Exclusive Details: Is Caroline Manzo Returning To Real Housewives Of New Jersey?


There have been whispers that Caroline Manzo is returning to The Real Housewives of New Jersey next season and insiders are telling Hollywood Life that Bravo has offered Manzo big money to return. The site reports that Caroline has agreed to come back, and will appear next season.

As we previously, EXCLUSIVELY, reported, the network has pushed back production on season 7 until next year. Insiders tell us that Bravo has hired a focus group and will discuss how to revamp the show after the loss of Teresa Giudice, who must report to prison on January 5th.

Our show insiders EXCLUSIVELY tell us that the rumors of Caroline’s return to RHONJ “are not true…. yet.” Our sources reveal that Caroline has been in talks with Bravo and has indeed been asked back to the show, but “nothing is official yet.”

Caroline also hinted on her Instagram and Twitter accounts that she has something in the works with Bravo. Posing with a Bravo pillow, Manzo wrote, “Business as usual with @bravotv.”


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12 Replies to “Exclusive Details: Is Caroline Manzo Returning To Real Housewives Of New Jersey?”

  1. I would only want to see her return, if Dina is staying. The season would only be good if Caroline, Jacqueline, and Dina were all on it. We need that family feud to make a good season. However, if Caroline & Jacqueline return and Dina leaves because of that… there’s really no point. There was no point in having Dina come back this season, she didn’t really bring anything… had she been on with Caroline & Jacqueline and we saw their family feud play out, it would’ve been a way better season.

  2. I love Carolyn Manzo–Her honest, no nonsense portrayal is what made the Teresa Guidice loves hate her. she brought up things they didn’t want to hear. same with Whaco Jaq. don’t want Dina on show. She will be one of those women who will make sure her contract will stipulate no filming with her family at the same time, will be over demanding, and viewers will get short end of the stick-as usual.

    1. One more thought–would love to see Carolyn only if she was totally HONESt regarding allowing Bravo to include the cheating life of Al and how she deals with this, the decision why she stays married to a known cheater, and how living with the fact that her husband has/had a mistress.–that would make for good TV.

  3. caroline hosted WWHN and she changed chairs, she asked andy questions. caroline said that she thought her daughter, lauren, would make a good housewife. andy agreed that lauren would make a good housewife. caroline said if that happened she would come back to be a part time housewife. she said it herself. personally, i think that bravo put HWONJ would just go away. too many people there with legal and money problems. just let it die, for god sakes.

  4. I think it would be so damn funny to see Caroline come back and get double the money Dina got. Bwha ha ha ha ha. Karma that Dina.

  5. They should have Caroline, Dina, Jacqueline, Danielle and one friend of Dina as mains. And then twins/Amber as friends.

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