Exclusive Details: Who Attended RHONJ Season 5 Reunion? Teresa Brought Her Lawyer


The Real Housewives of New Jersey filmed the season 5 reunion on Wednesday and Wetpaint Entertainment reports Teresa Giudice brought her attorney, Henry Klingeman, to the set as backup. “Teresa wants to clear her name, but she’s extremely limited in what she can talk about,” a source told the site. “It’s very frustrating for her.”

Our insider revealed more EXCLUSIVE details of who was present for the reunion taping. “Surprisingly Kim D was not invited to the reunion this year. She had a big hand in the accusations about Melissa’s alleged affair as well as Penny Drossos and Jan DeDolce,” our source shares. “Teresa, Melissa, Jacqueline, Caroline and Kathy all attended of course, but not all of the househusbands weren’t present like they have been the past few years.”

“The women have watched the rest of the season, which they do before taping the reunion show,” the insider continues. “Teresa knew she would be facing a ton of questions about the upcoming trial and she is very limited to what she can say. She wants to defend herself and her name so she brought her lawyer, Henry, with her to speak for her about the fraud charges.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Aunt Bee

    Teresa should have her attorney present. She is very beautiful but lacks the ability to express herself. I don’t think she is very intelligent and I am sure someone smarter encouraged her to have the lawyer with her.

  • Anita

    Ok, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt that she signed tax returns showing she had income when she did not have a job and was not on T.V. She is blaming all on Joe, he did all the fraud and she was not aware of anything going on at all. Knowing that Joe did this to her and her family she still thinks he is truthful? You better believe that if my husband did that to me I would leave him immediately, I wouldn’t want my children to grow up thinking cheating, lying, stealing and scheeming is alright!

  • melissa,i shave my armpits and legs,

    hope the wack job was sober yesterday,she has to go to court today,for hitting that man on forehead with her heels

  • bellezza

    Couldn’t agree more. She’s not so bright. Doesn’t excuse what she did. Besides, this is American television. Everyone “lawyers up” when they have screen time.

    • Aunt Bee

      As I stated before, Teresa is not very intelligent and she is madly in love with the trash she is married to. If he told her to sign something I think she would do it without reading it and with out question. We all know she lives in her own little dream world and as long as trashy was handing her cash she spent it.