Exclusive Details: Gretchen Rossi Doesn’t Watch RHOC, Declined Filming Exit Scene


Gretchen Rossi was fired from The Real Housewives of Orange County last year, and now that she has moved on to starring in Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars, she is throwing shade at the show that made her famous!

Speaking to tooFab, Gretchen says, “We’re really happy to be away from the negativity and how toxic it was.” Adding, “As a woman, I am really about empowering other women so it just was not that kind of forum for me anymore. I couldn’t be who I was in my everyday life on that show, so it made it very difficult. It became a big contradiction in my life.”

Rossi claims she doesn’t even watch RHOC. “When I walked away from that, I don’t want to go back to watching it because it gets me all upset. It provokes these emotions of frustration.”

Gretchen also revealed that she and Slade have been offered their own reality show as a couple, as they begin planning their wedding. “We have found a couple locations that we love but we are not disclosing a date yet,” she said of her wedding plans.

While the details of Gretchen’s departure from RHOC still unclear, after she claimed she turned down an offer to return to season 9, we have some insight on the situation. An insider tells us EXCLUSIVELY, “Bravo asked Gretchen to film an exit scene from RHOC with her former cast mates but Gretchen was hesitant to film with the women. She declined the opportunity to film the exit scene.”

The insider continues, “Gretchen was demanding more money than the network was willing to pay her for such a small role and both parties decided it was best to part ways.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • ZipZipZippy

    Your grammar cop here: first sentence of fourth paragraph should read: …”Gretchen reveals that SHE and Slade have been offered their own reality show…”

  • samm

    Three articles in one day all with them asking for more money? These women are soo thirsty! But I suppose you can’t fault them for it!

  • getreal

    I’m trying to remember anything that Gretchen has done that can be considered “empowering to women”….Can anybody help me out?

    • Megan

      Started dating a deadbeat dad and paying for him to live perhaps?? lol

      • getreal

        So Slade is one of the women Gretchen has helped? LOL…good one.

  • Andrea

    Such a desperate fame whore..