brandi! She’s been stirring the pot & it’s B.S.!!! She was catty about Adrienne’s Vodka line and the imbibing of Vodka, she gets in Taylor’s face & won’t let her talk, except to hurl insults, she takes pot-shots and digs at one & all, except Brandi… She accuses everyone of throwing everyone else under the bus, but Yolanda throws EVERYONE under the bus, except Brandi… She came on this Season as the most calm and sane and rational, and she’s turned into the shows biggest bitch & rude nosy busy-body! Go service your “King” Yolie, and get off the show!

    Brandi is an unfiltered bratty bitch! She gossips in things that aren’t fact-based and is a hateful rude bitch! She also sucked up to Lisa, because of Lisa’s tendencies to take stray gold diggers under her wing, so she’ll have royal “subjects” paying homage to her… Remember the guy who leeched for years? Brandi is no different… Lisa expects to be revered and on a throne, but she doesn’t offer that to anyone in return…

    Kyle is the most balanced of all the supposed housewives! Husband, kids, career, balance… She tries to be fair & neutral, and is a loyal friend, but is being wrongly viciously attacked! And for what? For having defended Adrienne & Paul against vicious lying rumors, that even if it were true, is not Brandi’s place to gossip about!

    People get a reality check on who is in the wrong here, because it sure isn’t Kyle…

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