Exclusive Details: Heather And Terry Dubrow Are NOT Getting Divorced


According to a new report, Heather and Terry Dubrow are having martial problems and he’s telling his wife to change her attitude or he’s leaving her. An alleged “close friend” of the Dubrow family is telling RadarOnline that the pressure of building their dream home and Heather’s friendship struggles on RHOC are causing a strain on the couple’s relationship. But keep reading… we have the real scoop!

“For whatever reason, there has been discord this year and Heather seems to be in the middle of it all,” an insider tells the site. “There’s always one woman in the middle each year and this year it’s Heather’s turn.”

“The Dubrows are constructing a huge, gorgeous Italian Villa on the hilltop overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Crystal Cove, and that’s a massive undertaking,” the source said. “It requires a lot of patience. With Terry working, Heather has taken on the bulk of the home-building issues and it’s tiring.”

“Heather tells Terry it’s not the most equitable situation,” having to run the house while he runs his plastic surgery practice, the source says. “And with her strained relationships with the other women on the show, she’s not in a position to ask for help from them, nor would she take it anyway. She would never expect Tamra Barney Judge to babysit [her daughter] Cocoa.”

“Look at the ‘Battle of the Onion Rings,’” the insider recalled. “I mean it started out with Terry simply asking for some onion rings with his lobster dinner and Heather refused to give in. But after seeing how dumb the argument looked on camera, and seeing how truly annoyed Terry was about why he can’t have a lousy onion ring, she finally caved and told the viewers that Terry will get onion rings whenever he wants.”

The insider claims that Terry wants to go on the road with a heavy metal band (Terry’s late brother was a member of the band Quiet Riot) and Heather thinks his vaca would be good for their relationship.

“After last week’s tumultuous episode, which was filmed during the holidays, Terry has done a lot of soul-searching,” the source said. “He’s been looking back on the carefree days. Those days included going backstage and visiting with his brother and their friends” after shows.

“Terry’s brother Kevin founded the band and while Terry was always studying in pursuit of his medical degrees, Kevin was on stage singing and playing to thousands of adoring young fans,” the insider says. “When Terry had a break from studying he would hang out backstage with his brother and the guys.”

We have reached out to Heather and will be getting a statement from her personally, but in the mean time, one of Heather’s closest friends EXCLUSIVELY tells us, “These claims by a supposed friend are completely false. Heather and Terry are not headed for divorce. This is a cheesy spin on a false story to make Heather look bad.”

Stay tuned for Heather’s personal response…

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5 Replies to “Exclusive Details: Heather And Terry Dubrow Are NOT Getting Divorced”

  1. Heather makes herself look bad. She doesn’t need help. And cry me a river that she has to make building decisions and caring for her own kids.

  2. I’m remembering when Miss Heather used to rag on Alexis – for showing off her money…. Heather is a phony all the way thru….

  3. My My this woman is sooo spoiled .rich hubby dont work ..fabulous house !! no financial probs .Jeez does she even know how lucky she is to have such a hardworking faithful husband ,give him some slack girl your a control Freak !!
    If you dont ..well he might just see the light and do one .

  4. Uh. Oh. Tamra’s moving in for the kill. Watch out, Heather. Tamra wants that big ole house and your Doctor Husband. And she is such a little “scrapper”, she will probably get both…. Will be fun to watch. Meanwhile, Heather, you reallllllly need to get off your highhorse. (I have seen your “before” pics on Pinterest, Girl! LOL) You act and speak like you are above everyone else, and we all find it so annoying, not admirable. Perhaps you can rerun the episode where you are telling Coco to “relax your mouth” so the family portrait won’t be ruined. Ha! She is 2!!!!, for God’s sakes. Maybe “superior” is just what you think you are…..after all, delusional self-perception is one of your most prevalent strengths! But my main point is this: YOUR HUSBAND SENDS TAMRA TEXTS, Fool!!!!

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