Exclusive Details: The Gorga’s Montville Home For Sale, Why Are They REALLY Selling?

Melissa Gorga has claimed that she and her husband Joe have listed their Montville, NJ home for sale, because they don’t want their children going to the same school as Teresa Giudice’s girls. Their home is listed for sale for $3.8 million. It has 6 bedrooms, 6 1/2 bathrooms, 16 total rooms, and is 9500 square feet. Melissa’s “dream home” was built in 2009, but there’s more to the story…

Teresa and Melissa’s children have never attended the same school. They live about ten minutes away from each other, which in New Jersey, is far. Teresa lives in Towaco and Melissa lives in Montville. There are 5 elementary schools in the area. Their children wouldn’t be going to the same school for 5 years!

Joe Gorga originally built the Montville home as a spec house and it was to be sold when it was done being built, it was never meant for them to live in. My sources tell me the Bravo producers told Melissa if THAT was her house, she would be cast on the show. Melissa wanted to be on The Real Housewives of New Jersey so badly, she convinced Joe to live in the home, and spent some money to furnish enough rooms for filming.  Now, according to my sources, Melissa is caught up in the fame and being on television. However, three years later, the loan is due…

So what does this mean for Joe? This type of loan means they have been making NO payments since 2009. A builder’s loan means you will pay a balloon amount at the end of the loan, or basically pay the loan amount in full at the end of the term. Well, the loan is up and Joe and Melissa owe at least $1.2 million. These types of loans are done to allow builders to build spec houses and it is based on their credit. If Joe owes the money for too long, it could jeopardize his future business endeavors.

If you look at the video below (that shows ALL of the photos available for the home listing), you will notice it ONLY shows the rooms of the house where RHONJ has filmed. What about the rest of the house? The other 3 bedrooms? The recording studio? And you’ll notice there’s hardly ANY furniture. That’s because the rest of the 9500 square foot home is EMPTY!

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6 Replies to “Exclusive Details: The Gorga’s Montville Home For Sale, Why Are They REALLY Selling?”

  1. and its pathetic that bravo will STILL make melissa look like this little innocent puppy she claims to be, and teresa will still be the rhonj villian. they have no problem calling teresa out on shit about her home that she already openly talks about, and NONE of hte other housewives finanical/lawsuit issues are never addressed… funny

  2. Towaco IS Montville. It’s just a part of Montville.

    Teresa is more like like 5-8 minutes from Melissa. I’ve driven past both houses multiple times.

  3. Sorry, you are wrong the Gorga’s refinanced their mortgage to a 30 yr fixed in 9/11. I think they recently took equity out. Stoopid housewives has a ll the details, and has for years.

  4. they are selling the house because Melissa wants everything! she made her hubby broke. it had NOTHING to do with the kids going to the same school. what a good liar!

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