Exclusive: Melissa Gorga’s Rocky Friendship With Jan DeDolce


In Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey we saw Melissa Gorga having lunch with two of her girlfriends. When Melissa was telling her supposed friends about her book deal, you may have noticed the two women were giving each other looks, especially when Melissa claimed she had the secrets to a happy marriage. Then, we saw Melissa’s “best friend” Jan DeDolce having drinks with Teresa, Kim D, Penny Drossos, and Jennifer Dalton, and an insider is telling us EXCLUSIVELY what happened between Melissa and Jan!

“Melissa doesn’t have any friends,” a RHONJ insider tells us. “She’s not a girl’s girl. And when somebody doesn’t have friends… that says a lot about a person’s character.”

“Melissa and Jan were old friends, but when Melissa got cast on RHONJ she let her friendship with Jan go. The fame went to Melissa’s head quickly and she only cared about what and who would make her look better on camera. Melissa only called Jan when she needed something,” the insider reveals. “Jan is a single parent who owns a salon. She asked Melissa to come in and get a blow dry to help Jan promote her business. All Melissa had to do to support her friend was walk through the door and maybe send out a tweet or something and she wouldn’t do it.”

“Then, Melissa and her sisters tried to discredit Jan, saying her ex-boyfriend was a drug addict,” the source continues. “Jan hadn’t been with the man in years, but Melissa and her sisters continued to backstab Jan and try and ruin her reputation, which is what started the feud between Melissa and Jan.”

“Jan saw Melissa’s true colors and eventually did not consider her a friend, which is why their lunch seemed so forced,” the insider says. “Jan was also friends with Penny Drossos, and eventually formed a friendship with Kim D. Penny and Jan knew a lot of details about Melissa’s past, and as payback, Jan wanted to expose Melissa’s alleged infidelity on camera.”

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9 Replies to “Exclusive: Melissa Gorga’s Rocky Friendship With Jan DeDolce”

  1. Have a feeling the real facts or comments may be on the cutting room floor. According to the many twitter feeds – her less than wifely behavior with Bulldog will be exposed publicly – not on the show……we shall see, could be alot of hot air.

  2. Sorry but I think this Jan DeDolce chick is totally jealous of Melissa. So just because your friend don’t do what you want you turn into a damn barn-yard-dog and bit her? Really? Some friend! Can’t wait to see how this all unfolds!

  3. I’m getting pretty tired of these blogs constantly referring to a “source” inside that in every case has championed Teresa and tried to destroy Melissa. I wish these bloggers would consider that a “source” is not an “inside source” if it’s one of the participants with an agenda (Teresa). This is BAD journalism.

  4. Anyone who would want to ruin someone’s marriage by publicly “outing” them is a piece of trash. If there is cheating, etc, in a marriage, it will eventually destroy itself. I am disgusted with these women and their trash talking, trying to “expose” each other. Act like adults already!

  5. OMG it irritates me to know that there are ppl like JAN DEDOLCE in the world. Talk about desperate….if you feel like your friend is not being a friend because she didn’t go to your salon to get a blow out then walk away. Did you even bother to see why Melissa would not go to your salon to get her hair done? Perhaps it’s because Bravo covered all of Melissa’s hair and make up expenses! I hate ppl/friends like Jan D. It’s so funny to hear all the dirt Jan is bringing up about her ex-best friend. So typical of a female, when she feels left out she feels the need to dish out dirt! When everything was going good she felt no need to let the world know…. Jan get a life….Teeze your way out.

  6. If this “Jan” character was a bridesmaid at my wedding it’s obvious that she is someone I consider dear to my heart. Someone I would tell my deepest darkest secret to. If we are suppose to be really great friends why wouldn’t I want to do a walk through of your salon to help you get publicity? It’s not hard to send a shout out or tweet to help a friend out. I believe all the fame really got to Melissa’s head. I believe Jan!!

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