Exclusive Details: Who Ended Vicki Gunvalson And Shannon Beador’s Friendship?


As season ten of the Real Housewives of Orange County is coming to a close, a lot of gossip has been going around about the relationships between the women- two in particular being Shannon Beador and Vicki Gunvalson. Shannon appeared on Watch What Happens Live reveling that she and Vicki are not on speaking terms, but a source is telling Radar Online that the two blondes are supposedly faking their feud and are actually on speaking terms!

The source claims, “Shannon and Vicki are totally on speaking terms and Shannon knows the real reason that Vicki has a resentment towards her. And it has nothing to do with Brooks.”

So what exactly is the issue? “Basically, Vicki told Shannon that when David cheated on her, although she didn’t agree with her choice to work it out in the beginning, she stood by her and supported her because that is what girlfriends do.”

They continued, “Vicki even stuck up for Shannon to the others on and off-camera,” the insider tells Radar. “But when Vicki became the target of the other women, Shannon did not and this hurt Vicki because she expected the same support.”

“Shannon also said that she doesn’t give a sh*t if Brooks is lying or not, or even if he is sick for that matter,” the source adds. “She told Vicki that she is just glad that Brooks is gone because he was dragging her down and everyone saw it except for her.”

We reached out to our sources who claim this report is “completely false” and that Vicki and Shannon are indeed not on speaking terms. When we asked who decided to end the friendship our source exclusively shared, “It was Shannon’s decision.”

Photo Credit:Bravo